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There are many different materials on the network about what substances are included in amaranth products. It happens that the data differs from each other and consumers wonder if amaranth is really that useful. This post aims to reassure proponents of healthy and organic food. Indeed, the composition of amaranth grains, leaves and oils is very remarkable and cannot be denied.

To find out objective information, we turned to a well-known portal in the world that provides objective and verified figures on the content of various substances in food. Information researched and provided by the U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTUREUSDA. It is intended primarily for farmers and academics in the United States. So, there is every reason to trust this data, because they are published after careful research and verification by employees of this government agency. Our healing amaranth did not bypass this service, for which a big bow and gratitude to the creators. We give the composition of the chemical components of amaranth based on unpolished cereals. Naturally, these substances in various proportions are transferred to other products that are produced on the basis of the harvested grain harvest.

Chemical composition of amaranth grain:
Calorie content – 371 kcal,
Water – 11.29 grm,
Protein – from 12.62 to 15.01 grams,
Oil – from 6.3 to 8.41 grm,
Ash – 2.88 grm,
Carbohydrates – 65.25 grams
Fiber – from 6.3 to 7.4 grams,
Sugar – from 1.4 to 1.95 grm,
Sucrose – from 1.12 to 1.65 gm,
Glucose (dextrose) – from 0.23 to 0.3 gm,
Fructose – 0.01 grm,
Maltose – 0.01 grm,
Starch – from 50.13 to 61 grm,
Squalene – from 0.4 to 6.8 gm (or 6-8% in oil)
Calcium – from 129 to 211 mg
Iron – from 5.96 to 8.61 mg,
Magnesium – 216 to 294 mg
Phosphorus – from 502 to 649 mg,
Potassium – from 478 to 537 mg,
Sodium – 4 mg
Zinc – from 2.66 to 3.07 mg
Copper – from 0.411 to 0.636 mg,
Manganese – 2.79 to 3.73 mg
Selenium – 2.2 to 46.5 mg
Thiamine – from 0.015 to 0.21 mg,
Riboflavin – from 0.137 to 0.24 mg,
Niacin – 0.883 to 0.948 mg
Pantothenic acid – from 1.25 to 1.61 mg,
Vitamin B-6 – from 0.518 to 0.654 mg,
Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) – 0.37 to 2.02 mg
Carotene, beta – 1 mg,
Betaine – 67.6 mg
Tocopherol, beta – 1.94 mg,
Tocopherol, gamma – from 0.01 to 0.39 mg,
Tocopherol, delta – 1.18 mg,
Tocotrienols, beta – 0.96 mg,
Tocotrienols, gamma – 0.87 mg.

Amino acids:
Tryptophan – 0.181 grm,
Threonine -0.558 grm,
Isoleucine – 0.582 gm
Leucine – 0.879 grm,
Lysine – 0.747 grm,
Methionine – 0.226 grm,
Cystine – 0.191 grm,
Phenylalanine – 0.542 grm,
Tyrosine – 0.329 grm,
Valine – 0.679 grm,
Arginine – 1.06 grm,
Histidine – 0.389 gm
Alanine – 0.799 grm,
Aspartic acid – 1.261 gm
Glutamic acid – 2.259 gm
Glycine – 1.636 grm,
Proline – 0.698 grm,
Serine – 1.148 grm.

As you can see, the chemical analysis of this culture is very diverse and amaranth becomes extremely necessary for a dietary and balanced diet. It is no secret that the diet of modern people has become impoverished over the past century. Scientists also note that our microflora suffers from antibiotics, a large amount of carbohydrates and the monotony of food. This weakens the immune system, the main organ systems receive less vital trace elements, vitamins and amino acids (as many as 18 species!). This affects not only our physical well-being, but also our emotional state. The majority of the population is concentrated in cities and is forced to receive a set of necessary components from a standard set of products of animal or vegetable origin. Despite the fact that in recent years we can already buy more types of greens and exotic fruits in our supermarkets, the menu still leaves much to be desired. Amaranth is a modern superfood, that is, a useful culture that can provide the human body with the necessary substances at different periods of life. Amaranth alone, with its nutritional value and a large list of macro and microelements, replaces dozens of different vegetables, fruits, different types of cereals and, most importantly, becomes an alternative to animal protein.

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