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An interesting article was published at one of the Mexican websites, the author of which is Sarah del Moral, about amaranth and its impact on the agriculture of this Latin American country.

We have repeatedly told you about the use of an ancient plant in modern Mexican cuisine. However, each new material on this topic is still interesting and once again demonstrates that a few amaranths can be useful to people.

The author of the article visited Xochimilco (one of the districts of Mexico City that is remote from the center) to learn all about amaranth.

As one of the residents of the Francisco Coloso district said, amaranth here is called alegria (in translation – joy). This name is due to the fact that when roasting the seeds, they jump too high, as if they radiate joy.

Without honey, without chocolate coating, the aroma and texture of freshly prepared amaranth is something unique and exquisite! With him, nothing can compare.

“Amaranth for Dummies” 
The author of the article was able to see exactly how amaranth is used in cooking. She was shown how the cultivation of amaranth, as well as its preparation in various factories.

As it turned out, the plant not only provides tasty seeds, but also incredibly useful, which opens up opportunities in its use in the future to provide valuable and nutritious food to the population of the entire planet.

Francisco Coloso and Dr. Ector Serrano Gutierrez are among those involved in the cultivation and popularization of amaranth in Mexico. They argue that one visit will not be enough to fully learn about all the features of the plant. As they say as a joke, the level of knowledge will remain at the mark: “Amaranth for dummies.” It takes much more time to learn all the features of a beautiful plant.

The author of the article fully agrees with this title. Since even for the whole day, it was not possible to learn everything about amaranth, although a visit was made to one of the factories where they are engaged in cooking products – here they make tasty and healthy snacks. For example, with lemon and salt.

Restoration of traditions
An amaranth in the federal district is growing an alliance of producers that has formed in the Santiago Tulehualco area, Mexico City, the Federal District, Mexico. His goal is to restore the ancient traditions of food consumption and production in agriculture. In particular, we are talking about the manufacture of amaranth:

  • flour;
  • cookies;
  • sweets;
  • and churritos – a special light snack.

According to the members of the alliance, the sale of these food products allows not only to maintain life in the area, but also to effectively develop the economy.

Namely, in order to preserve this area of ​​food production for future generations, it was at one time decided to create the appropriate alliance. Amaranth seeds

The ecosystem in the foothills of the Teuhtli volcano, which is located near Xochimilco, is ideal for growing amaranth. However, increased water consumption by urban populations can lead to serious problems.

As Hector Serrano, who works in agriculture, tells us that changing land use can be a problem. Since a large consumption of water by the urban population, leads to difficulties with the cultivation of agricultural products.

Official manufacturers support
The Rural Development Organization of Mexico (SEDEREC) has supported amaranth producers. In 2015, 42 projects of the Amaranth Food System were presented, with an investment of almost 2 million pesos (a little more than 100 thousand dollars).

Such support contributed to the development of the industry, despite the damage caused by urbanization in the near-lake regions.

According to Hector Serrano, many documents speak of the importance of amaranth. For example, in Santiago Tulehualco (Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico), amaranth sellers were pursued by Mexican police when they sold their products from mobile counters in Mexico City. Today, NASA uses this grain to provide astronauts with good nutrition during space missions. Preparing products from amaranth

In recent times, the consumption of amaranth has become increasingly popular, although in fact not many people eat it regularly.

In addition, this is a promising planting crop, and its commercialization can be a very significant source of economic income for farmers in many Mexican states.

According to SEDEREC, the cultivated areas in Tulehualco occupy about 87,291 hectares and more than 58 percent of the total area is set aside for amaranth. Already today there are tangible prerequisites for the regular production of amaranth. There are proven methods for processing grain and selling the resulting products.

What is the problem, according to the farmer and the researchers?

Why amaranth has not yet become common property and does not bring a solid income? It’s all about the people! Which prefer other types of products, even if they are much more expensive, but already widely publicized and sold under the brand of superfoods.

Sebastian Kaiza from the village of Kichva Otualo says sadly: “We have to teach ourselves to appreciate amaranth products, but we don’t do that, we prefer food from other countries. We do not have enough knowledge, we need to work to raise the level of awareness in our families about this wonderful plant. ”

Therefore, it is so important to conduct mass informational campaigns to promote the benefits of amaranth, to tell which dishes you can prepare from it – salads, soups, pastries and much more. But if it is too difficult for you to prepare amaranth for yourself, a vivid festival is held annually: Feria de la Alegría y el Olivo in Tulehualco! Amaranth in packaging

In conclusion: the Mexicans are promoting amaranth, and why are we worse?
As you can see, Mexicans are seriously concerned with the promotion of amaranth and products derived from it. There are many people interested in this. They do not want the product to be accessible to everyone – you just need to inform people more about the plant.

In Ukraine, much has also shifted over the last couple of years on this issue. And not least thanks to our site, which regularly publishes interesting articles about the plant. Also, the Association of Ukrainian Amaranth Producers was recently created, which had a positive effect on the overall popularization of the plant.

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