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The amaranth market not only expands geographical boundaries, but also increases production volumes. The products of processing a unique plant are in demand in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and textile industries. Today we are talking about how much amaranth is in demand in the food industry. Recall that in ancient times it was valued as a vital product, and in history it is better known as Aztec bread.

What gives participation in the global production of amaranth products

Experts say that the global market for amaranth is expanding, and interest in the processed products of this plant is growing all the time. Manufacturers are aimed at generating high income, because they see a great prospect for the development of their business. So, only oil from amaranth seeds is sold at $ 0.5 billion, and demand for it is growing at 12% per year. But Ukraine is represented in this market very modestly – 1%.

The circle of producers of amaranth and amaranth products in Ukraine is expanding, the range is becoming more diverse. Today, not only amaranth seed oil is produced, but also other products. It:

  • flour;
  • bread;
  • polished groats;
  • chopped groats;
  • cereals;
  • breadcrumbs;
  • pasta;
  • confectionery and vodka products;
  • yogurt;
  • mixtures for baby food;
  • breakfast cereals;
  • fitness mixes;
  • phyto tea.

In addition, Ukrainian enterprises produce feed for fish, agricultural and domestic animals, grass pellets. Amaranth processing products are also used as raw materials for the production of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Entrepreneurs in the Dnieper, Ivano-Frankivsk, Nikolaev, Kharkov, Kherson, Odessa, Kiev are developing a new niche. They develop new compositions of products and work on the creation of its unique samples, introduce new technologies. In total, more than 30 enterprises today contribute to the development of the market for amaranth products.

GRAND amaranth as a promising market player

The outlook for this company was really good, because the direction of GRAND amaranth is the production of products, among which a significant part belongs to bread. We learn more about this from an interview with the founder and manager of the company, Ekaterina Rakhmanova. But first, we note that the company has been working with amaranth for the third year.

– We do not grow amaranth. We buy, and then we make a finished product out of it.
– And your suppliers are …
– Several large enterprises … We pay great attention to the choice of raw materials. We have our own requirements (for raw materials) for its processing, and what it should be like is not always organic. We take good raw materials, without chemical treatments … We work with trusted suppliers, request all documents, certificates for raw materials, then conduct our research to be sure of the quality of the product, give it to a state laboratory for analysis, and do all the research. If suits us, we take to work.

– Regarding the quality. What is the shelf life of your products?
– Seven days. And bread and muffins. Now we are starting to work with whole grain flour, and in this case the period is significantly increased. For mixtures, this is 9 months minimum shelf life.
– It is believed that the longer the shelf life, the more preservatives in the product …
– We do not use preservatives, chemical additives, emulsifiers, etc.
– Due to what a long shelf life is achieved?
– By the way, I recently stumbled upon scientific work regarding the baking properties of amaranth flour, which says about the impossible use of 100% amaranth flour in baking bread, but we managed to do it. Our bread consists of 100% amaranth flour. Due to the unique properties of amaranth flour, its water-retaining properties and fat content, well-balanced amino acid composition, the bread period is significantly extended. Now we are starting to work with whole grain flour and this makes it possible to extend the shelf life even more, for 9-10 days the bread is soft and aromatic. In addition, it is yeast-free, which removes the soil for fermentation.

We produce two types of bread and rolls and two types of mix for self-baking at home … On request we make gluten-free burgers, the basis for pizza, muffins, muffins – the whole line WITHOUT gluten, lactose, sugar, yeast. Now we are expanding our assortment. I will not say in which direction yet, but it will be very interesting.
– For children or adults?
– For both adults and children.
– Where do you mainly sell your products?
– Almost all regions of Ukraine have our products. These are large cities, such as Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Lviv, Dnipro, Nikolaev, Vinnitsa, Sumy, Kherson, and in smaller cities. In large and small supermarkets, in the departments of healthy eating, and in chain stores, our products are presented.

The plans include expanding the geography of sales of TM GRAND amaranth products to small cities and towns where there is an interest in healthy eating. As already mentioned, the product range is expanding in accordance with market trends and consumer demands. But the company started with a minimum.
– Initially, our task was to produce amaranth bread from 100% amaranth flour. Because this is not there: no matter how much we were not looking, we wanted to try, but there was no such product. We have been working on this for a very long time. Almost a year was spent only on the development of the recipe, the selection of ingredients, in order to find reliable suppliers. Moreover, it was work from morning to evening.
– How much of the first batch of products was shipped?
– It’s hard to say … A lot of things were sent to the shops for tasting, so that people would try and want to hear the opinion of the consumer. In the process of such tests, the formulation was finalized. We wanted to make a product that would be optimal, familiar to the population and which could become an alternative for people with “features”.

– You probably calculated how much the volume of production increased …
“Compared to where we started, at times.” We started from one store, and then it went like a snowball. From the processing of the raw material itself to the final stage – all points are very important. If one focuses on one thing, then in the end nothing will work. Our task was to make the product quality without gluten, lactose, sugar and yeast.
– Did you choose the equipment? For the price of watching or …
– Rather, on technical issues. This also applies to furnaces and kneading machines. Gluten free dough is very difficult to work with. We tested a lot of different equipment and found something that met our requirements. I’ll add that our equipment never “knew” gluten.

Gradually, the company is gaining momentum, and today its products can be seen in large and small stores. A common feature – TM GRAND amaranth products are always on sale for free. And this despite the fact that orders are constantly being taken and executed. According to Catherine, the stores themselves are already forming their volume of orders for amaranth products of this brand.
– Volumes, of course, are increasing. People will learn more about amaranth. Its popularity is gaining momentum every day. As the most prepared regions in terms of consumption of healthy food products, in particular, amaranth bread, we can name Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Dnipro, Nikolaev – there are a lot of our products.

– Some say that amaranth flour is useful, while others do not believe in its benefit. Both those and others are people who consider themselves healthy …
“I and my whole environment … we stopped buying bread from wheat, I don’t want to offend anyone, but I can’t compare it with amaranth.” Amaranth is a truly healing plant. A high protein content, which in its nutritional properties is equivalent to breast milk, fiber, vitamins A, E, B, B2, etc. According to the nutritional composition, a piece of amaranth bread can be compared with a serving of meat. One small piece is enough for me to satisfy my hunger and work fruitfully all day. Great protein product for people who exercise. At the same time, it is a dietary product. Amaranth bread does not increase blood sugar like white bread, and among our regular customers there are a lot of people with diabetes.
– Do you develop the recipe yourself?
– Yes. I am personally involved in the development of recipes.

It can be noted here that Katerina came into the sphere of production of amaranth products, not being a professional in this matter. She is a director by education.

– When I met such a plant as amaranth, I was very interested … It was interesting to make bread. As it turned out later, we have a small selection of gluten-free bread in Ukraine, which is put on the line, or rather it does not exist at all, and I was interested in making such a product. I believe that we are pioneers in this.
– Did you bake the first bread at home or at the enterprise?
– At home. Then the idea of ​​creating an enterprise and a bread production line was born.

The organization of the enterprise itself, the opening of its own business also occurred, mainly by trial and error.
– Everything was done purely intuitively. I am not a professional in this matter, and acted in the way that, in my opinion, was correct. It turned out pretty well. Of course, there were some tips and tricks.

Association helps. They give tips on suppliers, help in promoting goods, in development, and make a great contribution to the promotion of amaranth. This is a big time consuming process.

– Katerina, what would you say to people who have not yet decided what to do in terms of exerting strength and opening a business?
– It all depends on the person’s inclinations. Who likes what. I found myself in this one. In any case, there are many advantages and many disadvantages. Starting is always difficult, difficult and expensive.

Despite all the difficulties, the company is developing in ascending order. This can only be where people are interested in starting and developing a new business. At GRAND amaranth, we have an excellent team with ambitions of development and achievement. I can only add that the average age of employees in the company is 30-35 years.

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