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Amaranth is becoming increasingly popular not only in Ukraine, but throughout the world. According to some data, the offer of the given culture and products from it cannot satisfy the demand.

In Ukraine, some farms are reoriented towards the production of organic amaranth. But overseas, in the United States of America, amaranth production is growing as a whole. On the two main March news – read in this article.

Ukraine may become the largest global producer of organic amaranth
This was announced at the International Congress “Organic Ukraine-2019” by Alexander Duda, the head of the Ukrainian Association of Amaranth and Amaranth Producers. The fertile soils of Ukraine and the number of sunny days sufficient for amaranth to grow will contribute to the achievement of this goal.

According to Oleksandr Duda, more and more farms of Ukraine are showing interest in growing amaranth and producing products from it. Already in 2019, more than a dozen farms are planning to plant solid areas with amaranth.

Note! According to A. Duda, Ukrainian amaranth seeds by many indicators significantly exceed the seeds of varieties from Peru, Pakistan, and India.

Also, Alexander Duda said that in the previous two years, Ukrainian processing enterprises specializing in amaranth experienced an acute shortage of raw materials. Because of what they were forced to enter the international market. However, to find equivalent in quality seeds could not.

The conclusion follows from this – Ukrainian amaranth is of high quality and appreciated throughout the world.

Note! The cost of growing amaranth does not exceed 400 euros per hectare of cultivated area.

Alexander Duda also added that the high drought-resistant characteristics of amaranth make the plant more and more popular. After all, it is capable of producing high yields in many regions of Ukraine.

Today, Ukrainian processing enterprises produce amaranth from the following products:

  • vegetable oil;
  • flour;
  • flakes;
  • cereals;
  • pasta.

Including fully organic products, the value of which is higher. And in monetary terms too.

Earlier, Alexander Duda noted that Ukrainian farmers achieved an average yield of 2 tons per hectare. Revenue at this yield reaches 50 thousand hryvnia per hectare. That is, about $ 1,000 per ton. The cost of a ton of organic amaranth ranges from 35 thousand hryvnia.

At the same time, the potential yield of Ukrainian seeds is much higher. If you strictly adhere to the cultivation technology, it can reach 5 tons per hectare.

The popularity of amaranth in the USA
Amaranth is becoming incredibly popular in the United States of America. What is not particularly surprising. After all, its cultivation has long roots in many modern countries not only in North but also in Central America.

Amaranth used the ancient Incas, Aztecs. They used it for cooking, ritual meals and drinks.

About half a century ago, there was an interest in ancient culture in the USA. This contributed to the new research plants, as well as modern technologies introduced in agriculture. Since then amaranth is gradually but surely gaining popularity. It is becoming increasingly popular among Americans choosing healthy foods.

Note! Today amaranth is actively cultivated by farmers in many countries. Including, India, China, Eastern Europe, South America, Asia.

The popularity of amaranth among US consumers is due to its high nutritional properties. In particular, it contains from 14 to 16% of high-quality vegetable protein. According to this indicator, only legumes can be compared with amaranth.

Among other components that make amaranth extremely popular, it is worth to highlight lysine. This is a unique amino acid!

Note! Culture is characterized by high resistance to drought, high air temperature. Which makes it easier to grow. Even if the precipitation is not too long, and the plant wilts, after the first rain it will quickly gain strength and brightness.

In the US, there are several varieties of culture, but only three are recognized as food. Originally in the United States of America, amaranth is grown to produce grain. And then it is processed into cereals, mixed with other grains, making cereals of various types.

Note! Cookies and other types of baking made from amaranth and amaranth flour are especially popular.

The cost of one ton of amaranth in the United States reaches $ 900. The price of a ton of organic amaranth is over $ 1,500. The yield of amaranth is about 1500 kilograms per hectare. And the cost of growing it at such high.

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