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Amaranth oil has long been famous for its healing properties. It is best suited for those who suffer from skin problems, as well as those who want to restore their beauty to their hair.

But one should not think that this unique product can only affect external minor problems, because it is not. Amaranth oil eliminates a lot of serious diseases that are difficult to conservative treatment.

Just a couple of decades ago, very few people heard about this product. Today, there are many manufacturers of amaranth oil, ready to provide us with a product for every taste and budget. But do not forget that not every one of them cares about its consumers: there are quite a few who are not at all concerned with neither their own reputation nor the reputation of a unique plant.

Of course, buying a fake under amaranth oil, you can not appreciate all its useful properties. It will be good if it just does nothing, and if it hurts …

In this article we will try to make out as thoroughly as possible how not to fall for the tricks of unscrupulous sellers and not to get something under the guise of amaranth oil.

Step 1: Acquisition Objective

The first thing that must be done by those who wish to purchase amaranth oil is to decide on the purpose of buying it. This product can be used for:

  • prevention of viral diseases, such as strengthening the immune system, as a means of normalizing cholesterol and others;
  • treatment of various skin diseases. It is perfect for those who suffer from psoriasis, eczema and even hair loss;
  • prevention and treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system;
  • recovery after a stroke;
  • use as a radioprotector in radiotherapy used in the treatment of cancer.

As you can see, there are a lot of options for using amaranth oil, and the choice of the product will depend on what you need it for specifically for you.

Important: remember that even such a wonderful product as amaranth oil is not a panacea. In no case can you replace the traditional treatment of them with one!

Step 2: Select the type of oil

Amaranth oil-choose-350x235There are several options for producing amaranth oil. As a result, each of them produces a different, distinct product.

Pure amaranth oil is produced by cold pressing. And this means the level of squalene content is quite high – 6-8%. This type of oil is best suited for:

  • prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal problems;
  • treatment of the cardiovascular system;
  • recovery after a stroke;
  • passage of radiotherapy.

Blended (mixed) amaranth oil is best suited to those who simply want to strengthen their own immunity and create a “barrier” for viral diseases.

When selecting a blended oil, it is very important to consider the age and body mass of the person who will use it. The greater the weight, the higher should be the content of squalene. With age, the situation is absolutely the opposite – the older the age, the more “weak” it is to use oil.

Amaranth oil extract (CO2-extraction) contains the maximum dose of squalene – 12.5% ​​and higher. This option is best used in the treatment of various skin problems, as well as during the passage of radiotherapy.

Step 3: choose the taste, color and smell

We have already decided on the type of oil. It now remains only to find the best of this type. The main criteria for the quality of amaranth oil, which can be estimated by a non-professional, are such indicators of the product as taste, smell and color.

Let’s start with the smell:

  • pure amaranth oil should have a specific and rare smell, a bit like the aroma of beet tops;
  • amaranth oil extract has almost no odor;
  • blended (mixed) also almost does not smell, because as a filler is usually used corn deodorized oil.

Now the color – it will primarily depend on the color of the raw material, that is, the amaranth grain itself, and the method of cooking the oil. Cold, hot pressing, “oil extraction” and extraction of CO2 create different shades: from light to rather dark (the result of repeated pressing of oilcake).

Taste also depends on the method used to produce the oil:

  • cold pressed gives the product a rather specific and not very pleasant taste;
  • blending adds amaranth oil a flavor of the main filler (as mentioned earlier, most often corn oil acts as it), this makes the product quite enjoyable to use;
  • CO2-extraction almost completely deprives the oil of any taste.

It is very important to pay attention also to the composition, namely to the totality of natural unsaturated fatty acids, tocopherols, phospholipids and squalene. As a rule, all this information is given on the packaging or on the bottle with amaranth oil.

How to distinguish the original from a fake?

Now you know how to choose the most suitable amaranth oil for your purposes. But let’s figure out how this choice does not run into a fake.

For this, be sure to pay attention to such factors:

  • Natural amaranth oil, as a rule, is not bottled or sold in plastic containers. This is due to the fact that such bottles contribute to the acceleration of oil oxidation and, as a consequence, the loss of almost all beneficial properties. Quality amaranth oil should be sold in a glass bottle;
  • But the glass does not always speak about the authenticity of the product. Be sure to pay attention to the volume of the bottle. It should not exceed 100 ml. The fact is that with frequent opening the oil also begins to oxidize and it is 100 ml – the volume that can be used in time without allowing the product to oxidize;
  • The seller must have a certificate for its products. Note that often under the guise of amaranth cold-pressed oil can be implemented product obtained by CO2-extraction. But this is not the worst. Much worse is that these oils are also very diluted with others, which not only significantly reduces the useful properties of the product, but also eliminates them altogether;
  • Do not buy pure amaranth oil, the seller of which assures that it should never be consumed inside. If you hear such a statement, you can be sure that under the guise of a pure product you are offered a product obtained by the CO2-extraction method (namely, it cannot be consumed inside). This is not bad, if not contrary to your goals.

Natural amaranth oil is not something that can be, but should be eaten, because it has a huge range of useful properties.

Choosing amaranth oil, you must very clearly follow the recommendations of its manufacturer on how to take the product. Be sure to read the instructions for use, as only it will have comprehensive information (if you have not stumbled upon a fake, of course).

Another point to which I would like to draw your attention: real amaranth oil is quite expensive. For this reason, the buyer simply does not have the right to make a mistake and he should not take this tool simply because he wants to try without understanding its properties.

Be sure to pay attention to all those factors that have been described in this article and then amaranth oil will not disappoint you.

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