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The properties of amaranth are truly amazing. Although many people question them, already today there are many who fully appreciated its healing qualities. In addition, they are constantly confirmed by a variety of studies.

Today we will talk about the next medical reports. Back in 2014, the Odessa Media Information Agency published an interview with Leonid Chulak on its website. This is a doctor of medical sciences, honored worker of science and technology of Ukraine, professor, director of the university dental clinic ONMedU.

Then the reason for recording the interview was the launch of the production line of amaranth oil. Journalists talked about him with Leonid Chulak. We will not simply copy the entire text of the interview, but focus on the most important points.

Why the production of amaranth oil is actual
According to Leonid Chulak, the need for the production of amaranth oil is due to the fact that mankind has long sought various means and preparations that can have a positive impact on human health.

Pharmaceutical products have been used for this for some time, but they are far from always able to provide the desired effect without side effects on individual organs.

When searching for natural products that can act not only as preventive, but also as therapeutic agents, a lot of research has been conducted. Including amaranth oil. According to Leonid Chulak, scientists from Japan and the United States found that amaranth is an agent that can provide the desired effect, but does not harm health.

Medicinal properties of amaranth: what exactly you need to know about this plant
As is known, amaranth was widely used by ancient Indian civilizations – the Incas, Aztecs, Mayans. In particular, in the treatment of a variety of infectious diseases. If we talk about the composition of amaranth, healthy substances, Leonid Chulak says: “Almost all elements of the periodic table, as well as polyunsaturated fatty acids: tocopherol and tocotrienols, omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9. This whole complex of substances has a powerful anti-aging, anti-infarction and anti-stroke actions. ”

However, the doctor of medical sciences focuses the most attention on the presence of squalene, a natural hydrocarbon. Previously, this substance, discovered by Japanese scientists, could only be obtained from the liver of a deep-sea shark. Now the source of squalene is available on land – the need to exterminate sharks has disappeared.

Professor notes: “Such a plant as amaranth, today successfully solves the issue of prevention of cancer.” And all thanks to squalene. Leonid Chulak said that in the course of numerous studies it was found that with age, human body contains less and less squalene. And after all, this substance is an excellent natural component with antioxidant properties.

Thanks to this substance, metabolic processes take place in the cells of the human process. When the amount of squalene in the body decreases, the smaller amount of oxygen enters the cells, which leads to probable mutations and their wrong division.

As a result of such mutations – the appearance of intracellular oncological elements. According to Honored Scientist of Ukraine, amaranth oil is an excellent prophylactic agent for cancer: “In order not to get cancer, you need to take amaranth oil throughout your life, from 500 to 1000 milliliters of amaranth oil per year. Of course, this tool will not be able to fully protect against this disease, however, it can postpone the oncological disease, as well as strokes, heart attacks to a later time. ”

In addition, as was established in the course of research, cancer at a later age develops much more slowly.

How Leonid Chulak learned about amaranth
According to the professor, he studied at the University of Denver in the United States of America. It was there that he received a lot of knowledge about new drugs and drugs. Including, about the medical production made on the basis of an amaranth.

According to Leonid Chulak, for many years amaranth has been actively used in the food and pharmaceutical industry in countries such as:

  • USA;
  • Israel;
  • Poland and some others.

In particular, only in the United States of America in supermarkets meets more than 100 items of amaranth products:

  • candies;
  • bread;
  • porridges;
  • cookies, etc.

All products have excellent taste. But the main thing – they have an incredible benefit to human health. “Americans eat high-quality products, therefore they live on average 80-85 years, while in Ukraine we have an average life expectancy of 60-65 years …”, Leonid Chulak added.

Does amaranth oil help in the treatment of dental diseases?
Leonid Chulak is not only a professor and a doctor of medical sciences, but also the director of the ONMedU dental clinic. Therefore, he, like anyone else, can talk about the benefits of amaranth oil in the treatment and prevention of dental diseases.

“I initially applied amaranth oil in my medical practice. This tool has yielded positive results in the treatment of periodontitis, arthrosis, recurrent aphthous stomatitis and other diseases, ”says the doctor.

In medical practice, amaranth oil is currently used successfully in the treatment of various diseases. In particular, it is prescribed to its patients:

  • pediatricians;
  • therapists;
  • endocrinologists;
  • gastroenterologists and other specialists.

That is due to the wide spectrum of action of this natural product. It has proven its effectiveness in gastric ulcer, skin lesions, diabetes and other diseases.

And if you deliver amaranth oil from the United States, since it’s so common there? 
Leonid Chulak sure – amaranth oil should be produced in Ukraine! Because in the USA it is very expensive. So, for a bottle with a capacity of 100 milliliters will have to pay about $ 100. Plus – delivery to Ukraine, customs duties, other taxes will lead to an even greater increase in the cost of amaranth oil. Few people can afford it from the Ukrainians.

Therefore, today it is so important to develop exactly our own production of amaranth oil.

Is it possible to distinguish a fake from real oil?
Anyone in demand product, sooner or later begin to forge. This also applies to amaranth oil. Leonid Chulak told how to distinguish a fake. First of all, he recommends reading the accompanying insert, which must be in the box with a bottle of oil. This insert must contain the following information:

  • name of the manufacturer;
  • exact composition.

In addition, you should be alerted by a too low price offer. If the oil is much cheaper than the average on the market – it is a fake.

Good, high-quality natural and genuine amaranth oil has certain organoleptic properties:

  • it has a pleasant, barely noticeable nutty taste;
  • color – light brown, possible greenish notes;
  • in general, the oil is quite transparent.

This oil has virtually no contraindications. Therefore, this oil will not have any special side effects. (Is it possible that you have individual intolerance to the components of amaranth oil – ed.).

Summing up the results
This article is another confirmation that amaranth has really excellent properties that are beneficial to human health. The unique composition of this natural product allows you to protect the body from a number of diseases.

The main thing is to buy a truly natural and genuine product. Buy amaranth oil at an affordable price you can on our website in the appropriate section “Shop”. On the site there are only proven and certified products, so you can be sure that its authenticity is useful. Delivery is carried out in all regions of Ukraine by transport services to the points of issue.

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