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Diabetes mellitus is one of the most vile, unpleasant diseases that can cause many problems and significantly reduce the quality of life. However, to fight the disease is not only possible, but necessary, using a variety of drugs and means. Today we will talk about how in the treatment of type 2 diabetes will help amaranth oil, based on the results of research conducted in one of the clinics of Kharkov.

What is diabetes?
First of all, consider what constitutes a pancreas, and what is its role in the development of diabetes. The size of this body does not exceed the size of the palm of a person. Iron is needed:

  • for insulin;
  • its storage;
  • insulin release into the blood.

In addition to insulin, the pancreas produces a certain type of enzymes and hormones that are necessary for the body to digest:

  • fat;
  • proteins;
  • carbohydrates.

But insulin is needed for the body to absorb glucose. If it ceases to be produced, and its deficiency cannot even compensate for the corresponding injections, the patient will die.

Risk factors: in which cases diabetes develops
There are several risk factors that can lead to the development of diabetes. So, diseases are subject to people:

  • prefer to eat plenty of sweets (including soda), canned food, use diabetes-too much mayonnaise, baking, etc., but practically not eating fresh vegetables and fruits, cereals. By the way, if the disease is caused by just such a diet, then it can even be defeated simply by switching to normal food and periodically arranging fasting days;
  • whose close relatives have diabetes – we are talking about parents, sisters or brothers. Sufficient one patient in the family to be at risk. If there are two of them, the probability of the disease increases significantly;
  • not involved in sports and leading a sedentary lifestyle, with obesity, loving to eat at night;
  • suffering from high blood pressure.

Note. From the above it is easy to conclude that sports and proper nutrition will be an excellent prevention of diabetes.

Amaranth oil, as one of the elements of diet therapy
maslo-amaranta amaranth oil will be the ideal product for use in diet therapy for type 2 diabetes.

This is due to the fact that the oil contains a large number of positive components necessary to maintain human health:

  • squalene;
  • tocopherols;
  • retinols;
  • enzymes;
  • linoleic acid;
  • phospholipids;
  • sterols;
  • phytosterols;
  • essential oils and other ingredients.

Each of these substances plays an important role in regulating certain metabolic processes in the human body, which has a positive effect on the activity of the pancreas.

Studies on the effects of amaranth oil on diabetic patients
Today, few people doubt that for the effective treatment of diabetes mellitus it is necessary to harmoniously combine both traditional medicine, which involves the use of medicines, and non-traditional. As a result, it will significantly improve the overall quality of life of the patient. Maxresdefault

Note. Therefore, when using amaranth oil, you cannot refuse a course of medication prescribed by a doctor. In addition, despite the fact that the oil has no contraindications, before using it you should always consult a doctor.

Not so long ago, on the basis of the endocrinological and gastroenterological departments of the Regional Clinical Hospital of Kharkov, studies were conducted on the effectiveness of amaranth oil.

The patients were divided into two conditional groups:

  • in the first, only the traditional method of treatment was used;
  • In the second, amaranth oil was added to the conventional treatment.
  • The group consisted of patients aged from 39 to 64 years old, suffering from the disease for a period of from five to 27 years. In each group there were 15 people.

To assess the results of the experiment, factors such as were taken into account:

  • the dynamics of symptoms;
  • dynamics of changes in data obtained as a result of laboratory research.

Doctors from the second group were recommended by doctors to take a little by mouth for two weeks:

  • three times a day;
  • about 15 minutes before meals;
  • ten drops.

Why was it decided to use amaranth oil?
First, because of its unique composition indicated above. Secondly, because researchers already had known unique properties of the oil obtained from this plant:

  • regulation of salt and carbohydrate metabolism;
  • positive effects on peripheral circulation;
  • choleretic effect;
  • antispasmodic effects;
  • hypotensive effects, etc.

What is the result achieved?
As it was possible to establish according to the results of the research, patients who took amaranth oil in addition to traditional medicines, noted a significant decrease:

  • thirst;
  • dry mouth sensations;
  • diuresis;
  • general weakness.

They also had normal sleep.

In addition to changes in symptoms, specialists also identified changes in laboratory tests.

In particular, the following indicators deserve mentioning: before the application of amaranth oil, the glycemic index was 12.3 + 1.8 mmol / l, and after treatment – 7.8 + 0.8 mmol / l. Photo_7321

But for those who only took medications, the indicators were as follows: before treatment 12.8 + 1.6 mmol / l, and after completing the full course of medication – 8.4 + 0.9 mmol / l.

In addition, the intake of amaranth oil allowed three patients to reduce the amount of drugs used to reduce sugar levels.

According to the results of the research, Kharkov physicians also noted that there was no contraindication, negative events, allergic manifestations and side effects of amaranth oil. This is further evidence that amaranth oil is really incredibly beneficial.

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