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The 2018 New Year’s holidays are gradually leaving, and our sides are gradually increasing. But enough already to eat plenty of Olivier and meat – it’s time to switch to dietary, energy and healthy food. Today we will tell you how to cook amaranth for breakfast – the presented recipes will help you to tasty and useful to start your day, but also to struggle with excess weight.

Amaranth will delight you with a pleasant light nutty taste. In addition, it does not have gluten in its composition, and therefore would be an excellent choice for those who have problems with the work of the stomach and suffer from a disease like celiac disease.

It is worth noting the high nutritional value of amaranth, which makes it an ideal food for vegans – it will saturate the body with important trace elements and vitamins.

This article contains the best breakfast recipes from amaranth – for both adults and children.

Amaranth for breakfast: cooking popcorn
A great option for a children’s breakfast. Unless, of course, you soak the cooked amaranth in melted honey or melted butter. Then the popcorn will be sweet and the children will happily swallow it without even noticing.

For cooking amaranth popcorn you need a frying pan with a glass lid. Several tablespoons of amaranth grains are poured into it. When it warms up enough, the grains will literally bounce and explode. Usually, after falling asleep in a hot frying pan of grains, 30 seconds is enough for the amaranth to start exploding.

By the way! The “explosions” of amaranth grains are due to the fact that the liquid in them cannot evaporate freely, and therefore an explosion occurs when heated.

To prepare such a small, but tasty and nutritious breakfast, up to 100 grams of seeds is enough.

Amaranth for breakfast: muesli
Here you will find a lot of interesting options for preparing a nutritious breakfast – amaranth seeds or flakes can be mixed with the following products:

  • nuts;
  • fruits;
  • dried fruit;
  • honey
  • yogurt;
  • cottage cheese, etc.

That is, with all that, as usual oatmeal or muesli. In addition, you can simply add amaranth seeds in the usual oatmeal.

This breakfast will be much more useful than the morning sandwiches or toast. It is much better to saturate, because it contains few carbohydrates, but a lot of fiber. This is a kind of energy bomb – you will save energy much longer. And not only physical, but also mental. Therefore, if you want your day to pass easily and actively, try this version of amaranth breakfast.

There are no restrictions in the preparation of amaranth muesli, but here you have one of the breakfast options – determine the volume of each individual ingredient yourself, based on your own taste preferences:

  • cereals;
  • flax seeds;
  • milk, yogurt or juice – on your own;
  • chopped nuts – any, depending on your preferences;
  • berries, fruits – fresh or dried;
  • two or three spoons of amaranth grains.

Prepare the seeds and flakes separately by simply boiling them in water. Pour into a plate, pour berries, nuts, cover with milk, yogurt or juice. Optionally, add some sugar or honey.

In general, give free rein to your imagination and do not limit yourself, then you will be able to create amazing breakfasts. Diverse, nutritious and delicious!

Amaranth for breakfast: simple and tasty porridge
A simple porridge of amaranth grains will delight you with pleasant, tasty and excellent nutritional properties. To make it you will need the following ingredients:

  • about 100 grams of amaranth seeds;
  • about 200-250 ml of milk;
  • some coconut sugar or honey;
  • a little ground cinnamon;
  • tablespoon of peanut butter;
  • any nuts of your choice;
  • if there is – some figs;
  • one spoonful of flax seeds;
  • sliver of vanilla sugar;
  • some berries to decorate porridge.

Boil amaranth seeds in milk for about 20 minutes, then cover with a lid and leave for another 15 minutes. Around the middle of cooking, add flax seeds. Before serving, add to the porridge all the remaining ingredients – berries, decorate the porridge on top.

Note! Such a breakfast is the perfect choice in the gloomy season. She will give you not only energy, but also a great mood.

Such porridge is a great breakfast option. Eat it on an empty stomach. Due to its composition, it contains a large amount of tryptophan, omega-3 fatty acids.

Amaranth for breakfast: light but nutritious salads
Amaranth greens and seeds – a great option for making light, tasty, but nutritious salad. It can be combined with virtually any components – tomatoes, carrots, beets, etc.

Amaranth Tabule

Tabule is a traditional oriental salad, which is considered to be the birthplace of Syria and Lebanon. It is on the modern tabula from the amaranth territory of these countries that the tabula has long been prepared. The main ingredients are bulgur (or couscous) and chopped parsley. Also it adds tomatoes, green onions, other herbs, herbs, spices. Olive oil and lemon juice are commonly used as a dressing.

Amaranth taboule is a good option for a light but nutritious breakfast. To make it you will need:

  • a total of 200-300 grams of amaranth seeds (instead of bulgur);
  • 500 g cherry tomatoes / cherry tomatoes
  • 1 bunch of green onions;
  • 1 red onion (or normal);
  • 1 cucumber;
  • 1 bunch of radish;
  • 1 bunch fresh parsley and / or mint;
  • from 1 to 1.5 lemons for squeezing juice;
  • olive oil;
  • salt and pepper to taste.

Wash the seeds of amaranth and boil them as if you are cooking ordinary cereal. After washing the other ingredients, cut the onion and radish into small rings, green onions. Tomatoes cut in half. Cucumbers are cut into strips about 1 centimeter wide. Now all the ingredients need to be mixed and then seasoned with salt, pepper, lemon juice and about 3 to 6 tablespoons of olive oil.

Note! In the East, the tabula is usually served with grilled meat. But it is ideal for breakfast – you can eat it without meat.

Other amaranth salad recipes
In general, you can use amaranth greens to cook any salads that you want. It all depends on your imagination. Amaranth greens go well with other herbs and virtually any vegetables. Season salads can be any vegetable oil, yogurt, sour cream.

Amaranth for breakfast: why is it the right choice for breakfast
Amaranth contains a lot of vitamins, trace elements and minerals that are important for the human body. In addition, it is a diet food. Therefore, it is ideal for making breakfast – after eating such a meal, you will feel great all day long.

Your body will be full of energy, and the brain will remain clear and workable even if you have to do monotonous or hard mental work all day!

In the following articles we will please you with unusual recipes for making bread, sweet pastries and other delicious amaranth dishes!

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