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Last week, several authoritative foreign resources immediately published a report on the state of the global market for amaranth flour. The material is not replete with the figure, but provides a lot of interesting, informative information. We publish the most interesting excerpts from the studies of foreign specialists. Amaranth flour in the world market

Why amaranth flour conquers the world market
The production of amaranth flour is the usual grinding of grains into a powdery substance.

Amaranth flour is high in proteins and gluten free. It is widely used as an ingredient for cooking various foods around the world. You should also select the content of such important amino acids as:

  • lysine;
  • methionine.

This flour is an excellent alternative for people who are sensitive to gluten-based foods. It has high nutritional properties, and therefore helps to “enrich” products that are made from ingredients that do not contain gluten.

Amaranth flour leads in protein content compared to flour obtained from other cereals. It combines perfectly with other food ingredients, including as an alternative to other types of flour. It is mainly used in most gluten-free products, giving such food a rich, pleasant nutty flavor.

Amaranth flour is rich:

  • fiber;
  • potassium;
  • calcium;
  • vitamins A and C;
  • phosphorus.

World market of amaranth flour: features of segmentation
The best varieties of amaranth flour are Amaranthus caudatus and Amaranthus cruentus. They are mainly grown and processed in North America, Central America, Mexico and parts of India.

The world market for amaranth flour is segmented based on:

  • raw materials;
  • features of use and application;
  • supply chain;
  • and the region of growth, processing and use.

The leading position in the world market is occupied by flour obtained from such varieties of amaranth as Amaranthus caudatus and Amaranthus cruentus.

If we talk about the features of market segmentation based on use and application, then we are talking about the manufacture of amaranth flour:

  • bakery products;
  • crackers;
  • pancakes;
  • cookies and cakes.

Amaranth flour is also used in pasta, cereals and various sweets.

Also, experts point out such features of amaranth flour market segmentation as features of product sales. There are three main areas:

  • online shopping;
  • retail Stores;
  • super / hypermarket.

According to experts, in the near future the market turnover will increase significantly.

Features of the distribution of the production of amaranth flour
In a separate section, we make a segmentation depending on the characteristics of the distribution of production capacity.

The geographically global amaranth flour industry can be divided into the following main regions:

  • North America;
  • Latin America;
  • Europe;
  • Asian-Pacific area;
  • Near East;
  • Africa

Globally, among all regions, North America has for several years developed as the dominant region in the global market for amaranth flour. Next comes Latin America.

The growing demand for amaranth flour as a gluten-based food substitute has strengthened the growth of the global amaranth flour market, and therefore a significant increase in market revenues is predicted in the near term.

Why amaranth flour is becoming increasingly popular
The increase in the number of people who suffer from a disease such as gluten intolerance is one of the main growth factors in the global market for amaranth flour. The seed is flour and seeds.

This has also been influenced by increased consumer awareness of the use of gluten-free products. Such products allow you to maintain the level of cholesterol in the body, which is one of the main growth factors of the world market for amaranth flour.

Producers offer consumers innovative gluten-free products, which allows them to compete successfully in the global market and remain its visible and important participants.

Many manufacturers of amaranth flour offer more original but acceptable offers, focusing on the growing demand for amaranth flour as an optimal replacement for individual products or their supplement.

Consequently, it is expected that the global market for amaranth flour will see steady growth over the forecast period.

Among the key players allocated in the global market for amaranth flour are such companies as:

  • Ardent Mills Corporate;
  • The Fine Food Company;
  • The Hain Celestial Group, Inc .;
  • Anita’s Organic Grain & Flour Mill Ltd;
  • Bay State Milling Company;
  • Mirfak Pty Ltd;
  • Arva Flour Mill and some others.

The companies are expected to expand their business by increasing the portfolio of their products supplied to the global market for amaranth flour. It is assumed that manufacturers plan to develop certain strategies in the future in order to gain a competitive advantage in the global market for amaranth flour until 2025.

Our addition
From all of the above, we can conclude that amaranth is becoming more and more popular. The global market is constantly growing. Although it is still dominated by companies from the American continents. Associations of virobnik amaranth and amaranth products

However, there is confidence that representatives of Ukraine will not get lost in it. At least, they are already more active in reaching the European level. What may indicate the creation of such an organization as Asotsiaatsiya virobnik amaranth that amaranth products. The organization presents amaranth products produced in Ukraine at European exhibitions and various events dedicated to this plant.

With such a positive dynamics of the development of amaranth production in Ukraine, it can be concluded that by 2025 the Ukrainian state will also be adequately represented on the world market of amaranth flour.

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