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Who are these special children? The category of such babies are diagnosed with autism. Unfortunately, this disease in recent years has become increasingly common. However, it is already established that autism is not a sentence. A child can live a full life, in fact, develop normally, if properly approached to its diet.

Diet in this case is extremely important. It involves the use of non-gluten products. Therefore, parents of children have to strictly control the diet.

Amaranth, as a reliable assistant in the organization of nutrition of special children
An excellent addition to the diet of special children is amaranth. There are no gluten in its composition, but there are a large number of substances and trace elements necessary and essential for the full activity of the body.

From amaranth receive a number of products:

  • croup;
  • flour;
  • oil and others.

Buying amaranth is not a problem today – it is sold in health food stores and has become, in principle, an affordable product. Although a few years ago in the open spaces of our country, he rarely met. Despite the fact that his studies were actively carried out in Soviet times.

Currently, amaranth is increasingly grown by farmers in many regions of our country. Leading entrepreneurs are developing new technologies for collecting and processing amaranth seeds.

For example, not so long ago in Ukraine began to get amaranth oil cold pressed. Seeds heat up to only 40 degrees! This is a unique achievement!

The popularity of amaranth in the world: what causes it
More than once in the course of research has been proven benefit of amaranth. He has a truly unique composition, thanks to which the plant is one of the most useful among all the existing gifts of nature.

Therefore, if you need to provide adequate nutrition for a child suffering from autism, you need to ensure his recovery, or you just take care of organizing healthy food for your family members, we recommend that you take a closer look at amaranth.

The composition of amaranth
First of all, it should be noted the high content of high quality natural vegetable protein. According to its characteristics, it surpasses even the protein from milk, which is contraindicated for special children. But thanks to amaranth, they can now get protein.

Note! For vegetarians amaranth, as a supplier of protein, is also indispensable!

In amaranth in large quantities and in a balanced composition there is a magnificent set of amino acids and minerals, among which stand out:

  • lysine;
  • phosphorus;
  • zinc;
  • calcium;
  • magnesium;
  • iron and many others.

Also worth noting is the magnificent vitamin composition of amaranth. It is about the presence of such vitamins as:

  • vitamin A;
  • B vitamins;
  • vitamin C;
  • vitamin E.

Note! Amaranth contains folic acid.

Given this magnificent composition of amaranth, it is unlikely that anyone has any doubts about its benefits to the body. And not only special children, but in general any person. Although, of course, the lack of gluten makes amaranth indispensable for autists.

What are the benefits for special children seeds
It is noteworthy that amaranth can be consumed in various ways. Here are a few of them:

  • cook porridge;
  • from flour to make bread and other pastries;
  • from greens – make salads;
  • add seeds to smoothies and smoothies;
  • butter dressing salads, etc.

Now let us dwell separately on what exactly is the benefit of amaranth for the body of a child diagnosed with autism. Here are some facts of the positive effects of amaranth on the human body:

  • condition of hair, nails, skin improves;
  • there is a significant strengthening of the bones;
  • there is a saturation with nutrients and vitamins;
  • bad substances, slags, carcinogens are removed from the body;
  • level of bad cholesterol goes down.

In addition, amaranth is perfectly absorbed by the body, it is shown in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, has a positive effect on the digestive system in general and individual organs in particular. It also has a positive effect on the nervous system.

As you can see, amaranth will be useful to everyone. But also autists in particular.

Virtually no contraindications
And what is interesting – amaranth has practically no contraindications. But it may just be manifest individual intolerance. Therefore, if you give amaranth cereal to a child for the first time, first cook some porridge. Let him eat and see if there are any negative reactions.

The taste of amaranth may also seem specific, but this is only at the first dose. You quickly get used to it.

Proper cooking of porridge involves pre-soaking cereal for several hours. The water is then drained, and the seeds themselves are washed with running water. This is necessary in order to eliminate the saponins contained in the seeds. They have a bitter taste. And soaking eliminates bitterness, makes the seeds softer.

Here’s how to make porridge:

  • fill amaranth seeds with water for 4-5 hours;
  • drain and rinse the seeds;
  • fill a glass of amaranth seeds with two glasses of water;
  • bring the porridge to a boil and reduce the heat;
  • let the porridge languish until all the water has evaporated.

In the finished porridge, you can add vegetable oil – to your liking.

Several recipes from amaranth: unusual and tasty dishes for special children
We have selected for you unusual recipes that allow you to prepare tasty and healthy dishes for your special child.

Amaranth Cupcakes
To prepare the dishes, take the following ingredients:

  • one and a half glasses of boiled amaranth seeds;
  • a little more than one cup of corn flour;
  • 1/3 cup of honey;
  • one orange;
  • 5 dates;
  • small spoon of soda;
  • two small spoons of ghee;
  • one banana, pre-whipped in a blender.

The process of making cupcakes from amaranth:

  • in a separate bowl, mix all dry ingredients;
  • then boiled amaranth is added to them;
  • in a separate bowl, honey, butter, banana are mixed, and then the dates and orange cut into small pieces are added to them;
  • components of both bowls are mixed together – it turns out a full dough;
  • you need to put it on small cupcake forms;

Cupcakes are baked in the oven at a temperature of 180 degrees.
Amaranth tortillas
Very tasty, unusual and fantastic cakes made from amaranth cereals. Here the exact proportions are not presented. Add ingredients, focusing on your own culinary experience and taste.

So, for making bread, you need the following ingredients:

  • amaranth grains (both whole and ground on a blender);
  • egg yolks;
  • onion, garlic;
  • Italian herbs or other similar seasonings;
  • vegetable broth;
  • chickpea flour;
  • ground flax seeds;
  • salt with chitosan.

On a powerful blender you need to grind the seeds of amaranth – so they are better to boil dry and just one hundred grams of cereal will make almost a whole casserole of porridge. (You can also take already amaranth flakes or flour).

Boil the vegetable broth, and already on it boil the ground amaranth seeds. The onion and garlic cloves are finely chopped and then ground together with water in a blender. After that, they are added to the amaranth porridge, which is still cooked.

There, in porridge, poured chickpea flour and ground flax seeds (from 2 to 4 tablespoons of both, depending on the total number of ingredients), yolks from chicken eggs are added. All this boils for a few more minutes.

Note! All the time you need to mix the ingredients in the pan to avoid them burning.

When the mixture is ready, turn it off and allow to cool slightly. But not much. Spoon the mixture laid out on a baking sheet and sent to the oven. Baked at a temperature of 180 degrees. When the crust appears on top, the cakes are ready. You need to get the pan and leave to cool with the cakes. After the cakes have cooled, they can be removed – they are formed and ready to eat.

Amaranth can be a real salvation for special children. After all, to achieve success in their treatment, recovery and support is possible only with an integrated approach, which implies a special diet.

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