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Spring is already rampant in all, and the first greens began to appear on the tables – natural, fragrant and surprisingly useful. Hothouse grown without nitrates and other chemical additives. These are arrows of onion, parsley and dill. It is added to many dishes, thereby increasing their usefulness and providing your body with the intake of vitamins and trace elements.

But there are greens that are not very popular with us, but which guarantees a full-fledged activity to all human organs! And provide energy and strength. What is it about? Of course, about amaranth leaves!

This plant very soon will please lush greenery. And if you have not had time to plant it, then carefully read this article, which describes in detail the benefits of amaranth leaves! Sure, you will immediately go to your site, in order to sow amaranth and he ascended as soon as possible!

How and why to eat amaranth leaves?
Depending on the type of plant, amaranth leaves can have different shades – starting from bright green and ending in reddish tones. Such leaves can be used in salads in raw form or boiled in soups.

Some fans of greens think that there is nothing more useful for spinach. However, they simply do not know all the delights of amaranth leaves. So, in comparison with the mentioned spinach, the leaves of this beautiful plant can boast a higher content:

  • calcium;
  • gland;
  • phosphorus;
  • and many different vitamins.

There are seven, seven indisputable reasons why you simply must include amaranth leaves in your daily summer diet. And remember – summer flies very quickly, and therefore do not miss the opportunity to enjoy a tasty and incredibly useful plant!

The first reason: the prevention of anemia
The cause of this disease, as anemia is a lack of iron. In addition, representatives of the fair half of humanity are more inclined to it.

The leaves of the plant in large quantities contains iron. Therefore, eating greens, you are guaranteed to protect yourself from anemia.

Reason Two: to strengthen hair
Amaranth leaves are ideal for the manufacture of various home remedies and preparations that strengthen the hair and prevent hair loss, as well as prevent graying.

Note! For example, amaranth oil will become an indispensable product for those who want to significantly improve the condition of the hair. Read about it in the article: “Amaranth oil is the perfect assistant in hair care!”

Therefore, if you have problems with hair, they become weak, brittle, actively fall out, include amaranth leaves in your dishes. They will make your curls strong, beautiful and strong! In this case, without the use of additional artificial and sometimes too expensive drugs!

Reason Three: Protection Against Calcium Deficiency
In the green of the plant contains a large amount of calcium. Eating it, you protect your body from the deficiency of this important mineral and the manifestations of various diseases, including such a dangerous disease as osteoporosis.

Reason Four: Normalization of Digestion
Dietary fiber is abundant in the plant, which ensures normal digestion. You just have to amaranth amaranth leaves, if you periodically or regularly have such digestive problems as:

  • stomach upset;
  • increased gas formation;
  • constipation, etc.

Note! One of the products derived from amaranth is oil. It is extremely useful. And for digestion as well! Research in this area has been done many times. For example, read about them in more detail in the article “Effect of amaranth oil on the useful human microflora”!

Natural, natural and completely safe means will provide normal digestion and excellent health, protecting you from unpleasant manifestations.

Reason Five: Protection against Oncological Diseases
The presence of lysine (essential and essential for the body amino acids) along with vitamin E, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and vitamin C helps the body more effectively fight free radicals, which prevents the formation of malignant cells.

Note! For more information about the benefits of amaranth in the prevention and treatment of cancer, see the article “Amaranth and amaranth oil in oncology: useful properties and recommendations for use.”

Reason Six: Improved Vision
Leaves are rich in vitamin A and other substances, minerals that help improve eye health.

Note! Read more in the article “The use of amaranth for vision and in the prevention of eye diseases!”

As a result, amaranth stops the development of cataracts in ocular and vascular degeneration, reducing oxidative stress. It helps to keep your eyesight sharp and healthy for a long time.

Reason Seven: Incredible Skin Benefits
Amaranth leaves include many nutrients that have an anti-inflammatory effect and protect against skin infections.

In addition, amaranth helps to cope with skin problems such as eczema and acne.

We hope we have convinced you that even just eating amaranth leaves is incredibly good for your health. Moreover, it does not require any culinary talents for the preparation of delicious dishes. Simply add the leaves in salads, like herbs or throw in soups!

In addition, the greens are not only healthy, but also give your traditional dishes a new, very unusual and pleasant taste.

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