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A dermatological disease called psoriasis is manifested in the form of peculiar plaques and blemishes that occur in various areas of the skin. Despite the fact that the disease is not infectious, it can deliver a lot of problems and inconvenience to a person. In particular, adversely affecting the attractiveness – often psoriatic plaques look repulsive.

According to doctors, about 3% of the total population of the planet suffers from psoriasis, but the overwhelming majority of the sick are young people, people under 25 years of age. The most common causes of illness are:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • features of immunity;
  • environmental features in the region where the sick;
  • problems with psychology;
  • several listed components in the complex.

Note! Psoriasis is not an infectious disease. It is not transmitted by contact with the patient – neither by touch, nor by airborne droplets, nor by sexual contact.

There are several proven ways to treat a disease. The specific method is chosen in each case by a doctor. However, the use of amaranth oil, which contains many substances that help to defeat the disease, deserves special attention.

Why is amaranth oil a good choice when treating psoriasis?
This is due to the special components of this natural, all-natural product:

  • squalene (8%) – this substance is a unique polyunsaturated hydrocarbon in liquid form, which normalizes metabolic processes, improves the recovery of skin tissues;
  • Vitamin E – relieves inflammation, provides antioxidant effects, improves the condition of the blood vessels and the cardiovascular system as a whole, strengthens the immune system, improves the appearance of new cells in the damaged areas of the skin, etc .;
  • polyunsaturated fatty acids – activate metabolic processes, relieve inflammation, improve immune defense, cleanse the body from various toxic substances and their compounds;
  • phytosterols – the lack of these substances provokes negative, sometimes even destructive processes in the body, disruptions in the endocrine system, there are problems with hormonal balance.
  • Phytosterols from amaranth oil will provide full protection for various body systems, thereby eliminating a variety of immune disorders;
  • phospholipids – provide effective regulation of metabolic processes, improve the overall condition of the liver, normalize lipid, carbohydrate metabolism;
  • provitamin A – the main positive property is cell regeneration and stimulation of immunity, including humoral. According to studies, provitamin A is indispensable in the treatment of psoriasis;
  • Vitamin D – has a beneficial effect on the skin and its cells, improves the body’s immune defense, and also prevents the development of other dermatological ailments;
  • A lot of macronutrients and microelements (including zinc, phosphorus, copper, etc.) strengthen the immune system, blood vessels, optimize blood circulation processes.
  • And this is not a complete list of components of amaranth oil – we have named only those that have the greatest positive effect in the treatment of skin disease.

The effect of amaranth oil in the treatment of psoriasis
Amaranth oil in psoriasis. The use of amaranth oil in psoriasis is due to the fact that it not only nourishes, but also significantly moisturizes the skin, thereby neutralizing the husk, removing inflammation and fully fighting dryness of the skin.

Also, the oil prevents the likelihood of infection, stimulates the regenerative processes of damaged skin.

Note. The use of oil also has a positive effect on the nervous system. What is also important in the fight against skin disease.

Contraindications and side effects
If the oil is used correctly, it will bring undoubted benefits, however, you should remember the possible side effects of the product, as well as contraindications.

So, side effects are most often caused by excessive use of the product, which ultimately leads to allergic manifestations on the skin surface.

The side effects of amaranth oil can also occur if you take the product inside the body. In this case, are diagnosed:

  • severe nausea, possibly with vomiting;
  • headaches and dizziness;
  • severe heartburn;
  • upset stomach work.

Note. In most cases, all described side effects disappear themselves after stopping the oil intake.

With external use of oil, there are practically no contraindications – unless the patient has an individual intolerance of one or another component, but this is rare.

When ingestion, caution should be exercised to those who have the following diseases:

  • cholelithiasis;
  • duodenal ulcer;
  • cholecystitis;
  • urolithiasis disease;
  • pathological changes in the pancreas.

Note. All of the above diseases are in fact not absolute direct contraindications. Before taking the oil, you should always consult with your doctor, who will determine the likelihood of risks.

How to use amaranth oil in the treatment of psoriasis?
Amaranth oil, psoriasis treatmentWhen treating psoriasis, amaranth oil should be taken not only inside, but also applied to damaged skin. Only in this case, you can achieve maximum effect and get rid of the disease as soon as possible. You should also strictly adhere to a specific treatment regimen.

First treatment method
The first seven days you need to drink half an hour before eating a teaspoon of oil (twice a day) and lubricate the affected areas of the body, pre-applied it on cotton wool or a sterile bandage (two to five times a day).
Then for three months you are doing everything exactly the same, only the intake of oil should be carried out three times a day.
Over the next three months, damaged skin is smeared, and instead of ingestion, the product is buried twice a day in the nose (one drop).
Second treatment method
Oil is taken in the morning and in the evening one small spoon inside for half an hour before meals. A full course of treatment is three months.

Note. If psoriatic arthritis is diagnosed, the product is taken twice a day by two spoons, and also applied with massaging movements in sore joints.

Third treatment method
Excellent results can give and oil compresses. The product is applied to a bandage, and it is applied to the damaged skin and held for about half an hour. After removing the compress residues of oil, if any, you can just get wet with a napkin.

Tip! To keep the oil as long as possible, you need to properly store it. A closed bottle is stored at an ambient temperature not higher than +25 degrees. Outdoor storage should be no more than one month and at a temperature of about 4 degrees. For example, putting on the shelf of the refrigerator.

Amaranth oil treats psoriasis. Amaranth oil can become a real panacea for psoriasis. According to those who have already tried the oil, it really helps to solve skin problems.

However, before using it, it is recommended to consult with your doctor in addition to avoid risks and unpleasant consequences.

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