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When a certain age is reached, physiological changes and metabolic disorders occur in the human body. All this requires a special diet. The basis for such a diet for older people can be amaranth – a product whose history goes back many centuries. And today he is again in demand, giving the elderly all his energy to recuperate and fully support the body.

Amazing healing power of amaranth
With age, the body, the human body loses its strength and mobility. And all because of the intense activity that the body experiences throughout our entire life. Amaranth seed

Many people are afraid of aging due to memory loss that accompanies age. This is undoubtedly due mainly to a new factor in modern life: stress. It is stressful situations that are most likely to provoke Alzheimer’s disease, especially in people over 65 years of age.

This disease, discovered in 1907 by a German neurologist, causes memory and thoughts to subside. In addition, the person has persistent mood swings, and disorientation in the perception of space and time can manifest. And the ability to concentrate does not have to talk at all.

Undoubtedly, it is important to remember that it is nutrition in many cases that determine problems in adulthood. For this reason, it is important to ensure a full-fledged balanced diet, which will provide our body with the necessary elements, vitamins for normal life.

Ancient tradition of using amaranth
Amaranth began to be used hundreds of years ago. The Incas, Mayans and Aztecs appreciate the magnificent properties of the plant. They used to eat all its parts. And also used amaranth in their religious rites.

The Aztecs mixed amaranth seeds with blood, made figurines from the mixture obtained (each of them corresponded to a particular deity – depending on the month of the year and the holiday celebrated). Then parts of the figures were distributed among the Indians.

This rite was called reocuallo (eating God) and its goal was to strengthen the body, enhance immunity and reproductive function. What allowed to avoid many diseases characteristic of that time – gout, rheumatism, tonsillitis and much more.

Anna Maria Velasco, dealing with ethnology and social anthropology, tells in detail about this. She conducted relevant studies that allowed us to obtain reliable data.

In turn, the Mayans and Incas admired the amazing healing power of amaranth, its high energy value.

However, the Spanish colonialists at one time began to destroy amaranth crops. The purpose of such a barbaric attitude to the culture of the Indians – to force them to abandon their faith and convert to Christianity. After all, the colonialists were convinced that it was the religious rites with amaranth that helped the Indians to adhere to centuries-old beliefs.

Amaranth is becoming popular again.
Thanks to numerous studies, amaranth continues to restore its lost popularity. It affects incredible nutritional properties, the ability to fight various diseases, maintain the strength of the body.

Currently amaranth has incredible possibilities. The World Health Organization called it the ideal protein for human diets, while the US National Academy of Sciences chose amaranth as the best plant food for human consumption.

It should be noted anti-cancer properties. Amaranth also helps stabilize blood glucose and fat levels, so it is recommended for people with diabetes and those who suffer from elevated levels of harmful cholesterol. An avarant for older people

The consumption of amaranth grain is recommended for people with oncology, the elderly and those who need a balanced diet for full-fledged life. In addition, the increased calcium content in amaranth makes the plant and its grains ideal products for the prevention of such a dangerous and unpleasant disease as osteoporosis.

Amaranth for the elderly: conclusion
All of the above is important for people of any age. But first of all amaranth is recommended for older people. After all, it is a truly dietary food, providing the human body with the necessary energy, the forces that were losses in the previous years of life!


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