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We bring to your attention another article about the benefits of amaranth. It was published in late December 2018 on one of the English-language sites. The author of the article is John Stoughton, a traveling writer, editor and publisher who has obtained a degree in English and integrative biology at the University of Illinois at Champaign, Urbana (USA). He is a co-founder of the literary magazine “Sheriff Nottingham” and calls the most beautiful places in the world his office. He uses words to educate, inspire, elevate and develop.

Amaranth: the benefits of incredible plants

The peculiarity of amaranth, its unique advantages for the human body lies in the plant’s ability to increase immunity, speed up the recovery of the body, fight inflammation, resist certain chronic diseases, positively affect bone strength, and normalize blood pressure.

In addition, the consumption of amaranth and products from this plant reduces the risk of varicose veins, has a positive effect on the health and beauty of hair, helps fight excess weight.

Amaranth: what is it

Many centuries ago, amaranth was the main plant for the indigenous people of Latin America. These are the tribes of the Incas, Mayas, Aztecs. They used seeds in their daily diet, used in religious ceremonies.

The ancient tribes depended on amaranth, as from the main source of food. Contributed to this rich set of nutrients:

  • vitamins;
  • minerals;
  • trace elements.

Despite the fact that amaranth is grown in different parts of the planet, Central America remains at the moment the main region of its cultivation.

Among the many varieties of amaranth a lot of weeds. However, there are those that are intended for human consumption and are grown as:

  • leafy vegetables;
  • cereals;
  • oil crops

The whole plant as a whole, its processed products carry great value for human health. The true benefits depend largely on how the plant will be consumed:

  • as a vegetable;
  • like croup;
  • like flour;
  • or like butter.

Even the amaranth root system can be consumed by humans like a root vegetable. After all, it is truly a rich set of minerals and nutrients.

Given the unique versatility and high concentration of nutrients, antioxidants and phytosterols, amaranth is one of the most valuable natural, natural products that people have ever heard about.

The benefits of amaranth for human health: 12 undeniable benefits

Tell you about the amazing benefits of the ancient unique plant for human health more.

1. High concentration of vegetable protein
Perhaps the most famous use of amaranth. It is high protein concentrations that make the plant such a valuable product.

The increased protein content suggests that the plant has enormous health benefits. The body breaks down proteins into important amino acids essential for the normal functioning of the body.

Protein is essential for the production, development and creation of new cells and tissues. In addition, it is necessary to ensure the urgent energy needs and the formation of a normal metabolic process in the body.

Amaranth contains simply the same huge concentrations of protein in comparison with any other varieties of grain. In addition, protein is present even in the leaves of the plant.

2. Antioxidant
Many people who have experienced the benefit of amaranth, pay attention to it because of the protein content. After all, it makes it an extremely nutritious plant.

Studies of plants have found that a peptide is also present in the composition. In addition to amaranth, it was found in soybeans. The importance of the peptide lies in the fact that it is able to resist the emergence and fight against already existing inflammatory processes. But the most valuable thing is that it can also significantly reduce the activity of free radicals that provoke mutations of healthy cells into cancer cells.

This advantage amaranth is not so well known, but impressively. After all, the plant and its products will help in the prevention and treatment of many dangerous diseases. Among them are arthritis, gout and various inflammatory processes.

3. Strengthens bones
The leaves of the plant contain a huge amount of minerals. But especially – in large volumes calcium is concentrated. Not so many leafy vegetables, in which there is calcium in general, not to mention such high concentrations.

This makes amaranth a true superfood, helping to strengthen bone tissue, making bones more durable. In addition, leaf consumption will help in the prevention of osteoporosis.

Calcium is an essential mineral. It helps to avoid demineralization of bones. Contributes to the extension of human activity, even to extreme old age.

4. Promotes good digestion
The plant has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract. Provides such effects, including high fiber content. Due to large volumes of fiber, the digestion and assimilation of food is carried out smoothly, gradually. Due to this, the minerals and trace elements contained in food are more efficiently absorbed.

5. Reduces bad cholesterol
Dietary fiber, fiber, as mentioned above, helps in normalizing cholesterol levels in the human body. LDL (low density lipoprotein) is removed from it, that is, harmful (bad) cholesterol is eliminated. Including, the cardiovascular system is cleared of it.

Special mention deserves the huge content of vitamin K, which has a beneficial effect on the health and proper functioning of the heart.

6. Resists varicose veins
This dangerous disease is becoming more common. Particularly often, varicose veins “attack” people in age.

The composition of amaranth contains a large amount of flavonoids, among which rutin stands out. It has a direct effect on the cells of the body, performing effective prevention and treatment of varicose veins. The essence of this impact is to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, capillaries.

It also helps in the increased content of vitamin C. It is an important element contributing to the production of collagen. This substance is also necessary to restore and strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

7. Lack of gluten
In addition, amaranth does not contain gluten. Millions of people in different parts of the world are suffering from this element today. They are forced to adhere to a strict diet, eliminating from the entire diet foods that contain gluten. Including bread and other products made on the basis of cereals.

The consumption of amaranth allows you to provide the body with essential nutrients, but to exclude gluten from entering it.

8. Reduces the risk of birth defects
Very often, a substance such as folate is underestimated. However, it is an extremely important mineral, especially valuable for pregnant women. As established in the course of research, folate deficiency can trigger neural tube defects in newborns.

Therefore, today in different countries of the world pediatricians and gynecologists advise pregnant women to include a small amount of amaranth seeds or leaves in their diet. Such a menu will allow to exclude problems with the nervous tube in babies.

9. Prevention of atherosclerosis
There is also a high content of potassium in the plant. This element has the following positive effects on the body:

  • reduces high blood pressure;
  • helps in the expansion of blood vessels;
  • reduces the workload of the cardiovascular system.

All this helps to reduce the likelihood of the development of such diseases as atherosclerosis. A high content of phytosterols in the plant helps to reduce the level of LDL and ensure the elimination of bad cholesterol.

10. Promotes good eyesight.
Amaranth helps in maintaining eye health. This effect is achieved due to the high concentration of substances such as vitamin A and carotenoids in the leaves of the plant.

These substances are true antioxidants, which neutralize the probable degeneration of yellow spots. Due to this, amaranth acts as a prophylactic against cataracts.

Regular consumption of amaranth will help reduce oxidative stress in the eye system, which will help keep your eyesight healthy and strong for many years.

11. Weight Loss
Given that the protein intake in the diet releases a certain saturated hormone that suppresses appetite, eating amaranth grains and leaves will help you in the fight against excess weight.

Cellulose, which is filled with a plant, clutters up the stomach, due to which a person’s appetite is significantly reduced, the rapid appearance of hunger is suppressed. Increases the gap between meals, snacks. Therefore, the accumulation of extra pounds in the body is not observed.

12. Promotes healthy hair
Want to protect the integrity, health and appearance of your hair? Be sure to include amaranth in your diet! After all, it contains such an important, but at the same time, a rare amino acid like lysine. It is not able to be produced in the body independently.

Lysine improves calcium absorption. In addition, it helps prevent brittleness, hair loss and damage to hair. It acts directly on the hair follicles, and therefore helps to avoid balding men.

One of the effective ways to combat baldness is to squeeze out the juice from fresh leaves and apply it on the scalp. This will help strengthen the roots and suppress the loss.

Word of caution

Like many other green leafy vegetables, amaranth leaves contain moderate amounts of oxalates. Therefore, they cannot be consumed by people suffering from kidney stones.

Allergic reactions to amaranth almost never occur. Only isolated cases of intolerance to the plant and its products were recorded. Allergy manifests itself relatively quickly and does not last long, it is not difficult.

Before using amaranth for the treatment or prevention of diseases, it is recommended to consult with your doctor. This is especially true for pregnant women. Given even minor contraindications of the plant, only the doctor is able to evaluate the true benefits of consuming amaranth and its products.

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