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The miraculous properties of amaranth in ancient times were noticed by residents of China and Greece. They have this amazing plant was considered a medicine for almost all existing ailments. Why are there medicine! They prepared bread from amaranth seeds – it fed people and gave them health. And from decoctions and oils created all sorts of tools that preserve the beauty and youth for many years. If today bread from this plant is not baked on an industrial scale, it is used in cosmetology and very successfully.

What is the use?

So why is amaranth so interesting cosmetologists?

Firstly, due to the record high content of squalene in seeds, a component of human skin that is able to:

  • maintain optimal hydration of the skin;
  • enrich cells with oxygen;
  • protect skin from free radicals.

Thanks to all this, skin aging slows down and the process of active rejuvenation of its cells starts.

Secondly, amaranth contains vitamin E, and here it is in the best form – tocotrienol (active), while in other oils of plant origin – in tocopherol (passive). In this form, vitamin E much more quickly neutralizes the negative effects of free radicals, which lead to premature skin sagging.

Thirdly, amaranth oil contains unsaturated fatty acids, which are so beneficial to human skin, as well as B and D vitamins.

Amaranth oil in cosmetology

AmaranthIt is difficult to believe, but this product is able to bring immense benefit to the appearance of everyone. The whole secret is that the seeds and the composition of amaranth blossoms contain a large number of toning and rejuvenating trace elements.

Amaranth oil used for the face and body can solve several problems at once:

  • protect sensitive skin;
  • give your face a radiance and incredible velvety;
  • align the color and tone of the face;
  • smooth fine wrinkles. Moreover, this product is struggling with the manifestation of age pigmentation!
  • give elasticity to the fading skin;
  • slightly dry, and thus reduce the manifestation of acne;
  • clean pores. Due to the rapid absorption of the product, the pores are not clogged and no oily shine remains;
  • cure minor burns and sores. After damaging the skin, you need as quickly as possible to lubricate the required place of amaranth oil.
  • This will give almost instantly a reduction in pain, as well as accelerated (up to 5-6 times) healing;
  • reduce the manifestation of herpes;
  • make scars less noticeable. It is noted that amaranth oil smoothes even stagnant stretch marks;
  • fill the face and body with vitamins;
  • keep the whole body in good shape;
  • act as a fungal disease prophylaxis. This is possible due to the antibacterial properties of amaranth oil;
  • strengthen brittle nails and weak hair. In the latter case, the roots are strengthened, growth is enhanced and damage is restored. Moreover, the oil gives the hair an amazing shine and elasticity.

How to use?

A now let’s talk more specifically about how you can use amaranth oil in personal care.

Attention! For cosmetic purposes, it is best to use cold pressed oil.

If you want to get rid of skin diseases, remove wounds, burns or cuts, amaranth oil can be simply rubbed into the affected areas several times a day. Of course, it is better to do this not with your hands, but with a clean cotton swab and not pressing hard on the skin. The same rule works with herpes.

Your skin with age began to lose elasticity and began to look somewhat tired and flabby? It also helps miracle oil amaranth. There are several ways to use it in this case:

  • Make masks, the main ingredient of which is oil;
  • Add butter to the finished cream.

Both options have shown their effectiveness not only with fading skin, but also with dehydrated, coarsened and dried. After using amaranth, the face becomes more velvety and tender.

In addition, you can try to use the oil and in its pure form, simply putting it on the skin instead of night cream for the whole night. Or as a mask – leaving on the skin for only 30-40 minutes.

As mentioned earlier: in general, it is better to take cold-pressed oil for cosmetic purposes. While in its pure form, you need to use only that.

Unfortunately, today in the cosmetic market the product most often found is obtained by CO2 extraction, which somewhat changes its composition. It is for this reason that such amaranth oil is recommended to be used in combination with other components (as part of homemade masks and creams, for example) or other vegetable oils.

Amaranth oil can be used during a massage session. Its regular use increases the elasticity of the muscles of the whole body, and also very effectively fights cellulite. Of course, such wonderful results will be noticeable only if massages are performed at least 2-3 times a week.

We all know how harmful the long-term effect of ultraviolet radiation on our skin is, but at the same time very few people can give up the opportunity to sunbathe on the beach. It is worth noting that with amaranth oil to do it much safer. It perfectly protects the skin from harmful radiation and sunburn. Moreover, this product makes the tan more even, even and durable. To achieve this effect, you need to take oil 2 times a day in a teaspoon inside and lubricate your skin after sunbathing.

Amazing properties of amaranth have long been seen by cosmetologists all over the world. That is why it can often be found in the composition of the most expensive and elite skin and hair care products. But why pay for cosmetics in an elegant package and with a famous name, when you can buy amaranth oil in its pure form, enriching it with your favorite cream and shampoo?

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