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Medical reference books concisely report that mastopathy is a benign dyshormonal disease of the mammary glands, characterized by pathological processes in the tissues of the gland. At the same time, inflammation in the tissues from the very beginning is accompanied by the formation of cells by their reproduction (division). However, such a definition in practice is always associated with discomfort, pain and anxiety. There is a way out of this situation, scientists say, and it does not have to be operational.


In case of mastopathy, there is a change in the breast tissue, new growths of various size and density appear, to the touch in the form of individual nodes, and the process itself is accompanied by pain. In addition, there is a risk of breast cancer.

Cyclical changes occur every month in the body of a healthy woman, and they depend on the action of the hormones estrogen and progesterone. But these two hormones not only regulate the menstrual cycle, but also directly affect the tissues of the mammary glands. Any disruption of the hormonal balance leads to disturbances in the tissues of the mammary glands, as a result of which foci of pathological growth of the epithelium develop. From this it becomes clear how important it is to ensure hormonal balance, and by the way, the consumption of amaranth oil makes it possible to quickly solve the problem.

Traditional methods of treatment of mastopathy are usually used, and if the case is not neglected, then conservative treatment is prescribed. Its main task is to reduce pain, reduce cysts and fibrous tissue, prevent recurrence of tumors and oncopathology. With the help of drugs, hormonal status is also adjusted.

Often a woman’s mastopathy develops against the background of other inflammatory processes, endocrine diseases, including diabetes. Here it is also advisable to recall the use of amaranth oil, the effectiveness of which in diabetes and cancer has been proven in practice. However, the doctors themselves admit that the usual methods developed as early as the 60s – 70s do not have sufficient efficiency today. Therefore, more and more traditional medicine is going to cooperate with the people.


It is known that in many cases, mastopathy develops against the background of hormonal imbalance, which is combined with a lack of vitamins A, C and E. Therefore, doctors recommend that traditional treatment must be supplemented with the use of herbal remedies and vitamins. In addition, the manufacture of dosage forms directly in the pharmacy, and on prescription for a particular patient, is often practiced. Thus, a group of scientists from the National University of Pharmacy has developed an ointment for breast skin care and for the prevention of mastopathy. Phyto oils were taken as components, and anhydrous lanolin was used as a base. The description focuses on amaranth oil, as a powerful source of substances needed by the body always, but especially – for certain violations.

Amaranth oil is valued for its unique healing properties, which are largely determined by the presence in its composition of two powerful antioxidants. This is squalene, of which there is more than 8%, which is the highest indicator of the presence of this compound in plants and living organisms, and vitamin E, contained in amaranth oil in a rare, especially active tocotrienol form. By the way, thanks to the latter, the effectiveness of the agent is several times higher than anywhere else. So, in the active tocotrienol form of vitamin E, its antioxidant qualities are 45-50 times higher than in the passive form, and this means that amaranth oil achieves the same antioxidant (anti-aging and antitumor) effect with a much smaller amount of vitamin E, thereby eliminating possibility of overdose. As part of other vegetable oils, vitamin E is contained in the passive tocopherol form. However, it makes sense to know a little more about these two antioxidants.

Squalene is part of the sebaceous glands and subcutaneous fat, is an important participant in the synthesis of steroid hormones, cholesterol and vitamin D in the human body. The peculiarity of this compound is that under its influence the vital activity of conditionally pathogenic microorganisms ceases, and at the same time the normal microflora is not destroyed. An important property of the dumped is the ability to saturate organs and tissues with oxygen, have a powerful antitumor effect, increase the resistance of the human body to various viral, fungal, bacterial infections, strengthen the immune system, protect the skin from various injuries. The use of amaranth oil, containing a large amount of squalene, works to reduce the effects of harmful radioactive radiation, prevents the development and spread of malignant tumors, activates metabolic processes, contributes to the rapid and effective restoration of damaged skin and mucous membranes. External means on the basis of squalene stimulate skin rejuvenation, saturating it with oxygen, restore blood supply. In addition, the protein synthesis process is enhanced, and as a result, the skin becomes fresh, toned and elastic.

A significant role and vitamin E: fighting free radicals, it prevents premature extinction of vital functions, improves skin condition, and when ingested, normalizes memory and general physical condition. If we consider that free radicals lead to the development of cancer tumors, the intake of vitamin E prevents this process. Vitamin E in the composition of amaranth oil when it is ingested reduces the level of cholesterol, improves the elasticity of the walls of blood vessels, reducing the risk of thrombosis. Amaranth oil and the agent based on it, thanks to the vitamin E contained there, helps to improve the functional state of the muscular system, plays an important role in the human reproductive system, and helps normalize hormonal balance.

The composition of amaranth oil also contains:
• mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids (more than 70%);
• phospholipids (9%);
• phytosterols (more than 2%);
• carotenoids;
• vitamin D;
• bile acids;
• macro- and microelements (potassium, iron, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, copper, and others).
As you can see, more than half the composition of amaranth oil is polyunsaturated fatty acids, which also determine the high value of amaranth oil. Among them, the leading position is occupied by irreplaceable polyunsaturated linoleic acid, whose share in the fatty acid composition of amaranth oil is more than 50%. Together with the rest of the unsaturated acids in the composition of amaranth oil, it improves the fat metabolism, has anti-inflammatory and immunostimulating effects, improves the condition of the skin, the sexual and endocrine systems.

Carotenoids, which are also present in amaranth oil, in the human body are transformed into fat-soluble vitamin A, which, like squalene, is involved in the synthesis of steroid hormones and determines the wound-healing and immunostimulatory effects of amaranth oil. This vitamin is involved in the processes of natural synthesis of keratin and collagen proteins, which are structural components of the skin, hair and nails, and also normalizes the secretion of sebaceous glands, regulates blood glucose levels.

Noting the anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, antitumor, immunostimulating properties of amaranth oil, doctors also mention phytosterols. It is established that these substances contained in large quantities in amaranth oil are actively involved in the formation of the above-mentioned properties. If, along with the use of an external agent, amaranth oil is taken orally, phytosterols help to reduce the “bad” cholesterol in the blood, prevent the development of type 2 diabetes, and play an important role in the synthesis of vitamin D, hormones and bile acids by the human body.


Scientists from the National University of Pharmacy offered to produce an ointment under the individual recipes under the code name “Fitolan”. As already known, it contains amaranth oil. Parsley oil is also taken (it is often used to treat the female genitalia, normalize hormonal levels during body remodeling), as well as sea buckthorn and tea tree oils. The basis is lanolin, which has the ability to absorb and retain a large amount of moisture, therefore, not only saturates the skin with moisture, but also prevents its loss for a long time. Due to the active substances contained in this pharmaceutical composition, it is possible not only to achieve a healthy condition of the skin of the breast, but also to prevent the manifestation of mastopathy.

Ointment should be taken in small portions and applied to the mammary glands with careful movements, bypassing the nipple area. At the same time it is impossible to squeeze the chest. It is allowed to combine the application of ointment and light massage. During the application of the external means of movement must be soft and stroking, from the center and from the bottom up. In the intervals between treatments should carefully clean the skin. Directly the procedure is best done at night. The course of treatment can last from 4 to 8 months. Depending on the stage of the disease, it sometimes takes about a year.

The fact that the problem is receding will be indicated by positive changes. It:
• removal of chest pain, feeling of heaviness;
• neutralization of inflammation;
• reduction of swelling of the breast;
• resorption of small and medium cysts, growths.
In addition, the ointment enhances the effect of internal hormonal drugs. Penetrating into the layers of the skin, it has a mild effect, which is also directed directly at the site of the disease, and not at the whole organism. At the same time, let’s not forget that there are no hormones in an oil based ointment, unlike hormonal pills, and the product does not affect the functioning of internal organs and does not cause side effects.

Any problem can be eliminated if you act on it in a complex. Many doctors are guided by this rule, recommending taking plant-based products along with drugs. Among such remedies, amaranth oil is often recommended, which during studies shows high efficacy in the treatment of mastopathy and mastitis: the biologically active substances contained in amaranth oil inhibit the growth of existing tumors and prevent the appearance of new formations.

When the condition is not running, amaranth oil is taken 2 times a day, 1 teaspoon 20-30 minutes before meals, without drinking, and the course usually requires 150-200 ml of oil. For prophylactic purposes, the course is conducted twice a year. With the threat of oncology, amaranth seed oil is also used as part of complex therapy, and it has been observed that the higher the squalene concentration in the oil, the faster the result will be achieved.

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