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Recently, a German site caught sight of it that promotes and sells amaranth products. It became interesting – what exactly and why the Germans buy the most. I had to analyze the site, spend a few days on it to study the product description.

As a result, it was possible to prepare a full article. In it I will tell you what amaranth products and why the Germans love the most. All information provided is based on data from a German online store.

Organic product: why amaranth can be trusted
Exotic products that are produced on the domestic German market are manufactured in accordance with strict rules and requirements. Only if the manufacturer complies with all established standards, it is allowed to indicate on the label that the product is organic.

For the consumer, this suggests that the products are completely safe; no chemicals or fertilizers were used in their cultivation, processing and packaging.

By the way, despite the fact that amaranth does not necessarily require the use of fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals during cultivation (including protection against pests), it can accumulate negative substances when it is grown on too alkaline and previously excessively fertilized soil. – pulling them out of the ground. That is why the label “Organic Product” is issued only after extensive testing and research products.

Therefore, if you buy amaranth with appropriate labeling for use in cosmetic, dietary or other purposes, you can be sure that you get a really clean product, in which there are no hidden unwanted ingredients.

As you can see, in Germany there are quite strict rules that all manufacturers must comply with.

What products from amaranth in Germany are in demand and why
Amaranth allows you to produce a variety of products that enjoy success in the market of fans of healthy and safe organic food. In particular, the Germans appreciated the unsurpassed qualities:

  • seeds;
  • oils;
  • flour;
  • popcorn and other products from amaranth.

What is most in demand and why?

Amaranth seeds
When it comes to amaranth, many immediately represent small grains sold in specialized health food stores. Amaranth seeds

Amaranth can be grown even in your garden. Since the plant is not demanding on the weather. It is important to protect it from frost. In addition, amaranth is an annual plant, so it must be planted every year. Seeds should be placed at a depth of 1-2 centimeters in the ground. It is important to provide moderate soil moisture to get a good harvest.

Amaranth seeds are recommended to use:

  • for cooking cereals;
  • to add to smoothies;
  • to add to pastries.

Amaranth oil
If you want to get all the beneficial properties of amaranth in a concentrated form, it is recommended to buy amaranth oil. But only obtained by cold pressing.

It has a pleasant nutty taste and is ideal for cooking. For example, oil can be added to salads, used in any other recipes instead of regular vegetable oil. It is also recommended to use as a basis for natural home cosmetics:

  • creams;
  • masks;
  • mousses, etc.

The advantages of amaranth oil are that it contains large quantities of various substances needed by the human body. We are talking about such components as:

  • polyunsaturated omega fatty acids;
  • up to 35% oleic acid and vitamin E (tocopherol);
  • vitamins B2 and B2, D and E;
  • squalene, triterpene with strong antioxidant properties, and palmitic acid.

The oil can be used as a skin care product; it is an excellent preventive natural remedy that can resist wrinkles. Also, the oil is recommended for those who have dry, too sensitive skin, there are various dermatitis, including psoriasis. It should be noted its moisturizing and antioxidant properties.

Since amaranth seeds are rather small, it takes a lot to extract oil. Accordingly, the price, of course, is higher than that of conventional vegetable oils.

Amaranth Popcorn
Popcorn was known in Central America long before the arrival of the Spaniards. How to cook popcorn from amaranth, we have already written. It is enough just to put the grains in the preheated pan, as they literally explode. Since they are too dense surface that does not allow moisture to evaporate, when the grains are heated, the water in them literally boils, which leads to an “explosion”.

There is nothing difficult in the preparation of amaranth popcorn. However, as shown by my small studies, the Germans prefer to buy ready-made popcorn, sold in organic food stores.

It can be eaten for breakfast, bay milk. Or just use as a snack when watching movies or sports. To make it tastier, they are recommended to be watered with peanut butter, maple syrup, or sprinkled with powdered sugar.

“Exploded” seeds are also used in cereal or chocolate bars or in cereal mixtures.

Amaranth flour
Amaranth flour is obtained by crushing the seeds of this plant. She sold already finished. Although you can get it at home, using a coffee grinder or other similar equipment that can grind grain.

Amaranth flour is used in cooking:

  • of bread;
  • buns;
  • other baking;
  • smoothies.

However, it must be remembered that there is no gluten in amaranth flour, and therefore it is almost impossible to make dough from it. Amaranth flour should be mixed with other types of flour – wheat, rye and other – in the ratio of 1: 2 or 1: 3.

Although the main advantage of amaranth flour in this case – the absence of gluten – will be lost. To save it, it is recommended to use one of the following products as a connecting element ensuring the creation of a complete test.

Xanthan gum is a natural polysaccharide, which is obtained by bacteria from sugar. However, some people who are sensitive to gluten also complain about xanthan gum.
Guar gum has a strong water-binding and thickening effect.
Flour obtained from the fruit of the carob tree.
Chia seeds – pour hot water on it and leave it to swell to form a kind of gel, which will act as a binding substance for the dough.
Corn starch.
This gelatin is mixed with water according to the recipe, and then mixed in the dough. Exception: yeast dough does not like gelatin!
Eggs – egg whites that are whipped and egg whites added to the dough also act as “glue”.
Honey or agave syrup, but not suitable for savory or salty pastries.
Note. Amaranth flour is good for making pancakes. It can also be added to cereal when preparing breakfast.

Amaranth noodles
I do not even know what to tell. Extremely healthy and tasty product. Does not contain gluten. Is dietary. In general, a great alternative to regular pasta.

Energy Bars with Amaranth 
The forerunner of all energy and cereal bars was probably the Aztec dessert “Alegria”, which is still produced in Mexico.

Amaranth seeds are simply mixed with syrup or honey and are offered in dried form as a bar or donut.

Today, healthy and organic food stores offer shoppers gluten-free and amaranth-free chocolate and cereal bars. Bars are filled with useful substances and, depending on the content of sugar and chocolate, are also suitable for people engaged in both physical and mental labor.

Eye Pillow
After cherry stone or linen pillows, which provide soothing warmth for joints suffering from degenerative diseases, there are now cooling, relaxing eye pads.

Amaranth grain filling of the eye pad provides a cooling effect even at room temperature. These pads are made with a special rubber band, which simplifies fixation on the eyes. Pads for the eyes

Covers for them are made in many colors and with different filling options, which also contain rose petals or Swiss cedar shavings (for a good night’s sleep!).

Amaranth products in Germany: summing up
As you can see, amaranth is highly regarded in Germany. Germans are offered a wide selection of products made from this plant.

In general, these are the same goods as ours. Although there are some new varieties. For example, we are talking about energy bars, which are not yet in high demand in our country, and eyeliners.

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