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Choosing healthy foods is becoming the norm in many countries. Contributing to this is the expansion of the product range of companies that focus on the demand of people who want to eat healthy and healthy, for a variety of reasons, adhere to a gluten-free diet.

Amaranth in the food industry
The results of studies conducted by scientists from different countries speak in favor of amaranth, its processed products. In particular, after studying the chemical composition and properties of amaranth oilcake, its physico-chemical characteristics and the fractional composition of proteins, scientists have considered the possibility of introducing oilcake of this plant into meat products as a source of protein and essential amino acids. As one of the arguments in favor of such a recommendation, the high quality of the protein in amaranth is indicated. In this plant, protein contains a significant amount of essential amino acids. Among them is lysine, which is two times more here than wheat, and 3 times more than corn and sorghum.

It is also noted that amaranth is a unique plant due to the presence of squalene. This organic compound is capable of:

  • “Capture” oxygen and penetrate into all tissues, spreading in all directions in the body;
  • update all cells of organs and systems;
  • not give opportunities for the development of diseases;
  • stimulate increased immunity.

According to scientists, the production of meat products with the addition of amaranth processing products is beneficial due to the starch properties of this plant. It makes up to 70% of the weight of the seeds of a given crop, and the size of its granules is several times smaller than that of rice or corn. Due to this, amaranth starch is more preferable as a filler in the manufacture of sausages, which are frozen and subsequently thawed.

The use of amaranth flour in the food industry is also beneficial. This product contains:

  • 3.8 times more proteins than in wheat flour;
  • lipids 9.4 times;
  • fiber 17 times;
  • ash 8.8 times;
  • sodium 24 times;
  • potassium 4.2 times;
  • calcium 19 times;
  • magnesium 6 times;
  • phosphorus 5 times;
  • iron 36 times;
  • thiamine 33 times;
  • riboflavin 74 times;
  • Niacin 1.2 times.

In addition, the proteins of amaranth flour are of high biological value. The amount of essential amino acids in the protein of amaranth flour is 17.6 g / 100 g of protein, the total number of amino acids is 37.7 g / 100 g of protein. While in wheat flour the total amount of amino acids is 10.4 g / 100 g of protein. Thus, amaranth flour has a more balanced amino acid composition compared to wheat flour. Therefore, it is advisable to use it in bread baking instead of wheat flour to improve the balance of limiting amino acids.

Amaranth flour is added to bakery products, pasta. The processed products of the plant are introduced into fermented milk products, instant cereals, and become part of baby food. They are in demand by those who need a gluten-free diet, since amaranth does not have gluten, as well as athletes, those who struggle with excess weight, various health disorders.

The level of production of gluten-free products only rises 10% annually. The most popular amaranth products in the United States, Canada, Asia and South America, Africa, as well as in Germany, the Czech Republic, France, Armenia, Ukraine.

Given the increasing need for gluten-free food and contributing to better health, scientists recommend the processing of several varieties of amaranth. Food grades are Kharkov, Valentina, Aztec, Atlant, Creamy early, Shuntuk, Ultra.

What products with amaranth to choose
In the Kherson region organized the production of a unique product. This is honey amaranth based on honey and organic amaranth flour. It combines the healing properties of amaranth and honey. The novelty has already become interested in consumers, including foreign, in particular British. It has been proven that honey amaranth can be introduced into the diet of both adults and children. In the near future it is planned to expand the range and the production of honey amaranth with impurities of various beekeeping products (with pollen, royal milk) is already being tested.

Amaranth extract of oil with amaranth flour TM Amaranth Bio appeared on the market. The product is made from the amaranth of the Kharkiv-1 Medicinal cultivar grown by organic technology. It does not contain the remains of herbicides, pesticides, pesticides and desiccants (chemicals from the pesticide group). In this case, the hood has preventive and therapeutic properties, can be used in a complex effect on the body in a number of diseases.

n demand Macaroni Health No. 10 with amaranth seeds Mac-Var. As part of the product, wheat flour, grade 1, amaranth seeds non-fat (meal), and to taste it resembles ordinary pasta. The description focuses on the properties of amaranth grain, taken as a raw material. A powerful antitumor effect of the product is noted, its ability to enhance immunity and serve as a source of strength and longevity.

Topinambur with amaranth produced by the Ukrainian company Olivia helps to strengthen health and even reduce the risk of developing tumor formations. The combination of the properties of an earthen pear (Jerusalem artichoke) and amaranth has an excellent effect on the whole body, and especially on the digestive system. Consumption of the product offered by the Ukrainian company positively affects the number of bifidobacteria that produce vitamins necessary for the body and suppress pathogenic microflora – staphylococci, enterococci, shigella, salmonella. In addition, this product helps to normalize carbohydrate metabolism and lower blood sugar, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, and slows down aging. The caloric content of 100 g of a mixture of Jerusalem artichoke and amaranth is 61 kcal, the amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates is 2.1 g, 0.1 g and 12.8 g, respectively.

You can delight yourself with one of the amazing dishes of oriental cuisine by buying Falafel with amaranth TM Vegan Fit. The product offered by the manufacturer is a semi-finished product that is almost ready to eat. It only needs to be fried in oil or baked in an oven. Falafel is prepared according to a special recipe with the participation of nutritionists, it is very saturated with proteins and does not contain cholesterol. It has no gluten and lactose. The product is in demand by vegans, supporters of a healthy diet.

Healthy Generation company in Ukraine has launched the production of healthy and healthy products for children. It is portioned with the addition of peanuts and chocolate. The product does not contain sugar, lactose, and it does not contain preservatives or flavorings. Such breakfast cereals are dietary, vegetarian. As noted in the reviews, this is a very tasty and hearty breakfast or snack, and is suitable for the whole family.

Amaranth rolls are also in demand among healthy food supporters. The manufacturer offers a product made only from amaranth flour, as well as with additives in the form of hemp, pumpkin seeds and sunflower. Buns are easily digested, give the body an additional supply of vitamins and minerals, amino acids. They do not contain gluten and have high nutritional value, which gives reason to include them in diet food.

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