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In recent years, sports have become popular. More and more people attend sports and gyms, are engaged in open areas. What can not but rejoice. However, even amateur athletes, not to mention the professionals, it is important to provide your body with special food.

Ideal for optimal diet is amaranth. After all, it contains an increased level of nutrients, proteins and minerals that the body needs during a period of increased physical exertion.

Features of power during active sports
When sport is an integral part of a person’s life, the body’s metabolism becomes more active, and with it the need for nutrients increases. Physical loads and amaranth

That is why you need more water, electrolytes, carbohydrates, lipids and proteins, which should correspond to the sport you are practicing, the intensity and frequency of training.

It is necessary to feed the muscles of our body, because they generate motion and need sources of energy.

Muscle tissue is mainly composed of a protein called myosin, which forms a combination of 4500 amino acids and is an important element for all life on Earth, even for insects.

The action of proteins is of paramount importance when there is a change in the metabolism under the influence of sports activities. These substances make up the basic structure of tissues (muscles, tendons, skin, etc.), and also perform metabolic and regulatory functions.

There are other important elements – amino acids. In total, our body needs 20 amino acids. They must be ingested with food.

Even if it is not one of the essential amino acids, significant problems are likely in the activity of the whole organism — it cannot synthesize the protein that requires the presence of a particular amino acid.

What should a sportsman know?
Many studies have allowed to establish what exactly the body needs in the first place when practicing this or that kind of sport.

In particular, Dr. Peter Lemon argues that athletes who put their bodies under increased stress, train endurance, should consume from 1.7 to 1.8 g of protein per kg of body weight per day.

This means that high protein diets are ideal for losing fat, increasing muscle mass. This is an ideal choice for bodybuilders who train hard.

Remember that not all proteins are the same; they perform different functions. An example is whey protein concentrate, which helps strengthen the immune system. Therefore, it is important to classify proteins in order to know what their specific function is in our body.

The body is ideal with this macro table: 50% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 20% fat. The goal is to distribute at least five grams of protein per kilogram of weight per five meals.

Amaranth – the perfect muscle food
There are many specific products for people who put their bodies under constant physical stress. Among them: energy drinks, liqueurs, compotes.

But if we talk about the quality of food, then it is amaranth that provides the athlete with essential nutrients. And it tastes pretty good.

By the way, at the latter I would like to emphasize special attention, because many athletes believe that the more unpleasant the taste of these macronutrients is, the greater the effect on their muscular system is produced.

The more exercise we do, the more nutrients and fluids we need to consume. Amaranth guarantees the entry into the body of elements such as potassium, which is mixed with sodium, regulates the amount of water in the cells of the body, and is indispensable for the normal functioning of the kidneys, heart, and other muscles.

Also amaranth will provide the supply of iron, which our blood needs to produce hemoglobin. He is responsible for transporting oxygen through blood.

And if we are talking about vitamins, the amaranth is literally filled with them. During research conducted at the regional faculty of Rosario State University (Argentina), a pilot amaranth grinding system was developed to produce hyper protein protein.

This flour provided from 40 to 45% of proteins and other elements rich in starch. At the same faculty a study was conducted to develop candies and energy complexes based on amaranth.

Another important, fundamental element that must be present in the diet of an athlete – dietary fiber. They are also abundant in amaranth.

Dietary fibers are chemical molecules that belong to plant cells, but the body is not able to digest them. Fibers help absorb water, eliminate cholesterol, carcinogens and other negative substances.


As you can see, amaranth will be the perfect food for athletes. It will provide the body with essential micronutrients and vitamin. What will positively affect the endurance of a person, guarantees the excellent effect of the training process.

Fortunately, today it is not a problem to find products from amaranth – for example, on our site are presented flour, oil, seeds.

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