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We are talking about the processing of dry vegetative mass of amaranth by extraction. As a result of applying a unique technology, biologically active elements are extracted, the amount of which is often greater than in grain. Some substances can be obtained by extraction only from dry vegetative mass.

A little about the method itself

Extraction is interpreted as a method of extracting a substance from a certain type of raw material using a suitable solvent. For this, solvents are used that do not mix with it. As a result, you can get a pure substance without any impurities in a concentrated form. This method is widely used in a number of industries, herbal medicine. In modern pharmacy, for example, the extraction process has become one of the stages in the preparation of extracts and tinctures, individual preparations.

The result of extraction is obtaining enriched vegetable oil. As it turned out in the course of research, such an oil contains more biologically active substances in comparison with the initial plant material. Thus, when processing amaranth, you can get natural fortified vegetable oil, and this product is in demand in the food industry, as well as in medicine, the cosmetics industry, and in the production of feed additives.

Researchers note the undoubted advantages of this technology. It:

  • low working temperatures;
  • high profitability;
  • simplicity of equipment and the availability of its automation;
  • obtaining valuable vegetable oil high in vitamin E.

Therefore, it is logical that specialists in the company Oil Oil became interested in the Odessa region using the extraction method.

The company “Oil Oil” and a new direction in its activities
The production of oils and fats from plant materials, drying of plant materials have become the main activities of the Ukrainian Oil Oil company. As a result of the processing of raw materials, fats and fat-soluble components are obtained here, which go mainly to cosmetology and pharmaceuticals.

The enterprise uses high-performance equipment of its own design. Despite the fact that the company was registered only in 2018 and is considered young, it is being updated, improved, and strives to master the production of fundamentally new types of products. So, this year the enterprise was engaged in the extraction of dry vegetative mass, and a new production was launched. This was stated in an interview by the technical project manager Alexei Karpunov.

I note that the interlocutor immediately emphasized the possibility of creating and existing the project with the participation of Maxim Martynenko, in fact, the project manager. At the same time, he is a creative person and ready for changes.

Assistance Osetsky Alexander Ivanovich, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor of the Institute of Cryomedicine and Cryobiology. You could even say that his help began much earlier than the actual start of a new project. Materials have been developed for almost 50 years.

– He became the founder of this type of extraction. All our installations are made on the basis of his developments.

According to the interlocutor, when processing amaranth, the variety of the plant taken to work is of great importance.

– If there is nothing there, then nothing will happen. We are not wizards. We “pull out” 99%. Scientifically, what we are pulling out is called the “lipid fraction.” But if there is nothing there, then we will not pull anything out. Therefore, the variety is initially of decisive importance, and this is Kharkov-1 and Lera. For the rest, poor performance. Moreover, in Lera, the oil content of the vegetative mass is not much lower than grain. In addition, we take from it chlorophyll and a huge amount of carotenoids. She has more active substances.
– We can talk about the output of finished products, i.e. how much raw material did you get and how much finished product did you get?
– Depending on the variety. And if from grain, then 5-7%, and if from vegetative mass, then 5%.

We have purchased a laboratory, including a chromatograph. I think we are the only manufacturer of oils who has a full-cycle laboratory, starting from the incoming inspection of raw materials (checking for moisture, dirt), and ending with the finished product. We have objective control at all stages.

Now (after re-equipment) the total area of ​​enterprises engaged in extraction is 600 square meters. We do everything according to European standards.

– Where do you plan to sell your products?
– Firstly, the Ukrainian market, but only to trusted partners, in whom we are confident that they will not be “badazhi”, and they are already known. We are also negotiating with Canada, China, European societies.
– According to your calculations or calculations, which oil is better – from grain or vegetative mass?
– Let the pharmacists do it …

– And your personal opinion …
– It seems to me that from the vegetative mass is more useful. After all, only what is in the leaves gets into the grain … Grain is like a warehouse, and everything is concentrated there. But in the leaves there is something that never enters the grain. Here, for example, carotenoids. Lera leaves are red and this color is given to them by carotenoids.

Chlorophyll is quite useful, but it will never be in the grain, since the production of chlorophyll is an ongoing process, and the grain is the final destination.

Or take squalene. If it is 5-10% in grain, for example, then it is 0.5-1%, but the process is continuous, and it is already accumulating in grain. The composition of the leaves is richer, but only a little bit. So, in any oil at least 500 chemical compounds. Lab shows 10-15.

– With whom do you cooperate regarding the supply of raw materials to you – with large companies, small farmers, individual farmers?
– With a little bit of everything. Duda Alexander (chairman of the Association of manufacturers of amaranth and amaranth products) helps us a lot.

Once again about carotenoids and other beneficial substances
As is already known, Lera amaranth leaves contain a large amount of carotenoids. About 60 of these fat-containing pigments (for example, beta-carotene) are considered provitamins, precursors of vitamin A (retinol) that occur during metabolism. They protect the cells of the human body from the damaging effects of free radicals. Vitamin A is synthesized from carotenoids in the human body, which contributes to the rapid healing of wounds, has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect.

Practice has shown that vitamin A plays a major role in the formation of immunity, in the processes of growth and production of steroid hormones by the human body, in the functioning of the organs of vision and the functioning of the reproductive system, as well as in the processes of natural synthesis of collagen and keratin. In addition, this vitamin is necessary for the normal functioning of the visual apparatus, for the health of the skin and mucous membranes. It positively affects the normalization of blood sugar and is involved in the formation of bone tissue and tooth enamel.

According to studies, carotenoids play a large role in the prevention of cancer and cardiovascular diseases, cataracts and other degenerative and genotoxic disorders. In addition, they are safe and promising for the creation of therapeutic and prophylactic agents.

A huge role is also played by flavonoids obtained from amaranth by extraction. Studies show that some representatives of this class are more effective than conventional drugs for cardiovascular diseases. They also weaken the manifestations of atherosclerosis, and not only in humans but also in animals, are involved in the regulation of blood pressure, in the suppression of the development of cancer cells. This group has excellent antioxidant properties and is 50-100 times more effective than vitamins C and E, and its representatives protect us from diseases and aging.

The body feels a special need for flavonoids:

  • with fatigue and weakness;
  • during stress;
  • with any injuries, especially accompanied by bleeding;
  • with increased fragility of capillaries, problems with pressure, circulatory disorders;
  • with inflammatory diseases of the stomach and intestines;
  • if necessary, adapt to the change of season, especially from heat to cold.

In each of these periods, certain substances are included in the work. In total, more than 6500 varieties of bioflavonoids are known.

The role of amaranth in promoting health
Many manufacturers of amaranth and amaranth products, adherents of introducing such products into preventive and therapeutic nutrition, say: “amaranth is not a panacea.” Aleksey Karpunov, already familiar to us, is sure of this. According to him, amaranth is only part of a large complex – nutrition, prevention, treatment and the whole lifestyle.

– Health is a mosaic, and amaranth is just a splash. If there is bad water, bad air, a person moves a little, eats a lot of sweet, a lot of fat, then at least drink amaranth, at least do not drink … Yes, I drank amaranth and I felt a little better.

In general, a year ago I changed my life dramatically. I used to play sports and now I’m leading an active lifestyle, today I’ve run … in steps it is 46 thousand or more than 30 kilometers. I have my own regimen, nutrition … I, for example, have no sugar in my diet at all. But it turned out that I had both pressure and something else there … Now I have a pressure of 120/80. I drink oils, but it’s about 10% …

Yes, amaranth helps, for example, from chronic fatigue. But … This is only one of the means for a person who is watching himself. If a person does not give a damn about himself, then no amaranth will help him.

In general, this is a worthy plant, and it should take its place in the diet. I believe that once or twice a week, each person should eat amaranth porridge, drink 5 grams (no more) of amaranth oil per day.

But there is no panacea. I got rid of hypertension not only with the help of amaranth. So, it was necessary to put the neck (cervical vertebrae) in place. And then I had to abandon the sweet and starchy foods, and this turned out to be problematic. But gradually began to restore pressure. I’m in my 60s, I hope this succeeded. Many factors affect health.

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