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The pages of the site already mentioned how useful the amaranth and the products derived from it are. In particular, we are talking about amaranth oil, rich in various beneficial substances and microelements, increasing immunity, protecting against various diseases, strengthening the body and giving health. Amaranth oil for women’s health and beauty

Read more about this in articles on our portal. Today we will talk about such a product as amaranth oil – it also contains a huge amount of various beneficial microelements and vitamins.

We have already described the composition of the oil in the article: “Amaranth oil for psoriasis: features of use, indications and contraindications.”

However, it helps to fight not only with psoriasis, but also with a number of “female” diseases, artfully waiting for representatives of the beautiful half of humanity literally everywhere.

Amaranth oil for gynecological diseases
So, amaranth oil has a lot of useful properties, among which particularly stand out:

  • bactericidal;
  • wound healing;
  • anti-inflammatory.

Due to such properties, amaranth oil is recommended for the treatment of such types of female diseases as:

  • cervical erosion;
  • vaginitis;
  • endometritis;
  • inflammation of the appendages;
  • ovarian cyst;
  • myoma, etc.

Note. In the treatment of any diseases of the female urogenital sphere, it is not necessary to refuse the prescriptions made by the doctor without his consent or recommendations. Yes, and if you are going to apply the oil in combination with drug treatment, still consult first. Although amaranth and has no expressed contraindications, you still need to inform the doctor.

Acceptance of amaranth oil is recommended for women and in order to ensure optimal hormonal status and the ideal state of the reproductive system during such periods of life as:

  • pregnancy;
  • menopause;
  • premenstrual days.

This is due to the fact that the oil contains large amounts of phytosterols, magnesium, vitamin E and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Note. The above components help in the presence of female infertility. Also amaranth oil will be useful for male infertility, the treatment of a number of purely “male” diseases, including inflammation of the prostate and others. More about this in the following articles.

Amaranth oil: buy or cook?
Amaranth oil for women’s health and beauty. Each of them is relatively simple, although it will require a little time and effort from you.

Cold method
For cold pressing amaranth oil will need:

  • kilogram of selected seeds;
  • one and a half liters of olive oil – necessarily the first spin;
  • coffee grinder;
  • pan;
  • Glass bottle.

The sequence of actions during the preparation:

  • amaranth seeds need a little fry;
  • then grind in a coffee grinder to the state of flour;
  • pour the obtained powder into the bottle where olive oil was previously poured;
  • put the bottle in storage for 20 days;
  • shake every day;
  • after 20 days, squeeze the solution through ordinary gauze, folded in five layers;
  • store the resulting oil in a dark place.

Hot method
To do this, you need the same ingredients and items as for the cold method, and the essence of the preparation is as follows:

  • amaranth seeds are fried;
  • heated to about 60 degrees, but no more, olive oil is poured into a thermos;
  • hot seeds poured into a thermos;
  • during the day, olive oil and seeds are maintained;
  • after this, they are eliminated through gauze folded in five layers.

Tip! However, we strongly recommend buying ready-made butter. First, it is easier. Secondly, it is a 100% guarantee that you get a complete, reliable, high-quality product, manufactured according to all quality standards and in accordance with the requirements.

Treatment with amaranth oil
Now let’s talk about how amaranth oil will help representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. Amaranth oil for women’s health and beauty in the treatment of certain diseases. And it will be a question not only of “female” illnesses, but also of some others, with which, unfortunately, charming ladies meet.

“Women’s” disease
We are talking about such ailments as:

  • ovarian cyst;
  • inflammation of the appendages;
  • cervical erosion;
  • fibromyoma.

To attack the disease should be from two sides – take the oil inside and use tampons soaked in amaranth product.

For ingestion is enough to drink two large spoons of oil twice a day. Swabs dipped in oil are inserted into the vagina once or twice a day.

Relieving constipation
Another unpleasant problem, which is unpleasant to speak out loud, but with which you need to somehow fight. So, if you are bothered by constipation, it is enough to drink a couple of small spoons of oil on an empty stomach (that is, in the morning). Full course of treatment – two pharmacy bottles of amaranth oil.

Fighting Cholesterol
Cholesterol, in one way or another, is present in the cell membranes. However, it happens, both good and bad. To reduce the content of bad cholesterol, you need to take a couple of small spoons of amaranth oil daily in the morning and evening before meals.

After taking two pharmacy vials of amaranth oil, the level of bad cholesterol drops significantly, which positively affects the health of the woman. Amaranth oil for women’s health and beauty

Amaranth oil in the life of a woman: to summarize
Amaranth oil will be a real find for every woman seeking to conquer ailments and be healthy and happy. As you know, if a woman is healthy, smiling, then she is beautiful, attractive. Her face is constantly illuminated by a smile, the mood is always at its best, and therefore those around will surely notice its beauty.


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