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Amaranth is not only a set of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. It is also a beautiful inflorescence, striking in its originality and brightness. We present to your attention 6 varieties, ideal for rich autumn bouquets. They will stand for many days, delighting you with their beauty in the autumn weather. The review uses photographs of Jeffrey Cross.

1. Amaranthus caudatus or Amaranth caudate

dry form (hence the name, from the Greek word “never fading”).

Would you like to fill your autumn bouquets of garden flowers with passion and romanticism? Add some amaranth branches to them.

2. Green inflorescences of Amaranthus caudatus
It is noteworthy, but Amaranthus caudatus is perfect for creating bouquets, even in green. That is, until fully matured. It will please with greens and is perfect for bouquets in which a large number of warm colors prevail.

3. A. Cruentus or Amaranth Crimson
We do not get tired of repeating that amaranths are not only decorative, but also practical plants. Some species of leaves (Amaranthus caudatus, A. tricolor and A. cruentus) are edible substitutes for spinach if they are harvested young and tender.

It is popular among fans of healthy food and amaranth grain. For example, in Mexico, it is customary to cook a special treat – a sweetness called alegría. We have written more than once about this unusual dessert.

In many countries, the oil used in cooking, cosmetology, and pharmaceuticals is obtained from amaranth grain.

But A. Cruentus is not only a useful and important plant. His inflorescences, dried, are perfect for creating bouquets, their additions.

4. A. Caudatus – floral candelabra
And back to the variety Amaranthus caudatus. Its inflorescences may look like real floral candelabra. Beautiful, bright and slim.

Sow the seeds should be only in the soil warmed by the spring sun. The plot can be sown for planting, as the shaded part of the garden, and in its sunny part. The soil at the landing site must be kept evenly moist. Then even the next season the amaranth can ascend itself, from the dropped out seeds.

5. A. Viridis – edible plants
Variety A. Viridis – edible. In some countries of the world it is equated to vegetables. The food is green. But beautiful, still young green leaves and buds can even be used for decorating bouquets. The plants themselves bloom from about mid-summer to autumn.

6. Create a bouquet of amaranth flowers
How to make a bouquet of blooming amaranth? Nothing is easier! Remove the lower leaves from the stems before immersing them in water. Use a high vase for your bouquet – large seed heads look best in an elongated vessel.

In combination with other colors, for example, such as dahlias, long, dangling amaranth seed heads add to the composition a special charm.

Flowering stems stand for 7 to 10 days in a vase filled with water. And you can also dry them and then use them in the design of the house, apartment. To dry, hang the inflorescences upside down for several days in a dark and cool place.

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