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Today we will once again talk about how powerful and useful such a plant as amaranth is. This time we will rely on the opinion of Lyubov Dudchenko, Candidate of Biological Sciences. She spoke about the incredible properties in one of her interviews.

Dossier. Lyubov Grigorevna Dudchenko (born 13.11.1939) – Ukrainian botanist, Ph.D. in Biology (defended in 1980), Associate Professor at the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy at Kiev Medical University of the Ukrainian Association of Traditional Medicine. Author of more than 200 scientific papers and patents.

Amaranth – the miraculous plant
In the treasury of Mother Nature hidden many valuable and useful for the human body artifacts. They are indispensable in the treatment or prevention of certain diseases.

Among these artifacts stands out amaranth – a truly miraculous plant that helps in the treatment of many diseases. As Lyubov Dudchenko notes, amaranth is indispensable in the treatment and prevention of:

  • inflammations of the genitourinary system, both in women and men;
  • prostate adenomas;
  • hemorrhoids;
  • hypovitaminosis.

It is also recommended to use amaranth for recuperation. He will help with the support of forces and rapid recovery after operations.

Lyubov Dudchenko also recommends plants in the treatment of other diseases, including atherosclerosis, obesity, inflammation, oncology, anemia, etc.

Note! Also amaranth will help cure bedwetting in children. For this, it is necessary to brew a sprig of amaranth with seeds and give it to the child like tea.

What is the power of amaranth?
According to Lyubov Dudchenko, the power of amaranth is hidden in its incredible composition. In particular, it contains the following components in the field:

  • calcium;
  • potassium;
  • phosphorus;
  • lysine;
  • iron;
  • valine;
  • leucine;
  • squalene;
  • methionine;
  • tryptophan;
  • various vitamins.

Note! If we consider the percentage of amino acids in the seeds of this plant, then it is much higher than in wheat and even cow’s milk.

Little about squalene
Separately, Lyubov Dudchenko settled on such a component as squalene. It is an incredibly valuable biologically active substance. Previously, it was obtained only from the liver of deep-sea sharks, but not so long ago it was found in amaranth.

Officially proved that this substance has the strongest preventive and curative effects. In particular, the regular use of seeds, in which squalene is present, allows you to:

  • activate the protective properties of the body, enhance immunity;
  • increase the body’s radioprotective activity;
  • to ensure the withdrawal of radionuclides.

In addition, squalene slows down the aging process, helps to maintain activity and youth, beauty and freshness of the body.

What products and what is obtained from amaranth?
Lyubov Dudchenko focuses on amaranth oil, which is obtained from the seeds of the plant. After all, it contains a huge number of essential amino acids for the human body, including:

  • arginine;
  • lysine;
  • glutamic and aspartic acids;
  • histidine;
  • other.

By their content, amaranth oil surpasses such a widely known gift of nature, like sea buckthorn oil.

Lyubov Dudchenko recommends preparing a special tincture of amaranth seeds, which will improve health. To prepare this tincture you need:

  • take ripe grains of amaranth and fall asleep in a glass container;
  • fill them with pure vodka in the ratio of 1 to 3;
  • 10 days insist in a dark place;
  • periodically do not forget to shake tincture;
  • strain and refrigerate;

Take before meals 5 drops with warm water or milk.
Special mention deserves the miraculous amaranth oil, which will be indispensable in the treatment of a variety of diseases of the amaranth oil, including:

  • diseases of the digestive system;
  • various burns, skin damage;
  • bedsores;
  • eczema;
  • oncology;
  • radiation lesions of the skin, etc.

The perfect addition to the diet
Interestingly, according to its taste and nutritional characteristics, this plant has no competitors. That is why there is nothing surprising in the fact that the plant is the main product in the diet of residents of several countries.

Note! The quality of amaranth protein reaches 100 points, while soy protein reaches only marks of 60 points!

According to Lyubov Dudchenko, amaranth surpasses even buckwheat in its nutritional properties. And its use in cooking is incredibly wide:

  • leaves are ideal for salads;
  • grains – for cereals;
  • oil can be added to virtually any product;
  • and from flour prepare excellent pastries!

And it is recommended to germinate grains and eat them. Especially useful they will be in the cold season, when you need to maintain immunity.

Tip! Do you like to make bread? Add approximately 10% amaranth flour to the dough. This will not only enhance the taste of the final product, but also make it much more useful!

Features of the collection

Amaranth is a relatively unpretentious plant. There are many varieties that can be planted, both in the field and in the garden or in the garden.

If you grow amaranth in your area in order to use it for health purposes, the collection of leaves and greenery should be started when the plant is 25 centimeters high. Tear off the leaves should first be from the bottom, gradually, as they mature, rising up. The collection of leaves lasts from mid-summer until late autumn.

But the grains ripen for a relatively long time. Their collection should be started only after the red streaks appear on the stems and leaves. To determine whether the leaves are ripe, you should shake the inflorescences slightly. If the grains fall out – they are ripe.

When collecting at home, in order not to lose the precious seeds, it is recommended to separately cut off each inflorescence and spread it on the fabric under the shed. After about 10 days, the grains will reach the ground, they can be threshed, and then rolled to remove contaminants.

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