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According to medical estimates, diabetes mellitus remains one of the most common and problematic diseases. According to expert estimates, the number of people with diabetes is growing by 5-7% every year. That is, every 15-17 years, the total number of cases doubled. It is noted that at the moment more than 280 million people in the world are suffering from type 2 diabetes mellitus.

To increase the effectiveness of drug therapy, it is extremely important to provide the body with physical activity and follow a special diet. After all, diabetes mellitus is characterized by the fact that in the body there is a violation of carbohydrate metabolism, and an increase in the fat content in the blood leads to further progression of the disease. So with diabetes, it is important to exclude (or significantly limit) not only sweets, but also fatty foods.

It should be noted that in the food consumed by man, there are two types of fats:

  • animals;
  • vegetable.

Each of these two types have a different biological value. The consumption of animal fats should be significantly reduced, but be sure to add high-grade vegetable fats to the diet. In particular, we are talking about unrefined vegetable oil, in which there is a high content:

  • phospholipids;
  • omega-6;
  • omega-3.

Scientists and physicians from around the world conducted research on the use of amaranth oil in the diet of diabetic patients. This product is characterized by a high content of biologically active substances. In particular, amaranth oil contains:

  • up to 6% squalene;
  • up to 10% phospholipids;
  • up to 2% phytosterols;
  • up to 0.5% vitamin E;
  • up to 50% linoleic acid.

However, the main biologically active substance, according to the researchers, is squalene. It is an extremely important component, since it provides an antioxidant effect, it has a special role as a regulator of the exchange of steroids and lipids.

As a result of research, it was found that squalene has an increased ability to prevent the development of lipid peroxidation, and it also has the ability to activate immunity. Including, it is a question of humoral and cellular immunity of the person. And this is extremely important for people who are diagnosed with diabetes.

As it was established as a result of research, the inclusion in the diet of diabetic patients of pure amaranth oil or a mixture of amaranth and sunflower oil allows to achieve the following results:

  • significantly reduce total cholesterol;
  • lower triglycerides;
  • reduce the level of hyperglycemia.

Naturally, such results can be achieved only if the general diet is followed and the principles of proper nutrition are followed.

What are the unique features of amaranth
Researchers note some more unique features of amaranth. Including, and the products of its processing.

The increased content of vegetable protein is two times more than in corn and rice. Therefore, amaranth significantly improves the quality of food while reducing the consumption of animal products, that is, while reducing the intake of animal proteins.
In amaranth – high content of low-calorie fiber. As it was established as a result of research, food, in which there is a large amount of low-calorie fiber, can significantly reduce the likelihood of varicose veins, atherosclerosis, hemorrhoids and oncology.
Amaranth seeds are pseudo-tears. They do not contain gluten. Therefore, the seeds are recommended for those who show allergic reactions to traditional cereals.
Amaranth affects the human body and the processes occurring in it, delicately but effectively. What ensures the restoration of the processes and normal activity of the body. And this is very important for those who have type 2 diabetes.

This disease manifests itself due to a complex disruption of metabolic processes, as well as due to the inability of cells to absorb glucose.

Restoration of metabolic processes can significantly reduce the negative symptoms of the disease, and in some cases even allow to completely get rid of diabetes. Although complete recovery is possible only if he was seen at an early stage, and began his correct treatment of the disease.

Although if diabetes was diagnosed for a relatively long time, it will be difficult to recover from it only with amaranth, but it is possible to alleviate the general condition of the patient.

Therefore, in order to achieve the necessary results, it should be used together with traditional treatment and amaranth. Then, after a few weeks, the patient will need much less drugs that reduce blood sugar.

Are there any contraindications to amaranth
Patients with diabetes are looking for different ways of getting rid of the disease, and therefore, having heard about the special effects of amaranth, they immediately try to understand whether they have any contraindications or special recommendations for admission.

Amaranth as a whole is a safe natural remedy that even children can take. Its used in normal nutrition. However, amaranth can have a side effect, which is manifested by the following symptoms:

  • mild nausea;
  • mild headache;
  • slight upset stomach.

This effect is due to the high content of squalene, which provides the body with oxygen. However, after two or three days, after the body gets used to squalene and the incoming oxygen, the unpleasant symptoms will disappear.

Only if these symptoms remain unchanged, it is recommended to consult your doctor.

How to use amaranth to treat and support diabetics
As is already clear from the above, amaranth in diabetes is used as a dietary product. In particular, patients are encouraged to include in their diet:

  • amaranth oil;
  • amaranth flour products;
  • amaranth tea

How exactly to take this or that product is described in more detail below.

Amaranth oil
The basic rules for taking amaranth oil are as follows:

  • three times a day;
  • 15 minutes before meals;
  • doses of 10 drops.

Recommendations! In the first two or three days of treatment, two doses per day are sufficient.

In addition, amaranth oil should be used in the preparation of different dishes. For example, used as a salad dressing and vegetables. They are also recommended to season any cereals – buckwheat, rice, etc.

If you do not drink pure oil or use it as additives to other dishes (for example, you don’t like the taste or smell), then you need to overpower yourself – put a drop of oil on a piece of bread and just swallow it.

Note! As mentioned above, some disorders of the digestive system can be observed in the first days of administration. In this situation, do not panic – this is a normal reaction of the body. Just slightly reduce the single dose of oil intake. After a couple of days everything is normal, and you can return to the usual intake of oil.

After about 10 days, patients report a general improvement in the condition:

  • low blood sugar levels;
  • dryness in the mouth disappears;
  • feeling of constant thirst disappears;
  • diuresis disappears;
  • the general weakness of the body disappears.

Only it is important to adhere to one rule – it is necessary to use amaranth oil only raw, since its heat treatment leads to the complete destruction of beneficial properties. By the way, for this reason, you only need to buy cold-pressed oil.

Amaranth flour
Amaranth flour – an ideal addition to the dishes. There are several options for its use:

  • dilute the flour with milk or even plain pure water;
  • on the basis of such a mixture to cook porridge, sauce, etc.

But, of course, as is the case with any other flour, amaranth products should be used in the preparation of pastries. It all depends on personal preferences and features. Virtually any experiments are allowed. Even if 10 parts of ordinary wheat flour will contain 1 part of amaranth, this is already enough to improve the organoleptic characteristics of baking and make it more useful for the organism.

As the results of the research show, the consumption of foods containing amaranth flour makes it possible to significantly slow down the process of assimilation of fats and carbohydrates by the body, as well as to stabilize blood sugar levels in patients with diabetes.

Amaranth tea
Amaranth tea is recommended not only for use in the complex therapy of patients with diabetes mellitus, but also helps in the prevention of this dangerous disease.

How to make amaranth tea? Very simple:

  • a teaspoon of amaranth mixture pours into the teapot;
  • 200 milliliters of boiling water is poured;
  • 10-15 minutes infused.

Tea is ready! It is recommended to drink such tea three times a day, before meals. The consumption of tea in this volume allows you to improve the general condition of the patient.

If there is no diabetes, but there is a desire to perform the prevention of the disease, it is recommended to drink amaranth tea twice a day – in the morning and in the evening. It is noted that the consumption of tea from amaranth reduces the likelihood of diabetes by almost 90%!

Amaranth and diabetes: summing up
As you can see, amaranth is quite capable to significantly alleviate the condition of a patient with diabetes mellitus of the second degree. This plant is a true gift of nature. However, unlike most medicinal herbs, it is able to fight against various diseases!

In amaranth, a large number of various substances that help maintain immunity, restore body strength.

If you are interested in amaranth products, you want to use it as a therapeutic or prophylactic drug, you can order high-quality, natural and organic teas, butter, and flour directly on our website. To do this, go to the shop tab.

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