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Cellulite is found in every third woman aged 23 years, and most of its owners are kak-ubrat-cellyulit-na-popepetsya with him the whole subsequent life. Many doctors not only do not consider it a disease, but believe that a light “orange peel” is a normal condition of the skin of an adult woman. It is known that, on the contrary, the absence of insignificant cellulite is a sign of hormonal disorders.

Nevertheless, in some women it is more pronounced by the age of 30, while in others it remains in the first or second stage until the natural skin changes associated with aging (sagging, flabbiness, etc., which appear by the age of 60-70). And with the fact that the third stage of cellulite in 28 years is not the norm, no one argues.

What is cellulite?
In simple terms, these are problems with metabolism in the cells of the subcutaneous tissues – in the layer of fatty tissue and in the dermis. Strictly speaking, the dermis is not the subcutaneous layer, but the “inner” part of the skin itself (there is also the outer part – the epidermis). But more often the appearance of “crusts” cause metabolic disorders in the layer of fatty tissue.

By the way, therefore, contrary to popular belief, skinny girls also suffer from cellulite. Every person has subcutaneous fatty tissue – this is one of the protective layers, without which the skin simply would not fulfill its functions. And the metabolic processes in this layer can be disturbed regardless of the amount of fat.

What will amaranth help?
Amaranth contains a number of substances that normalize the metabolism in the cells of almost any tissue. Interestingly, the components of amaranth in such a compound are not observed in any other product of natural origin. We list the substances in amaranth that can solve the problem of cellulite.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids
The body is not able to synthesize on its own some of the fatty acids it needs, therefore, the polinenasyishhennyie-zhirnyie-kislotyi-chto-eto-takoe part of them should get into it with food. Polyunsaturated fatty acids are not found in any food (most of them are found in almost all cereals and in sunflower oil), therefore modern people often lack them. Usually, this does not manifest in any way, because the minimum required quantity of them in the body does enter. But that small difference between the desired amount and the minimum necessary is reflected precisely in the cells of the skin and subcutaneous layer.

The result is cellulite, and, for example, problems with hair, because hair follicles also do not get what they need.

Interesting. When these acids were first discovered, they were considered a vitamin and were called “vitamin F”. Later it turned out that this is not a vitamin, but the effect of polyunsaturated fatty acids in the body is very similar to the action of vitamins.

Vitamin D
The main vitamin that nourishes the musculoskeletal system and skin. For example, children with a deficiency of of this vitamin develop rickets – a disorder of bone formation and a lack of bone mineralization; rickets are also treated with this vitamin.

According to one of the British studies, the results of which are published in the article “Vitamin D and Health”, vitamin D deficiency is currently observed in about one billion people on Earth. Numerous skin diseases are associated with vitamin D deficiency; it leads to brittle hair and nails. A serious shortage provokes the development of cancer, but this is rare.

One of the “elements” of vitamin A. Supports the synthesis of the above-mentioned vitamin D in the required amount. In addition, it promotes lymphatic circulation and “carries” other vitamins and microelements throughout the body.

The fact is that even if a person consumes with food (and especially food additives) all the required vitamins and trace elements in the prescribed amount, they are not always absorbed. As a result, the body removes them, and some organs do not get what they need, because the elements simply did not “reach” them. Therefore, the assimilation and “transportation” of the necessary substances play no less important role than, in fact, their use. Squalene solves this problem. Thanks to him, the subcutaneous and skin layers receive nutrition in the required amount.

By the way, amaranth contains a record amount of squalene among all products of natural origin – 8% of the total amount of all substances. No other plant or animal body has such a percentage of squalene.

And the main one in the context of cellulite treatment is provitamin A (a chemical compound that is a “precursor” of vitamin A, i.e., this vitamin is formed from it).

It also promotes metabolism, and in addition, increases the regenerating properties of cells. Thanks to the latter, they are updated faster, and during normal blood and lymph circulation, unwanted tissues quickly disappear from the subcutaneous and dermal layers and from the body as a whole.

Vitamin E

It can also be added to this list, because it, among other properties, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, and cellulite occurs, including due to the weakening of blood vessels in the subcutaneous layers.

Amaranth cellulite treatment
The main thing you need to remember when trying to get rid of cellulite: treatment should be comprehensive. And if at the first stage to normalize metabolism is quite simple, then at the third stage, in addition to working on the metabolism, you will have to supplement the process with various procedures and physical exercises. To hold them, however, is simple and at home.

How to determine the stage of cellulite?
Surprisingly, most women only find cellulite in the second, or even the third stage. If the appearance of the skin is important to you and the appearance of cellulite causes you to fear, more often inspect the hips and buttocks.

In the first stage, the skin is smooth in the usual position, but if it is squeezed, characteristic cellulite “nodules” appear. It can happen at any time, especially after stress and hormonal disorders, therefore, it is worth checking the skin condition at least once a month, and better – more often.

The second stage is characterized by the presence of palpable seals, and the “orange peel” appears not only when squeezed, but when tilting or even just standing. But it is not too noticeable.

In the third stage, cellulite is visible at a distance of one to two meters in any position. The skin in places is very dense and hard, in places – flabby, the seals are palpable very easily.

The fourth stage of cellulite is observed quite rarely and does not imply independent treatment. The skin at this stage becomes like a sponge, acquires a bluish tint due to serious blood supply disorders. An extreme case with a very neglected cellulite may be tissue necrosis; in the absence of movement (and this stage often occurs just in this case) – muscle atrophy. Do not worry: such cases are rare.

Amaranth – quick help with cellulite in the first stage
From the first stage of cellulite can be completely eliminated with a single amaranth.

First of all, you need to evaluate your diet for sufficient amount of vitamin D in it (at the same time, check whether you are consuming vitamin E every day, at least a little). If cereal, sunflower oil or, as a last resort, fried sunflower seeds (not salted) are present in the menu, it means that the cause of cellulite is most likely associated with impaired blood supply and microcirculation in the subcutaneous tissues and skin. There are two variants of treatment with amaranth:

The use of amaranth oil in food.
In the first case, it is enough to add amaranth oil to cereals or salads daily or use a teaspoon of oil once a day, half an hour before any meal. But this treatment option makes sense to combine with a massage, since the direct impact on the area where the metabolism is disturbed is usually more effective.

Anti-cellulite massage with amaranth oil
One of the most effective anti-cellulite remedies in the first and second stages. It is a complex effect, consisting of:

  • nutrition of the skin and subcutaneous layers of polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin D;
  • accelerating cell regeneration;
  • improve blood circulation in the skin and subcutaneous capillaries;
    strengthening the walls of capillaries.

Anti-cellulite massage can do professional masseurs in clinics, but in the initial stages of cellulite, you can get by yourself.

Massage at home

Anti-cellulite massage requires concentration and patience: you will need to massage each area for at least 40 minutes. Experts usually do it within 45-60 minutes.

Training. Warm your hands, put a towel or napkins alongside to wipe off the remaining oil after the massage, and heat the amaranth oil itself slightly (you can put it near heat sources or just leave it in a warm room).

Conduct Before starting the massage, apply amaranth oil in such a quantity that the skin

Massage the legs, thighs and buttocks is always necessary to carry out from the bottom up

Glittered strongly, but it did not flow from under hands. The anti-cellulite massage process itself consists of four stages:

Relax your muscles and warm them and your skin for about 10–15 minutes with slow circular motions. You can slightly press, but neither the muscles nor the skin should not feel the pressure. If it seems that the warm-up does not occur, accelerate movement, increase friction. As a result, you should feel that the muscle has become warm and the skin is hot.

Normalization of blood flow
The main method – point pressure with finger pads. Start from the bottom and gradually rise up the skin in a circular motion, trying to push the pads on every inch of skin. The pressure should be light and pleasant.

Work with the subcutaneous layer

She is given the most time, ideally – about half an hour. Alternate rubbing and kneading, and after three repetitions, pat the skin.

Trituration. Spread your fingers wide apart, they should fit snugly against your skin. Raise your palm from the bottom up, pressing not hard, but enough to feel the friction and the skin is heated.

Important! When rubbing the skin should be a sufficient amount of amaranth oil. Dry or slightly moistened skin can be permanently damaged by friction.

Kneading. Grab and release the skin, applying a force of varying degrees, but consistently (weaker at first, then stronger, or vice versa). It should not hurt, but light discomfort is allowed. You can also use the motions as if mixing dough.

Pat. The blows must be made with the whole palm, creating a sort of “vibration” on the skin. They can be of varying degrees of strength, but they should not be painful.

The final stage of massage, designed to return the muscle to its normal state, ready for physical activity. Lightly stroke the skin in circular motions, gradually slowing more and more. The feeling of heat from the muscle should go away, although it will not disappear to the end.

It now remains to wipe off the remaining oil with a towel or napkin. Usually, it is recommended to rest after the massage, but since the anti-cellulite massage is designed to affect the skin and the subcutaneous layer and not the muscles, you can continue to do minor household chores.

Amaranth with cellulite in the later stages
Cellulite in the second stage can also be cured with anti-cellulite massage with amaranth oil and ingestion of amaranth for food, but it will take more time. If at the first stage massage is enough 1-2 times a week, then at the second it is desirable to increase the frequency up to 3 times. In addition, it is recommended to eat dishes from amaranth seeds.

In the third stage, the effect of the use of amaranth is seen when adding regular exercise in the fresh air, as well as physical activity during the day (simple warm-ups every 2-3 hours).

Note! It is not worthwhile to increase the anti-cellulite massage: holding it more than 4 times a week will not bring benefits. Usually, to improve the metabolism in the skin cells and strengthen the capillaries, it is enough 3 times a week. The effect must complete exercise.

At the fourth stage, the treatment of cellulite with amaranth, other medicinal plants and physical exercises seems to be inexpedient. It will have a slight effect, but such disorders in the skin structure need complex treatment under the supervision of a physician.

If you notice that cellulite progresses rapidly, despite the treatment, pass a medical examination. Normal cellulite never develops in a few months, so if something like this is observed, problems with the cardiovascular system are not excluded (circulatory disorders not only in the skin, but also in other organs) or serious problems with metabolism, which also requires medical intervention. .

But let your body will never be anything more serious than cellulite in the first stage, which is easily cured with the help of natural remedies. Be healthy – with amaranth!


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