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We agree that all products based on amaranth are important for a healthy diet. In our case, we are talking about flour. Many of us see its role, mainly in bakery. Indisputable value is this product for people with gluten intolerance. But we are not only talking about the most famous properties of amaranth flour.

Protein and many other components
Speaking about the composition of amaranth flour, the emphasis is on the presence in the product of an almost perfect protein and the absence of gluten. Indeed, 100 g of the product contains 3.80 g of protein, perfectly balanced in amino acid content. This makes it a leader among all known plant and animal proteins in nutritional value. It was found that amaranth corresponds to the theoretically calculated ideal protein in terms of protein content, and in this indicator it deserves 100 points on the accepted quality scale.

Practice has proved the enormous strengthening effect of amaranth, from the seeds of which flour is produced. The consumption of products based on this plant helps prevent a number of diseases. Under the influence of amaranth, the systems are strengthened:

  • Nervous
  • immune
  • endocrine;
  • cardiovascular.

A powerful preventive and therapeutic effect is achieved due to the unique composition of the plant and products based on it. So, plant fiber improves the intestines, helps to reduce weight and cleanse the intestines from food debris and toxic substances. Essential amino acid lysine helps to strengthen the immune system and the production of collagen to ensure youthful skin. The natural antioxidant squalene promotes complex rejuvenation of the body, saturates the blood with oxygen, strengthens the immune system, restores the hormonal system, increases life expectancy. Vitamins A, C, groups B, D, K are necessary for the normal functioning of the basic systems of the body. Amaranth also contains calcium, potassium, iron, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, without which the normal functioning of organs and systems is impossible.

Of course, the leadership of amaranth is due to the presence of proteins. It should immediately be noted amino acids in their composition, including interchangeable ones. They are needed for the development and functioning of organs, they are a building component of the brain and central nervous system, it directly affects brain functions – they improve both short-term and long-term memory, and increase intelligence and learning ability. It is important to note another feature of amaranth protein and its use: cleavage into peptides, which are necessary to protect the body and neutralize toxins that have got into it. Interestingly, in the chain of peptides, according to scientists, there is taurine – an antioxidant, an amino acid necessary to reduce anxiety and arousal, for the treatment and prevention of epilepsy. In addition, this antioxidant plays the role of a neurotransmitter in the brain and is indispensable in the physiology of bile formation.

And for bread, and instead of meat
Indeed, amaranth flour is used in the food industry in the manufacture of various products, including those that, by the amount of protein, can become full-fledged substitutes for meat. Here you can stay on a product such as Seitan. For its high protein content, it is called vegetarian meat. In addition, it resembles meat in appearance and taste, and is known worldwide as a vegetable meat substitute. In stores, you can already see Seitan with TM Horse vegetables. It includes: wheat protein, onion, garlic, carrot fiber, soy sauce, water, amaranth flour, TM HORS starter culture, as well as tomato paste, mustard and linseed oil, salt, mustard, natural spices. Here, of course, in the first place, as always in the preparation of such a product, is wheat flour, but among the constituents – 20% of amaranth flour, which gives it new flavor notes and enriches with useful substances. Seitan with amaranth flour contains 78.6% protein and is considered a worthy alternative to meat. At the same time, according to experts, such a product is second only to home-made sausage in taste. The characteristics of the seitan make it especially popular among vegetarians and athletes.

I found my customers and amaranth bread from the company GRAND amaranth. It does not contain gluten and lactose, and is made without sugar and yeast. The product gives the body slow carbohydrates, a huge amount of protein, fiber, vitamins E, A, B1, B2, B4, C. Its therapeutic and prophylactic effect in the complex treatment of people suffering from celiac enteropathy is proved: after a course of diet therapy, positive dynamics of clinical and laboratory indicators are noted . In addition, the consumption of such bread also causes a rapid saturation of the body.

Homemade bread and a variety of pastries that give the body maximum benefit can be prepared on the basis of another product offered by GRAND amaranth. It is a baking mixture, and it also does not contain gluten, lactose, sugar, and does not require the use of yeast. With it, you can cook pastries in 30-40 minutes, and the dough itself – in 5-10 minutes.

On the basis of such a mixture, it is easy to prepare not only bread, but also buns, as well as burgers and pizza. At the same time, all pastries based on amaranth flour retain their freshness longer.

In Ukraine, a lot of products are manufactured where amaranth flour is used. These are pasta, crackers, various types of cookies, and the range is expanding, and the demand for flour itself begins to exceed supply. Indeed, people with special dietary preferences may well afford amaranth products, including those that include amaranth flour. Such foods have a low glycemic index, help lower blood sugar and provide a long-lasting feeling of fullness. We should not forget about the large number of vitamins, minerals and other beneficial substances that enter the body with such products. With them, you can really establish a safe, healthy and tasty food.

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