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We continue to acquaint you with the latest news about amaranth. Today we will talk about how growing an amaranth can become a profitable business, and also share important information – in the Nikolaev region they plan to build a large elevator for amaranth.

How to make amaranth growing profitable business
About this writes the publication “Agrarian Tijden. Ukraine, focusing readers on the fact that more and more Ukrainian farmers are reorienting towards the cultivation of a culture that is still exotic for our country. However, the demand for amaranth is growing steadily, and therefore it can become one of the main crops for agricultural producers.

Note! The Amaranth Manufacturers Association, created a couple of years ago, played a huge role in the development of this culture in Ukraine. Thanks to the efforts of the leadership and ordinary members of the association, it was possible to carry out an enormous work to popularize the plant.

It is noted that amaranth is characterized by high value:

  • food;
  • therapeutic;
  • cosmetology;
  • fodder.

Long since the plant was grown in Latin America. However, in our latitudes amaranth was known, but in the form of wild shchiritsy.

The modern popularity of amaranth and products derived from it is due to a unique set of different components:

  • vitamins;
  • minerals;
  • amino acids;
  • trace elements.

By their content amaranth significantly exceeds the popular in our country cereal and other crops.

Comparison of the chemical composition of amaranth seeds and other grains (foreign selection)

Indicators (in%) Amaranth Wheat Rice Corn
Fat 7.6 2 2.2 4.5
Protein 15.5 14 8.5 10.3
Starch 64.5 60 66 71
Cellulose 3.2 1.9 1.4 1.4
Energy (kcal / 100 g) 476 375 409 418
Comparison of the chemical composition of amaranth seeds and other grains (domestic selection)
Indicators (in%) Amaranth Wheat Rice
Crude protein 18.2-19.6 9.6-17.0 10.0-12.5
Crude fat 8.0-8.6 1-3 4.4-5.5
Syrai Fiber 3,5-5,5 2,2-3 2,0-9,2
Carbohydrates 65-70 72-85 78.3-93

Ukrainian agricultural producers understood that it is possible to earn good money on amaranth. Therefore, annually under the crops of this plant, more and more areas are allocated.

Amaranth is not demanding, grows well in the conditions of the Ukrainian climate. The average yield reaches 2 thousand tons per hectare. The average cost of 1 ton reaches 1000 US dollars.

Note! In reality, given the peculiarities of the Ukrainian soil and the climatic features of the country, it is quite possible that a yield of 5 tons per hectare of sown area.

For processing (respectively, and for sale) is not only amaranth grain. Additional income with higher value added is derived from products such as:

  • amaranth oil;
  • flour;
  • raw materials for the production of animal feed.

Sample Business Plan
The analytical department of Pro-Consulting has worked out this area in detail and developed a detailed business plan. In accordance with the document, an enterprise is being created with an annual capacity of up to 3 thousand tons of amaranth seeds.

To start the project, you need to invest 4 million euros. The main part of investments is aimed at the purchase of appropriate equipment and raw materials. Here is a breakdown of the amount in the following directions:

  • 40% of the amount – the purchase of equipment;
  • 37% – the purchase of raw materials;
  • 13% – investments in production facilities;
  • 6% – other expenses;
  • 4% – reserve fund.

In accordance with the document, it is planned to make a profit through the sale of processed products:

  • amaranth oil;
  • amaranth oil extract;
  • flour;
  • granulated animal feed.

Pledged profitability – 30%. That is, for every 100 euros of income, there is 30 euros of net profit.

As it was calculated by analysts, the full return on investment will take just a little less than 30 months. Further, the company will work only in profit. Calculations show how amaranth really promising culture. Those who invest money in its cultivation and processing now, will win a leading position in the market!

Amaranth Elevator: construction in the Mykolaiv region

According to Agroportal resource, citing UNN, several Ukrainian agro-industrial holdings announced at once about the construction of new elevators next year.

For example, among those manufacturers, the company from Donetsk region “APK-invest” is in the block of the construction of an elevator, which will allow expanding the capacity of the feed mill from 90 to 116 thousand tons of simultaneously stored products.

But the greatest interest in this news is caused by the plans of the company NVK Amaranth, which in the Nikolaev region plans to build a specialized elevator for the storage of amaranth grain. An investor will already be found for construction, for which a full-fledged, detailed commercial proposal is being developed. Amaranth elevator

Naturally, the construction of the amaranth elevator further intensifies the spread of amaranth in Ukraine, which is good news.

Among other objects of agricultural purpose, which are planned to be built in the near future in Ukraine, it is worth highlighting:

  • construction of an elevator by the Ukrzemkom company in the Nikolaev area;
  • construction of the elevator by the Kernel holding in the Sumy region;
  • construction of the elevator holding “Kernel” in the Chernihiv region.

Such a construction boom in the agro-industrial sector is due to the implementation of the state program, which involves the compensation of costs necessary for the construction of processing plants. Announced that the program will work in 2019. Elevators must be included.

This was described in detail by the acting head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Agrarian Issues, Alexander Bakumenko. In particular, he noted the following: “The active support of the processing industry and animal husbandry, which in turn promotes goods to foreign markets, ensures the creation of new jobs by producers, revitalizing rural areas, improving social standards of living, and also ensures taxes and other income local budgets.

It is assumed that the level of state compensation will reach about 30% of the total. However, accurate data on the program will be available only after the relevant decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is adopted.


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