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On the incredible benefits of amaranth for the human body as a whole, many articles have been written. Including, on our portal. If they did not convince you, we recommend reading this article carefully!

In it, we collected ten reasons why amaranth and various products derived from it should be consumed even by healthy people, but worrying about beauty, health and longevity.

Laconic about the biochemical composition of amaranth
Briefly tell about the substances that were detected in amaranth. We list only the main ones:

  • vitamins thiamine and riboflavin (as well as many others);
  • pyridoxine;
  • choline;
  • pectins;
  • vitamin C;
  • pantothenic acid;
  • folic acid.

Note. Amaranth was found to be from South America. It was used by the Aztec tribes. Perhaps it was precisely this that was the cause of their advanced civilization, because some of the achievements of the Indians have been unsolved until now! By the way, there are also such “popular” names of this plant as “unfading inflorescence” or “death denying plant”. Agree, a lot of talking names!

Also in the plant includes many different minerals, trace elements, macronutrients:

  • copper;
  • iron;
  • potassium;
  • magnesium;
  • calcium;
  • selenium;
  • zinc;
  • manganese;
  • phosphorus;
  • sodium;
  • other.

But the main element of this plant is squalene. In addition to amaranth, this substance is found in shark liver and in some other vegetable oils (for example, olive oil), but in much smaller quantities.

Why amaranth should be included in your diet: 10 reasons
Now we’ll tell you about 10 main reasons why amaranth should be included in your diet and how it will be useful for your body. After all, a simple enumeration of the content of certain substances is only a general picture, and one would like to talk about specific, concrete benefits!

The first reason: the ideal source of antioxidants
As it was found during numerous studies, amaranth contains peptides in large quantities. They provide:

  • reduction of inflammation;
  • effective fight against free radicals;
  • cell protection against mutation.

Peptides contained in amaranth. significantly reduce the likelihood of developing oncology, arthritis, gout and other dangerous diseases caused by antioxidants and inflammatory processes.

Reason Two: Increased Protein
We wrote a separate article about the protein content in amaranth. Here, in brief, we note that plant protein is almost the main element that makes the plant truly unique.

Vegetable protein is perfectly processed by the body and turns into amino acids and other beneficial types of protein.

It is the energy of a person, his excellent mood and all metabolic processes occurring in the body that depend on him. In addition, it is the protein that produces new cells.

Note. Vegetable protein is found in amaranth leaves and stems.

Reason Three: Bone Protection
Amaranth will allow you to fully protect the bones from various amaranth helps in protecting the bone tissue of the arches. This is due to the high content of minerals. In particular, we are talking about calcium, which is the main element for all bone tissue.

Experts recommend to use exactly amaranth leaves, which will be an excellent prevention of bone loss of minerals. In addition, it will provide additional strength to the bones and will allow in the future to avoid such a dangerous disease as osteoporosis.

By the way! Perhaps there are no more plants whose leaves are so rich in vitamins and minerals, like amaranth!

Reason Four: To Prevent Varicose Veins
Rutin present in amaranth helps in strengthening the walls of blood vessels. And vitamin C, in turn, contributes to the production of collagen, which also has a beneficial effect on the elasticity, strength of veins and capillaries.

Therefore, amaranth is an ideal tool for the complete prevention of varicose veins.

Reason Five: helps maintain eye health
Amaranth for eye health. In order to maintain eye health, visual acuity, it is necessary to use not only carrots. Amaranth leaves, in which vitamin A and carotenoids are present in large quantities, will also help. They also help to stop the development of cataracts.

Amaranth helps to significantly reduce and sometimes completely neutralize the oxidative stress of the eye system, and therefore, with regular use of amaranth, the vision will remain so acute.

The sixth reason: for the beauty of hair
Each representative of the beautiful half of humanity monitors the beauty of their hair. And so that they are beautiful, healthy and radiant, a special amino acid is important – lysine. It is not produced by the human body, but is present in amaranth.

Therefore, the regular use of amaranth will be a guarantee:

  • better calcium absorption;
  • strengthen the follicle;
  • full protection against baldness.

Tip! Also, to strengthen hair and prevent hair loss, it is recommended to rinse amaranth hair after each hair wash.

Reason Seven: To Fight Overweight
Amaranth will help to defeat excess weight. If you are overweight, you want to get rid of it, be sure to include in your diet:

  • amaranth leaves;
  • amaranth porridge.

This is due to the fact that pectin and vegetable fibers superbly saturate the body, thereby significantly reducing appetite.

Reason Eight: for the digestive system
A large amount of fiber in amaranth helps in the absorption of nutrients and contributes to a better digestion of food.

By the way, amaranth is an excellent product for people who suffer from diseases such as celiac disease. That is, it is about the inability of the body to break down the protein gluten cereal.

Reason Nine: For the cardiovascular system, a saint and vascular disease
Amaranth plant fiber helps to cope with “bad” cholesterol, which has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and prevents the development of many dangerous diseases.

By the way. Phytosterol present in amaranth also helps to solve the problem of “bad” cholesterol.

The presence of vitamin K helps to solve the problem of blood coagulation, and potassium regulates the heart. In addition, it is potassium that helps to cope with high blood pressure, because it dilates blood vessels. This avoids such a dangerous disease as atherosclerosis.

Reason Ten: Invaluable Benefits for Pregnant Women
Pregnant women are extremely important to replenish your body with vitamins and minerals. In particular, the absence of folic acid is particularly dangerous, which can cause the development of certain problems in the fetus.

Note. Naturally, before you start taking products from amaranth, pregnant women should consult with their doctor. After all, even amaranth has no contraindications, it is still worth getting the approval of the doctor, who thoroughly knows the future health status of the future mother and the peculiarities of the development of her fetus.

Therefore, in order to supplement folic acid, pregnant women are advised to add amaranth grains or leaves to their diet. Which, by the way, will fill an organism and other minerals and vitamins.

We have given you 10 compelling reasons why amaranth will be good for your health.

And most importantly, amaranth has practically no contraindications. It can be used by every person, but patients who have problems with the pancreas are advised to consult with a doctor in addition.

We hope we have convinced you that amaranth is really incredibly healthy. The article was given only 10 reasons, but in fact there are many more!

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