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Amaranth was used by man 8,000 years ago. Initially, it was used exclusively as a grain crop for making bread. Even today, residents of the south-eastern and western countries have not forgotten about the properties of the plant. That is why amaranth continues to grow in large quantities, moreover – there are many different varieties of plants, each of which has certain unique properties. In our country, amaranth is steadily gaining popularity, and it is used not only for cooking.

The value of amaranth oil
The grains of this plant are rich in the most valuable unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and other components indispensable for the good health of the body:

  • Up to 8% of the total number of components is squalene, the component is famous for its effects on the skin. It helps to maintain the required amount of moisture, maintains skin elasticity and softness. This property is especially important for people older than 25 years, since at this age the production of squalene in the skin inevitably decreases. Due to its antibacterial properties, the oil prevents the penetration of potentially dangerous bacteria into the skin.
  • Amaranth oil – champion among vegetable oils in the amount of vitamin E in the composition. When applied externally, the skin quickly becomes soft and elastic, fine wrinkles are smoothed, new ones are prevented. Natural antioxidant is needed to protect against destructive environmental factors. With regular ingestion, the necessary tone is returned, the risk of developing cancer is significantly reduced.
  • Throughout life, the body needs calcium to form bones and maintain the body during increased exertion.
    Amaranth oil by the amount of calcium in the composition has bypassed even whole milk.
  • To improve the body’s metabolism will help phospholipids. They are also necessary for the normalization of metabolism and stabilization of fat metabolism. Phospholipids are useful for the prevention of most cardiovascular diseases, essential for the functioning of the liver and the normalization of the nervous system. Complex lipids have a beneficial effect on the digestive organs and skin condition.
  • Sterols are necessary for the body to control the level of cholesterol in the blood, to prevent cardiovascular diseases. Recent studies have shown that sterols inhibit the formation of cancers of the breast, colon, ovaries, lungs and stomach. They received such valuable properties due to antioxidant properties. In addition, the immunity is greatly enhanced.

It is thanks to the invaluable benefits of amaranth oil for human health, it is widely used, adding to food, cocktails, applying externally. Within a few days after the application, the first results appear, and with regular use, many health problems can be forgotten altogether. All useful properties can be obtained only on condition that high-quality and natural oil is used.

How not to make a mistake in choosing?
One of the most falsified oils is considered to be exactly amaranth. Therefore, after purchasing it in regular stores, people often do not see any result and are disappointed in it, denying the healing properties. To avoid such troubles simply by following simple tips:

  • When choosing oil you need to pay attention to the method of its production. The most valuable is the cold pressed method, which allows you to save the required number of healing properties to obtain the maximum effect. Extraction with carbon dioxide significantly reduces the amount of substances necessary for the body, such as antioxidants and squalene. Oil extraction has a negative effect on the concentration of vitamins in the oil.
  • Priority oils poured into glass bottles. Unlike plastic, they do not lead to oxidation reactions of the product.
  • Raw materials for the production of the best product come from South American countries. Oils made from amaranth, brought from the south of Europe, the Caucasus and Asia, are also allowed. At the same time, do not pay attention to the location of production. Seeds tolerate transportation, in contrast to many other plants. That is why amaranth oil does not require the location of production in the immediate vicinity of the place of growth.
  • Natural and high-quality oil can be purchased exclusively in specialized stores that have been selling for a long time and have satisfied customers.

The main differences of high-quality oil

It is possible to distinguish natural oil from a fake by its smell, color and taste. Oil color depends on the color of raw materials – inflorescences and the plant itself. Therefore, the color can vary from bright yellow to brown. In any case, it should be liquid, even minimal viscosity is excluded. Separately, should highlight the aroma of oil. A subtle grassy-woody scent in combination with soft nutty notes and a slight bitter overtone soothe and relax. Amaranth oil has a mild nutty flavor. Due to its unobtrusiveness and ease, it can take even sensitive people to unpleasant tastes.

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