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We are talking about options to eliminate stretch marks that have arisen for various reasons. After all, the skin can stretch not only during pregnancy in women, but also as a result of exposure to other factors. In both women and men, the skin is stretched by weight gain, physical exertion, and overstrain. Stretch marks appear during the hormonal adjustment of the body in adolescence, with repeated stressful situations. When the situation is getting better and the weight can be normalized, there are traces of purple on the body. It is difficult to eliminate them, and for this it is necessary to apply a sufficiently large number of different means and procedures. However, it has been established that if amaranth oil is used, skin regeneration occurs much faster.

Factors Promoting Fast Regeneration

As practice shows, the faster the skin is renewed, the more likely it is that after healing there will be no signs of damage. It is quite possible to obtain such a result using amaranth oil. Some users call this product a real discovery in the fight against traces of stretch marks obtained in the process of hormonal disruption and a sharp increase in weight during adolescence. According to users, the use of traditional scrubs and creams did not give a noticeable result, until the application of amaranth oil was connected.

The effectiveness of amaranth oil is due to its composition, which many users have already seen. The composition of the product includes more than 70% of various amino acids, more than 8% of squalene, which, moreover, is a component of human skin. More than 5% of various vitamins, which are manifested in active form, are also found in oil, and among them are vitamins A, E, D. Each of the components plays its role, improving the condition of the skin and the whole body.

Squalene is considered to be the most valuable ingredient in amaranth, a hydrocarbon compound that reacts with water and releases oxygen, and it easily penetrates into all tissues. Thanks to squalene, the amount of cholesterol that interferes with normal blood circulation is reduced in the blood, and the metabolism is improved.

An important source of nourishing the skin are omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids. They can affect the skin from the inside and outside of the body. Thanks to them, the elasticity of the epidermis is restored, and the integuments acquire a healthy and even color.

Beneficial effect on the skin and other components of amaranth. So, phospholipids control the amount of fat, help normalize sugar levels and improve metabolism, and a member of the vitamin E family tocotrien is a powerful antioxidant and stimulates the renewal process. It is noteworthy that the antioxidant properties of amaranth oil are provided by several components, and among them are vitamins A, C, K and other useful substances.

How best to use amaranth oil inside and out

If traces of stretch marks exist for a long time, it is better to treat with amaranth oil. It is recommended to take 1 teaspoon of oil 20 minutes before meals. It is believed that this is the best period for the oil as a therapeutic drug to be fully absorbed by the body. However, it is also possible to take oil 3 times a day with food, and at the same time there is a slow absorption of the drug into the body and a more gentle effect on the stomach. For one course of treatment, it usually takes 1 liter of oil.

For the prevention of the appearance of traces, another regimen of amaranth is recommended. In this case, it is advisable to drink amaranth oil one teaspoon 2 times a day 20 minutes before meals or during meals. It should also be borne in mind that the periods between doses should be 8 hours, since this amount of time is considered sufficient to maintain the concentration of the drug in the blood. As a result of ingestion of oil inside, fat metabolism also improves and blood glucose levels normalize.

To achieve a sustainable result, it is recommended not only to take amaranth oil inside, but also to apply it externally 2 times a day. Thanks to squalene, which penetrates all layers, the update process becomes more active, and the result is achieved faster compared to other means. At the same time, according to users, after the first procedures of applying amaranth oil to the skin after 20 minutes, it may not remain on the surface, which indicates an extremely acute lack of oxygen in the body and increased dryness of the skin. Over time, the oil will remain on the skin, and 20 minutes after th application, the residue should be removed with a damp cloth or rinsed with warm water.

As noted in the reviews, even in cases where the traces of stretch marks are about 3-5 years old, the use of oil gives a visible result after 2-3 months of application every other day. Note also that it is important to use pure amaranth oil. If it is diluted by another, the effectiveness will be less.

Other means to combat stretch marks

Here, too, the leading positions remain behind amaranth, and the reviews often mention a scrub based on sea salt and oil. For the preparation of means take sea salt without dyes and fragrances and amaranth oil in the ratio of 2: 1. All ingredients should be thoroughly mixed, and then applied to problem areas. This should be done with massage movements and for 3 minutes; moreover, the hips are massaged from the bottom up, and the buttocks with circular movements. With the help of scrub, obsolete cells are removed, and skin is renewed faster. In addition, active massage actions contribute to the flow of blood to problem areas and the rapid absorption of beneficial substances.

Lotions, masks and compresses based on amaranth are also used. They moisturize the skin, nourish it, soften and smooth, give the surface freshness and velvety. For the preparation of one of these means take amaranth meal and warm milk, mix them up to the consistency of gruel, evenly applied on a napkin and applied to the problem area for 15-20 minutes. Then this compress is removed, and the remnants of the funds are washed off with warm water.

You can maintain regenerating processes in the body with the help of nutrition, and for this purpose, amaranth-based products are introduced into the diet. It is recommended to eat porridge from amaranth grain, bread from amaranth flour – these products saturate the body with vitamins, and also contribute to the rapid elimination of toxic substances and improve metabolic processes. It is also useful to use amaranth oil, filling them with salads. A sustainable result can only be obtained with a complex effect on the problem.

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