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Do you know that fats can be helpful? And indeed it is! Today we publish the material presented on the website Activation – in the resource blog prints materials on healthy lifestyle and nutrition.

Many people avoid fat, seeking to maintain health and provide themselves with adequate nutrition. However, in fact, fats – an important part of a complete and healthy diet. They simply must be present in the human diet. Naturally, not all, but certain species.

In particular, mention should be made of specific fats, among which squalene. Regular visitors to our site and fans of such a culture as amaranth know about this substance. But for many people this is a new product, not yet known.

Why fats are so important to humans
So, experts say that fats are an important part of a healthy diet:

  • they provide the intake of essential fatty acids;
  • keep skin elasticity;
  • provide the body with fat-soluble vitamins;
  • are an excellent source of energy.

But in most cases (as for the vast majority of people), it is difficult to understand which fats are good and which fats are bad.

Naturally, every modern person, even remotely aware of the basics of healthy eating, wants to abandon artificial trans fat.

Note! Natural trans fats are found in meat and grass-based dairy products, and are usually found in small quantities.

Because artificial trans fats have a bad effect on the health and condition of the blood vessels and the heart. In addition, it is important to maintain the level of saturated fat at moderate rates. Although, we have to admit, some of these fats are extremely useful for our body.

You’ve probably heard about polyunsaturated omega fatty acids and monounsaturated fats. These are the two most commonly discussed types of healthy fats, but have you heard of the health benefits of squalene?

Squalene – your new favorite fat
Squalene (Squalene) – this is not something that you could hear a lot, and even more to know. But as soon as you find out how useful it is for the body, it will surely become your favorite. Squalene formula

Squalene is the fat that is produced by your liver. It is part of the body system. Squalene is necessary in order to preserve the youth of the skin and other tissues. It allows you to protect your body from toxins, other dangerous and pollutants that enter the body from the environment.

The problem is that the natural levels of squalene in the human body reach their peak by the age of 20, and then confidently decline.

The list of benefits of squalene for health is quite large. Therefore, it is important to include in the diet foods in which it is present in abundance.

If we note the most important positive effects of squalene on the body, then among those will be:

  • the ability to improve immunity;
  • ability to fight excess weight;
  • ability to protect the body from toxins, carcinogen, slags, etc .;
  • positive effect on the work of the heart and blood vessels, the preservation of bone tissue;
  • positive effect on the digestive system.

And most importantly, squalene actively prevents the manifestations of early aging. That is, it preserves the youth of individual tissues and the organism as a whole.

According to some researchers, the use of squalene and preparations containing this substance in relation to the skin, will help maintain its health. And all because, squalene will fully moisturize the skin, nourish it and saturate. Inflicted on the surface of the skin, it protects it from the loss of moisture and environmental toxins, acting as a powerful and reliable barrier.

Squalene also works wonders by positively affecting hair and nails. It is not surprising that a number of cosmetic companies use squalene in their products (which, by the way, we wrote a lot about – for example, in article 5 cosmetic products with amaranth, which protect them from negative impacts).

Squalene and squalane Gemini or not?
Interestingly, there are two fats with very similar names. And both are found in cosmetic products. The names are so similar that you can easily be mistaken by reading the list of ingredients of cosmetic products. So, the first is squalane, the second is squalane.

So what’s the difference?
Squalene and squalane are similar as two sides of the same coin. Squalane is actually produced by hydrogenation of squalene.

Hydrogenation is the process of breaking down any double bonds that exist in a molecule, and replacing them with hydrogen. This makes the resulting fat more solid and gives it a higher melting point.

A potential disadvantage of this process is that the hydrogenated fats are converted to trans fats. Therefore, if you apply this fat to the skin, according to many people, such a procedure will have no effect.

However, the question of whether trans fats can be absorbed through the skin and enter the blood has not yet been fully studied, and therefore we can make mistakes in terms of the harmfulness of squalane.

In general, both substances are quite similar. Usually squalane is used only drug.

While squalene is present in a number of natural sources, which are used both as food and externally. The use of squalene has a number of advantages – after all, your body will be a positive impact, both from the inside and outside.

Although historically it happened that getting squalene was not always an environmentally friendly method.

Traditional Squalene Sources
In particular, its source is (and are) deep-sea sharks. Their liver contains high levels of squalene.

According to a number of sources, the slow growth of sharks and the rare reproduction cycles associated with overfishing cause some species to be on the verge of extinction. The deep-sea shark

Thus, the non-profit organization BLOOM, which deals with the protection of marine life, published a report in 2012 entitled “The Disgusting Price of Beauty: the cosmetics industry puts the extinction of sea sharks on the verge of extinction.” In their report, scientists have emphasized that in the next few years, sharks, which contain squalene in their livers, can be completely exterminated.

One of the most controversial practices for producing squalene from shark liver is called “regeneration.” Its essence lies in the fact that shark fishing is carried out, after which the liver is removed, and the sharks themselves are released back into the ocean. These fish are fatally wounded and just left to die – slowly and painfully.

Obviously, this cruel practice is unacceptable, and every effort is made to stop it completely. However, since there is no way to remove a liver without killing a shark, there really isn’t an ideal method for collecting squalene.

Given all this, it is not surprising that many cosmetic companies have stopped using shark liver oil and are looking for alternative options. Although not all – there are still unscrupulous manufacturers who are ready for anything for profit.

Squalene plant sources
Fortunately, there are plant sources of squalene. Among which there is one unique, in which squalene is contained even more than in the liver of a deep-sea shark. But first things first.

Olives and olive oil
The Mediterranean diet is estimated in many countries of the world and most nutritionists. And all because of its incredible health benefits. One of the main elements of this diet are olives and olive oil, which are abundantly consumed by the inhabitants of the Mediterranean.

Olive oil, when it comes to high-quality cold-pressed product, is a healthy source of nutrients.

You can cook with him any dishes and products. In addition, it has a unique taste and improves the organoleptic properties of salads and other dishes.

As it turned out, olive oil is also an excellent source of squalene. In fact, for some time it was believed that olives were the only plant source of this powerful nutrient.

How do I know if you use squalene olive oil? That’s what experts write in matters of olive oil, squalene can only be found in the fresh product.

Rice bran oil
Perhaps you have not heard of this oil – it is not very well known. But it has two important advantages over other oils:

  • contains squalene (although not as much as olive oil);
  • and has a high boiling point.

A high boiling point is a clear advantage of cooking oil because it allows you to cook with a minimum amount of fumes and smoke.

According to another source specializing in healthy nutrition, rice bran oil also contains squalene. Because of this, it is a natural organic compound that helps in the synthesis of cholesterol and vitamin D in the body, and is also a natural fat produced by human skin cells. Rice bran oil helps the skin to regenerate, which makes the skin youthful.

Despite the fact that the amount of squalene is not as high as in other natural plant sources, rice bran oil has several advantages for the health of the human body. In particular, it is capable of:

  • lower cholesterol;
  • stimulate the immune system;
  • helps prevent cancer;
  • improves skin condition;
  • relieves the symptoms of menopause;
  • protects the heart;
  • reduces allergic reactions.

Wheat germ oil from wheat germ
Wheat germ doesn’t have as much squalene as it does in olive oil, but this source also deserves attention.

Germ is the most nutritious part of wheat, but you will not find squalene in flour or bread! After all, flour is made from already mature grains.

In addition to squalene, wheat germ also contains powerful antioxidants and an increased amount of vitamin E. All of this helps protect the heart and cardiovascular system, increase the body’s immune defense, and prevent many diseases.

Amaranth – the main plant source of squalene!
We decided to place such a plant as amaranth in a separate section of our article. And now you will understand why we did it.

Amaranth seeds and oil, which can be obtained from them, contain many important nutrients needed by the human body.

Including, and squalene.

In fact, amaranth has the highest levels of squalene among all plant sources.

Note! Some varieties of amaranth contain 8 times more squalene than some oils derived from the liver of deep-sea sharks! That is, this is really a unique plant, which has no equal on the planet!

If we talk about the benefits of amaranth for human health, the list will be incredibly long. In principle, you can simply re-read the articles published on our website in the sections Healing properties and Scientific discoveries. Amaranth oil source of squalene

On amaranth oil is not customary to cook in the usual sense – that is, for example, to fry foods. But it can be added in a clean, “raw” form:

  • in salads;
  • in cocktails and smoothies;
  • in finished products;
  • in other dishes that are no longer affected by high temperature.

In addition, you can safely use amaranth oil externally, as a cosmetic tool. It is great for promoting health, beauty:

  • skin;
  • hair;
  • nails, etc.

There are many recipes that tell you how to prepare yourself masks and lotions from amaranth oil at home. However, you can not even particularly bother with the preparation of such cosmetics. Simply add a little oil to your usual shampoo or conditioner to feel the full force of this natural preparation. Or apply the oil on the seal.

Note! The best characteristic of amaranth oil is a 100% natural product that does not contain any additives or substances.

Provided that amaranth oil was obtained by cold pressing from organic seeds.

Buy high quality amaranth oil, manufactured using proven technologies, you can on our website. If necessary, we provide all quality certificates confirming the origin of the oil, its organicity and effectiveness.

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