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We have already told about the incredible properties of amaranth oil in various articles on our portal. In particular, it was about how amaranth oil can help in the treatment of female diseases, in getting rid of psoriasis, in the treatment of diabetes.

The incredible beneficial and healing properties of amaranth oil are largely related to the unique component contained in its composition called squalene. It is also described in detail in the thematic article.

But the most important thing that should be said about squalene is that it even helps in the treatment of oncological diseases. As evidenced by studies conducted using amaranth oil. Their results are described below.

Effect in the treatment of acute leukemia
For research involved 40 patients who were diagnosed with leukemia of various types and forms. The age of patients ranged from 16 to 68 years, and the total period of observation of patients was one year.

Treatment with drugs with amaranth oil was carried out in the hospital for 12 weeks:

  • the patient was prescribed the drug – milliliter;
  • the drug was administered orally;
  • the frequency of administration is 4-5 times a day.

Patients were monitored for a three-month course, as well as another 9 months after the end of the course of amaranth oil. Analyzes were periodically taken, and blood and bone marrow were examined.

What is acute leukemia?
It is a dangerous, oncologic and incredibly rapidly progressive disease affecting the bone marrow. When symptoms of leukemia, there is an excessive accumulation of immature blood cells:

  • in the bone marrow;
  • blood;
  • some internal organs.

In fact, there is a kind of introduction of tumor cells into the bone marrow and its replacement. Which leads to a disadvantage:

  • red blood cells;
  • leukocytes;
  • platelet count.

The obvious symptoms of this cancer are:

  • increased bleeding;
  • human fatigue, constant weakness;
  • pallor;
  • susceptibility to various infectious diseases.

Note. These symptoms can occur with other ailments! However, for any of their manifestations, you should seek medical advice as soon as possible.

There are several methods of diagnosing the disease:

  • examination by a qualified doctor;
  • blood tests, including biochemical;
  • analyzes and research point of the spinal cord;
  • other types of research, including cytogenetic.

In some individual cases, a patient with symptoms of acute leukemia can take a liquid from the spinal cord for examination, which will allow for the prompt detection of the presence of tumor cells. Or set their absence. Such studies of cerebrospinal fluid allow the doctor to develop the most effective treatment program.

The results of clinical studies
In particular, doctors conducted studies, both clinical and paraclinical, the results of which revealed that the best effect in the treatment of leukemia is manifested when it comes to such types of diseases as:

  • plasma-plasm;
  • lymphoblastic.

So, already 14 days after the start of the regular intake of the drug, the symptoms of intoxication of the body were completely overcome. Although, as shown by test results, the level of blasts in the bone marrow remained unchanged.

But the results of the blood test showed a significant increase in such components as:

  • platelets;
  • red blood cells;
  • transaminase and creatine phosphokinase levels increased to physiological values.

Note. Reducing blasts is very effective and fast. But most importantly, squalane and amaranth oil itself do not have adverse reactions, and also do not cause any complications. Unlike chemotherapy.

Already a month after the start of amaranth oil, the composition of white and red blood is restored. And it does not change over the next year!

All clinical symptoms characteristic of leukemia are removed in the first 14–20 days after the start of administration of amaranth oil and do not appear within the next year.

Conclusions made after conducting research
The research results allowed physicians to draw startling conclusions about the true effectiveness of squalene and amaranth oil. Studies of the effect of amaranth oil in the treatment of oncology

In particular, with the daily intake of 4-5 times a day 2 milliliters of the drug, it was possible to eliminate all the symptoms of the disease, but without a negative, toxic effect on the internal organs and systems of vital activity of the body.

Thus, the results showed that do not suffer from the intake of amaranth oil:

  • liver;
  • kidneys;
  • nervous system.

Note. In addition, there is no suppression of the growth of red blood, platelets, which is inevitable in the case of chemotherapy or when taking any hormonal substances.

On the contrary – absolutely opposite reaction is shown. That is, all physiological indicators disturbed by the disease are almost completely restored.

Treatment of other forms of leukemia
Research on the effectiveness of amaranth oil was also carried out in the treatment of other forms of leukemia.

The results are virtually identical, but with only a slight deviation. So, to achieve the above indicators requires a little more time. If it was stated above that the first real results are achieved in 14 days, then in this case 1 month is needed. Blood counts, as well as all biochemical parameters returned to normal on average after 2 months. And to eliminate the blasts took about 100 days.

But no complications, negative reactions and adverse events have been identified.

Amaranth oil and oncology: summing up
Making a conclusion from the foregoing, we can safely say that amaranth oil and squalene contained in amaranth oil and crayfish treatment are an excellent means as an antitumor drug. And most importantly – it does not cause any complications, side effects effectively and in fact has no contraindications.

The results of the research are difficult to overestimate. After all, perhaps, very soon humanity will be presented with a new, effective drug that helps fight against oncology.

In the next article we will tell you more about how to take amaranth oil as an additional drug in the treatment of cancer.

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