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Amaranth products are in demand, although reviews about it are different: from enthusiastic to restrained. The second option relates to taste preferences and unwillingness to listen to your body. But positive reviews prevail and examples of changes for the better in health are given.

Customer experience as a guideline

A lot of reviews about the taste of amaranth products. But if some consumers note a pleasant nutty flavor in it, then others do not even notice it. In some types of cereals and bread (depending on the manufacturer), consumers like neutrality, the unobtrusiveness of the amaranth smell, but most importantly, many people like the nutritional value of the product, the abundance of protein in it. On culinary resources there are a lot of reviews about amaranth flour.

In particular, housewives who prefer to cook everything on their own report that they add amaranth flour to each baking to increase protein intake, and in the mornings the whole family likes to have breakfast with oat and amaranth pancakes. Another housewife notes that amaranth flour was perfect for making pancakes (“by consistency they are denser than rice, for example”).

Cookies are delicious, for the preparation of which amaranth and oat flour are taken in equal parts. Amateur chefs talk about examples of making nutless nut muffins, and this option is called the best find for those who are allergic to nuts. In particular, it is noted that “in terms of splendor, softness, humidity, this baking is not very different from that made from ordinary wheat flour, except perhaps a little denser. It’s not expensive, tasty and healthy. ”

A huge plus of amaranth flour is consumers call it a high content of protein and all the necessary trace elements. It is also alleged that dishes prepared with the addition of it have “a better saturation effect and the usual serving of food can be markedly reduced.”

Many people like the taste and properties of amaranth pasta. The users of culinary sites have seen from their own experience that properly cooked pasta is “tasty, nutritious, boils quickly, does not stick together, and is healthy.” It is also noted that the dishes “are suitable for both kids and adults, including allergy sufferers, people who control their weight, and diabetics.”

You can also see detailed explanations of the choice of amaranth pasta on the sites. Mentioned, in particular, the definitions of “potato belly” (like potato dishes), and “pasta belly” (prefer pasta to all types of side dishes). If the child belongs to the second type of preference, but suffers from glycemia, then pasta from amaranth flour is recognized as a real salvation in this case.

Many reviews note the ability of amaranth products to improve their health, especially in cases where drug treatment does not give a sustainable result. This applies to a number of violations:

  • diabetes;
  • psoriasis;
  • allergies of any origin:
  • acne
  • avitaminosis;
  • frequent headaches;
  • side effects of medications.

These and other health problems are resolved faster with amaranth products. The positive effects of amaranth seed oil are especially noted. But here, as users emphasize, it is important to adhere to the recommendations indicated on the product packaging: “then it will be tasty and healthy.”

A little about popular products

The flour Amaranth Bio is in demand. The company has been growing amaranth for 5 years using organic technologies, which makes any product based on it safe. The description focuses on the rich and unique composition of amaranth flour, which brings it to the category of superfoods, functional food products. The effect of the composition is also manifested in the consumption of products: they help recover after illness, stress, physical and nervous overload. Amaranth flour does not contain gluten (gluten), and at the same time it contains a large amount of high-quality protein, vitamins, micro and macro elements. Amaranth flour-based foods are good for pregnant, lactating mothers.

Amaranth brand Healthy Generation found their buyer and Macaroni. According to the manufacturer, this product does not contain chemical impurities, dyes, preservatives and, of course, there is no GMO. The company’s products are useful for people who seek to lead a healthy lifestyle, take care of their health.

People who prefer quick and wholesome breakfasts and snacks can use Shvedov Organic Amaranth Flakes. This is a great option for instant porridge cooking (cooked in minutes), which, as noted by users, gives a feeling of satiety and a charge of energy for a long time. In addition, even in the cooked dish, the useful composition of amaranth is maximally preserved, and the product can be used to prevent diseases.

Grand Amaranth amaranth rolls, muffins and muffins made from amaranth flour are in increasing demand. They are baked according to a recipe developed at the enterprise itself, taking into account the wishes of consumers. Such products give a feeling of satiety and saturate with energy, are healthy.

Sweet tooths like the Amaranth gluten-free Am-Choko dessert with carob and coconut from the well-known Amaranth Bio company. Among the ingredients (except for amaranth flour) is the dried pulp of the carob or carob. This is a unique superfood that has natural sweetness and does not require the addition of sugar to foods. In addition, it does not contain caffeine, and is considered the best option for fans of chocolate, forced to limit its use. Moreover, carob is very useful: it contains 40% carbohydrates. Dessert itself is considered easy to prepare, and as a result we get a product with an exquisite chocolate flavor. It contains no gluten, lactose, dyes, disintegrants and preservatives.


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