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Diseases of the circulatory system, the main cause of which is considered atherosclerosis, cause the World Health Organization (WHO) headache in the direct and figurative sense. Despite the cosmic speed of development of modern medicine, nobody can finally defeat atherosclerosis.

Most of us are not aware of the full threat to life, because the disease develops unnoticed and difficult to diagnose. The “deceit” of atherosclerosis is that it can only be diagnosed in the latter stages. The vascular occlusion is painless, and the patient begins to understand the seriousness of his position only with the appearance of tangible problems with the heart, brain and limbs.

What is atherosclerosis

This is a chronic disease of the arteries, which is accompanied by deposits on their walls of cholesterol and lipoproteins due to impaired lipid and protein metabolism. Over time, the vessels lose elasticity. Fats accumulate in the form of plaques, which leads to deterioration of the blood supply or complete blockage. As a result, less oxygen is supplied to the internal organs, which contributes to the development of serious diseases.
If earlier atherosclerosis was considered a disease of old age, then today 40-year-olds are increasingly dying from its effects. It has been established that the disease begins to develop in childhood, but it is different for everyone. It is connected with genetic features, but the biggest “contribution” is made by lifestyle. It is unlikely that anyone will deny that modern man is leading him recklessly. Hypodynamia, bad habits, unhealthy diet, stress and obesity – a direct path to atherosclerosis with all the attendant “charms”.

Ways to fight

It is difficult to fight atherosclerosis, especially in the later stages. Therefore, it is better to prevent it. It is in the power of any of us, you just need to apply the will and work on yourself. So, what can we oppose:

  • healthy food. In the diet should be foods with the lowest content of animal fats. It is advisable to eat as much fish, dairy products, fresh vegetables and fruits as possible. Requires a complete rejection of fat and salty. Priority must be given to dietary nutrition. Anti-atherosclerotic diet will help keep the vessels in good condition for many years;
  • to give up smoking;
  • moderate alcohol consumption;
  • physical exercise;
  • taking antioxidants.

An important condition is to monitor its own weight. It is advisable to avoid stressful situations and learn to control your emotions. With a balanced diet, the risk of atherosclerosis will certainly decrease.

In the context of the above, diet is of paramount importance. Of course, it is necessary to develop it together with a doctor who will take into account personal characteristics and the actual state of your health. As for antioxidants, here, the blessing, the pantry of nature presents to humanity a lot of gifts, one of which is amaranth.

Amaranth to the rescue

On whole amaranth are written whole treatises. Oil from it has long been widely used in medicine. But medical science does not stand still, providing us with new means of dealing with fatal ailments. Read more about this in the article “Diseases subject to amaranth oil.”

Iranian scientists from the University of Isfahan conducted a study of the effect of Amaranthus L. Caudatus aqueous-alcoholic extract on the lipid content of rabbit blood.

The preparation for research was made in the usual way. High in the mountains were collected stalks, leaves and flowers, which were dried for 10 days at room temperature. After that, they were extracted with 96% ethanol for 72 hours, and then filtered and concentrated by vacuum distillation. The solvent is evaporated under vacuum. The obtained crude extract of dark reddish color before use was contained in dark glass bottles at a temperature of +4 degrees.

For the experiment, they selected twenty-five rabbits of the New Zealand breed with an average weight of 1.5-2 kg, which were divided into five groups. Then they worked with them as follows. The first group received a normal, and the second hypercholesterolemic (high cholesterol) diet for 45 days. The third group was kept on such a diet 75, and the fourth and fifth – 45 days with the subsequent transition to a normal diet. The daily ration of rabbits of the fifth group additionally included receiving 150 mg · kg of the drug. This was done specifically to assess the effect of Amaranth in the regressive period. Food with a large amount of cholesterol should have led to a deterioration of the blood vessels of rabbits in all groups. The difference in the situation could be ensured only by amaranth tincture.

Blood samples for biochemical analysis were made before the start of the experiment, then after 45 and 75 days. After that, the aorta of experimental animals were examined for atherosclerotic plaques.

The results of the application of amaranth

As it turned out, the administration of the aqueous-alcoholic extract of amaranth caudatus caused a regression of atherosclerotic lesions in rabbits. That is, there are fewer plaques!

In the blood of animals of their fifth group, the content of total cholesterol, low density lipoproteins (“bad” cholesterol), malondialdehyde and C-reactive protein decreased. At the same time, there was a significant increase in Apolipoprotein A and high-density lipoproteins (“good” cholesterol) compared with the fourth group.

An autopsy showed a significant decrease in the area of ​​atherosclerotic lesions in individuals of the fifth group. While in animals that did not receive the drug, progression of atherosclerosis was detected.
In other words, amaranth not only prevents the growth of cholesterol, which we have already mentioned in the article “Amaranth Oil in Ischemic Disease and Hypertension,” but also has a positive effect on the existing deposits.

The results of tests by Iranian doctors suggest that amadant caudatus hydroalcoholic extract can reduce the risk factor and lead to regression of atherosclerotic deposits in the aorta.

Although the regression mechanism has not been finally determined, the experience allows us to hope that similar preparations for people will appear soon.

As indicated in the conclusion of the researchers, a positive change or regression of lesions can be achieved through aggressive lipid-lowering or drug therapy.

Hypercholesterolemia causes oxidative stress, which is known to have an adverse effect on cell integrity. Antioxidants and lipid-lowering agents inhibit development and induce regression of atherosclerosis. The suppression of the development of atherosclerosis is associated with a decrease in oxidative stress and lipids in the blood serum.

But to wait for a miracle in inaction is not worth it. Only an integrated approach, a combination of drug and non-drug methods will allow to win in the fight against atherosclerosis.

Yes, atherosclerosis is a dangerous disease, but you need to start fighting for your health today, right now and every day. You have to fight with yourself, your habits. Take a look around. There is so much beauty in life besides tobacco, alcohol, fatty and salty foods that replacing them is not difficult.

Gluten-free diet for children. Perhaps, having tried a good diet once, you change priorities and forget about “junk” food forever, love yourself and your body, keep an active lifestyle, take up exercise and stop being angry over trifles. Do not disregard the products of their amaranth, which we wrote about in such articles as “Amaranth – the food of the future”, “Effect of amaranth oil on the healthy human microflora” and “Tasty amaranth: you have not eaten this food yet”. And about the benefits of amaranth in baby food, we recommend to get acquainted in the articles “Amaranth in the menu of children with gluten intolerance – the benefits are proven by scientists” and “Grain of amaranth for kids: the benefits and cooking.” You may also enjoy amaranth desserts or cosmetics based on it.

Lead a healthy lifestyle with amaranth, and the world will play with all colors, and the body will thankfully respond with good health and always a positive mood.

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