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Amaranth oil – perhaps the main and most important product of an ancient plant. It is valued by consumers for its unrivaled properties. But this is used by scammers offering not only low-quality products, but also outright fakes.In this article we will explain in detail how to choose amaranth oil. Using a valuable natural product, you can significantly improve your health, perform prevention of various diseases. From poor quality products will not be the desired effect. And it is also good if it is not a fake that can even cause damage to health.

Real amaranth oil is a relatively expensive product. This is due not only to the rather high price of the seed itself. The price is influenced by the fact that a lot of raw materials are needed to get the oil. Production technology is also costly.

By the way, in Ukraine last year, a unique cold-pressed amaranth oil production line was launched. Oil is obtained at a temperature not higher than 40 degrees. Due to this, it has excellent properties, the ability to resist various diseases. The quality of the oil is appreciated abroad. It turns out that it is unique and not many foreign manufacturers can boast of such a quality of their goods. This, by the way, is also influenced by the peculiarities of the Ukrainian seeds, which have a special set of valuable components.

Today amaranth oil is widely represented in the core market. You can buy it not only in ordinary pharmacies, but also in health food stores. Order really place through the online store. But how to make sure that the products are reliable, useful and safe? Based on our own experience, we have prepared some valuable tips for you.

The benefits of amaranth oil: what gives this product to the human body

To begin with, in brief we focus on the unique benefits of amaranth oil. You will once again make sure that this product of nature deserves your attention. After all, the vegetable oil obtained from amaranth seeds is used for various purposes and fields.

In the manufacture of cosmetic products – creams, masks, ointments, etc ..
In the treatment of cancer, for a more rapid recovery of the body after a course of chemotherapy.
For the prevention of diseases of different nature of occurrence.
For the general strengthening of the body’s defenses, the normalization of metabolic processes.
For the treatment and prevention of diseases of internal organs – gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, etc.
As a restorative supplement for patients undergoing complex and dangerous diseases. For example, stroke.
To prevent diabetes and maintain the body of people who have already attacked this dangerous disease.
In the treatment of diseases of the skin.
When cooking.

As you can see, the scope of application of amaranth oil is really quite wide. After reading about its benefits, many people immediately want to buy it. However, they are not too versed in the features of the market and pricing. Considering sellers whose products are relatively expensive, “misers” who profit from consumers. And then they buy cheap butter. However, we must understand that products, the cost of which is too low, in fact is a banal fake.

How to choose amaranth oil: be sure to consider its types

Features of the use of oil, as well as its cost, depends on the types of products. There are three of them:

  • amaranth oil extracts;
  • pure oil;
  • blended oil.

For the average consumer, these terms mean nothing, agree. We will not delve into the terminology and scientific descriptions. Let us dwell on the features of the application of each individual type. This will allow you to understand the differences of species.

How is recommended to use extracts of amaranth oil

The main purpose of the extracts is the treatment of skin diseases. This implies a thin layer of extract on the damaged area. A small soft cotton swab dipped in oil is best for this.

In addition, the extracts are recommended to provide everyday skin care. They also help in the restoration of healthy hair. The amaranth extract applied to the surface of the scalp strengthens the roots and prevents loss.

Features of the use of pure oil from amaranth
Pure oil is obtained only by cold pressing. The peculiarity of this product is the high content of squalene – from 6 to 8%.

Note! Squalene is a unique compound. One of the key characteristics of this compound is the transport of oxygen to the cells of the body. It helps to prolong youth.

Pure amaranth oil is not just a diet product. This is almost a full-fledged preventive and therapeutic agent. In particular, its benefits have been established in the treatment of cancer, the recovery of the patient’s body after a course of radio or chemotherapy.

Oil is used in the treatment and prevention of diseases of internal organs:

  • hearts;
  • stomach;
  • etc.

Regular consumption of amaranth oil helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, removes bad cholesterol. Also, clean oil helps to recover faster and more effectively after a stroke.

How blended amaranth seed oil is used

This type of natural product can be considered one of the most common. Due to the widespread use of oil. So, it is intended for the prevention and treatment of colds:

  • ARVI;
  • ARI;
  • flu;
  • and others.

In addition, its consumption has a beneficial effect on overall health, the state of the organism as a whole. Helps to optimize and improve the work of all organs and systems of your body.

However, the choice of blended oil should be based on body weight. The higher the weight, the more squalene (as a percentage) should be present in the oil. But this does not apply to older people, older than 75 years – for them you need to pick up oil with a minimum content of squalene.

How to choose amaranth oil: what to consider

The first thing you need to pay attention to when choosing high-quality amaranth oil is the organoleptic characteristics of the product. These include color, smell, taste. Also necessarily taken into account the composition of the product, the number of substances included in it. In particular, such as:

  • natural unsaturated fatty acids;
  • squalene;
  • vitamins;
  • trace elements.

Usually, responsible manufacturers publish these data on the bottle label or package, in the package insert, if any. If such data is not presented anywhere, you are probably offered not real oil, but an outright fake.

Unfortunately, despite all the strict requirements, some manufacturers still decide to deceive. For example, the most common version of fraud – on the packaging indicated that the buyer is offered 100% natural oil. However, this is not the case, since the main part is occupied by other vegetable oils. If you have revealed a frank lie, you can feel free to contact the controlling authorities and seek compensation.

However, almost no one resolves the direct conflict. The overwhelming majority of consumers simply stop buying the products of such a dishonest manufacturer.

Another simple way to understand what is in front of you is an overestimated amount of squalene content. For example, 12% or even more. Since the real maximum amount of this unique substance is no more than 8%. After all, even in seeds, the level of squalene does not exceed 8%. After spinning, its quantity decreases.

How to determine the quality of amaranth oil on its organoleptic characteristics

Aroma, taste, color of amaranth oil – those indicators, focusing on which, everyone will be able to independently determine the quality of the product. Consider them.

1. Taste properties
It should be recognized that pure amaranth oil does not taste so good. Especially for those who blow it for the first time. Of course, you get used to taste after a while.

Extracts cannot have any taste at all. Often, the consumer does not even feel anything, trying it. That is, the extract may be generally without taste.

Blended oils from amaranth seed have a slight taste of the base oil, through which it is produced. It is believed that the blended varieties are the most delicious.

2. Smell
The purest, natural amaranth oil has its own characteristic odor. Experts note that it is similar to the aroma of fresh beet tops. No other vegetable oil has such a smell. Therefore, the flavor can actually determine whether the product is natural or not.

Extract varieties, varieties practically do not have any specific flavor. Although there may be a persistent smell of the main vegetable oil used to produce the product. Most often it is corn, sunflower, linseed or other oil.

Blended type oil does not smell at all.

3. Other indicators
Other organoleptic indicators by which the quality of amaranth oil can be determined are its color and level of transparency. Most often, amaranth oil has the following shades:

  • rich yellow color;
  • light color with light shades of dark;
  • fairly dark shade.

It all depends on the characteristics of the production and the variety of seeds used for pressing and squeezing the oil.

Tare features

How to choose amaranth oil? Be sure to consider the packaging in which it is presented. Real, natural will never be poured into plastic bubbles and bottles – only glass!

As it comes into contact with plastic, the oil reacts with its surface. Oxidation begins. As a result, the positive substances of the product are simply neutralized. The conclusion is simple – if the oil is sold in plastic, it is likely to be of poor quality. Not real. Or the manufacturer – irresponsible, made a good oil, but then he spoiled it.

Therefore, it is strictly not recommended to buy amaranth oil in plastic containers. You will get a low-quality product that has nothing to do with real products.

In addition to the material of the container you need to pay attention to its volume. It is accepted that the volume of the bottle does not exceed 100 milliliters. So the oil is consumed relatively quickly and will not have time to lose its properties. Because each time the lid is opened, the oxidative process begins, provoked by the interaction of the oil with oxygen.

That is, if the volume of the bottle is large, as long as you use the whole product, it will lose its positive properties. If there is no other size of the container, you need to make sure that the lid is dense, reliable and there will not be any air leakage!

Require documents!

Another excellent method to determine product quality, but often neglected by Ukrainian consumers, is to require certificates of quality and conformity. If you want to be sure that you are offered a high-quality product, ask the seller to provide relevant documentation.

The certificate is an official document. He needs and can be trusted. Seeing the document, you can no longer doubt the quality of the oil, the integrity of the manufacturer and seller.

After reading the article, you now know exactly how to choose amaranth oil, what aspects to consider. If you stick to our advice, you never fall for the fraudsters and unscrupulous manufacturers who are trying to cash in on people seeking to improve their health and prolong the body’s youth.

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