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Amaranth oil has recently become increasingly popular. Although, given its true therapeutic and prophylactic properties, it is not yet sufficiently demanded among domestic consumers, such as, for example, in the USA.

Perhaps this is due to the fact that many simply do not believe in its true use, considering the product obtained from the plant called amaranth, only advertised dietary supplement.

Today we will answer the most frequently asked questions about amaranth oil and discover the true truth about it, so that you no longer have any doubts about its benefits.

Amaranth oil: real benefit or placebo effect?
Amaranth is rich in substances such as squalene. Its content is about 9%. However, this is not the only component of the oil that can bring real benefit to man. In addition to squalene oil contains:

  • vitamin E and other vitamins;
  • polyunsaturated fatty acids;
  • many trace elements, etc.

Therefore, the oil will really benefit the body, helping to cope with various diseases.

In what cases the use of oil will be justified?
Numerous independent clinical studies have been carried out, which have proved that oil, when used internally, will be extremely useful:

  • with atherosclerosis and varicose veins;
  • with weak immunity;
  • with various ailments of the digestive system;
  • diabetes;
  • with diseases of the urogenital sphere, both in men and women;
  • for diseases of the cardiovascular system and other diseases.

Effective oil will be when applied externally, if we are talking about the fight against a variety of skin lesions:

  • eczema;
  • psoriasis;
  • and some others.

Note. Naturally, before taking the oil, it is necessary to consult with your doctor and not to refuse to take traditional medicines, if the doctor does not allow it.

Why did oil become known only now?
Many are interested, doubting the benefits of oil, why it has become known only now, if it is really so effective. Amaranth oil

The myth is precisely that supposedly there was nothing unknown about oil before – in fact, it was unfamiliar to the inhabitants of our latitudes only because the amaranth itself is practically not widespread in our country. If you do not take into account wild species, unsuitable for obtaining the described product.

But in the South American and Central American countries amaranth has long been grown as a cultivated cereal plant. The seeds obtained from it were widely used for the preparation of various dishes:

  • bakery products;
  • pasta;
  • porridge;
  • and even meat delicacies.

Therefore, amaranth is actually known for a long time. But if we talk about oil, then it really applies only a few decades.

All because of the complexity of production!
This is due to several reasons. The first of these is that such a unique substance as squalene was first isolated less than a hundred years ago by researchers from Japan. And that, not from amaranth, but from shark liver.

By the way. The name squalene is associated with a shark. After all, in Latin, this fish is pronounced as Squalus.

In amaranth, squalene was identified much later. And you need to take into account that a special technology for producing amaranth oil, which allows to preserve squalene in full, has also been developed quite recently. Thus, the true growth in the consumption of such oil in American countries has been observed only since the late nineties of the last century.

How much is amaranth oil?
If you examine the various offers on the market today, you can make sure that the price of butter fluctuates significantly. What does it depend on and what is the real cost of this product?

To understand this question, it should be remembered that there are two types of oil obtained from amaranth.

1. Ordinary vegetable used in cooking.

The same technology is used for its production as for the production of traditional oil from sunflower seeds. This oil does not require any further processing. You can buy it in many places, and the cost is low.

2. Oil, in which a lot of squalene.

Not only is it obtained only from a special sort of amaranth, but a special, unique technology is used for these purposes. But this product is recommended for the treatment and prevention of many diseases.

Features of the production of amaranth oil
To get about one and a half liters of amaranth oil will need one hundred kilograms of seeds of this plant. At the same time during the spin is extremely important to monitor the correct temperature. Since heating the oil even to the level of 60 degrees Celsius will cause squalene to begin to break down in it, and the oil will lose its properties.

Special production technology allows to obtain oil, which contains 6-8% squalene. Its cost is relatively high.

Therefore, if you are offered a “therapeutic” amaranth oil at a low cost – do not buy it. Most likely, at best, they will sell you regular food, which has nothing to do with the treatment and prevention of diseases.

In addition, treatment-and-prophylactic products are necessarily labeled accordingly. The box necessarily provides an additional liner, which signs the following information:

  • the composition of the oil;
  • the amount of squalene content;
  • reception features;
  • manufacturer;
  • production date, etc.

Note. Do not be tempted by cheap offers – in the end, lose. Buy oil in specialized outlets, on specialized Internet sites.

What is the optimal content of squalene in oil?
Immediately, we note that 100% oil is most often used in pharmaceutical factories for the production of various medicines.

Council 100% oil should not be taken, because its biological activity is too high!

For therapeutic and prophylactic purposes, it is customary to use specially prepared oil. Clinical trials were conducted that established the ideal content of squalene in the product.

By the way, it was by the results of such tests that they also revealed that the greater the content of squalene in oil, the more effective it is in the treatment and prevention of certain diseases.

By the way. In the treatment of skin ailments, the greatest effect is achieved if we combine the intake of oil with compresses and lotions.

If we are talking about oncology, then in this case it is recommended to take oil with a high content of squalene.

In this article we tried to answer the most frequently asked questions about amaranth oil. For more information about the treatment of certain diseases, the use of oil in cosmetology, cooking, read the feature articles on our website.

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