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Amaranth is a unique protein plant. Today it is becoming increasingly popular. More and more farmers are starting to grow it. So that you can be sure that amaranth is really cultivating Ukrainian farms, we have prepared for you a brief selection of news about this plant.

Amaranth in the Lviv region
In the farm “Kostov” (Zolochevsky district, Lviv region), amaranth has been grown for several years, or as it is called shchiritsa. Reports the edition about it with reference to

According to the farmer Bogdan Kostiv, this plant is called the culture of the third millennium. It is rich in high-quality protein, fats and other valuable substances.

This year, the Kharkiv-1 variety is cultivated in the fields of the farm, which, according to Bogdan Kostiv, is universal. Prior to this, the Skif variety was also sown.

Sowing amaranth in the farm “Kostov” is carried out in May, depending on weather conditions. While harvesting with the onset of the first frost. According to the farmer, the culture is sensitive to the soil crust, the second problem is the weeds.

15 enterprises specializing in the processing of amaranth are operating in Ukraine
According to the publication, the volume of the world market of amaranth and amaranth products reaches 0.5 billion dollars. In addition, every year this figure grows by 12%. Ukrainian producers supply only 1% of the total market oil to the world market for amaranth oil.

This information is provided by the head of the Association of Amaranth and Amaranth Products Manufacturers, Alexander Duda. He reported these data during the conference “Niche Crops. Problems and Prospects ”, initiated and organized by the ProAgro Group.

According to Alexander Duda, as of the summer of 2018, the processing of amaranth seeds and the production of amaranth flour and amaranth oil in Ukraine are engaged in 15 enterprises. Two more farms specialize in the production of amaranth tea.

In addition, in the city of Dnipro there is a modern center for the purification of amaranth seeds. Appeared in the core domestic market and this type of product, as amaranth cereals. An enterprise from the city of Nikolaev offers consumers amaranth flakes.

According to Alexander Duda, in 2017, Ukrainian farms sowed amaranth on an area of ​​250 hectares. However, in 2018, these figures increased more than 3 times – 800 hectares of amaranth crops are cultivated. However, this is not the limit. Amaranth in Ukraine occupied the largest areas 15 years ago – in 2003 the plant occupied 35 thousand hectares.

According to Alexander Duda, the cost of one ton of amaranth commodity seeds reaches 25 thousand hryvnia. If we are talking about organic amaranth, then its price is not lower than 35 thousand hryvnia per ton. At the same time, the yield of the plant is not less than 1.5 tons per hectare.

Association of manufacturers of amaranth and amaranth products successfully works in Ukraine
In 2017, the Association of Manufacturers of Amaranth and Amaranth Products was created and registered. Director Screenshot_1 Associations – Alexander Duda. Association website – Address: Ukraine, Dnipro, Katerinoslavsky Boulevard, 2, of. 526. Tel. +380963444438.

As stated in the Charter of the Association – it is a public organization. So in the Charter describes the objectives of the organization. In particular, this: “The main goal of the Organization’s activity is to promote the development of the agricultural sector of Ukraine in the field of coordinating the actions of amaranth-growing agricultural producers and processors who use seeds, meal, flour, oil, leaves and inflorescences, green mass, in their technological process, assisting members in resolving problematic issues. ”

The active activities of the Association stimulated the development of the industry, and also contributed to the popularization of amaranth in Ukraine.

One of the leading landowners of Ukraine is interested in growing amaranth
August 10 on the portal there was news that one of the leading landowners of Ukraine is interested in growing amaranth.

As the newspaper writes, in 2018 significantly increased the amount of acreage under amaranth. Including, under the organic. Which in Ukraine is already 30% of the total. The main share of the amaranth market is accounted for by private, small farms that do not have the full set of equipment and tools necessary for the full cultivation of amaranth.

The publication in its publication refers to the words of the Director of the Association of Producers of Amaranth and Amaranth Products Oleksandr Duda, who notes that at the moment there is no technical development of this branch of agriculture in Ukraine.

As Alexander Duda told the publication, one of the leading Ukrainian landowners is interested in growing amaranth. What does this give to the industry? A lot of things. Such a large player comes in is:

  • innovation and modern technology;
  • newest technologies;
  • increasing yield potential;
  • stable resource base;
  • strict quality control.

As the Director of the Association noted, the average yield of amaranth in 2018 on the fields of Ukraine will be about 2 tons per hectare of sown area. The entire crop will go to processing. The main goal is to produce amaranth oil, most of which is exported abroad. Also from the harvest as a result of processing will be obtained polished grits and flour, used subsequently for the manufacture of bakery products.

In conclusion, Alexander Duda noted that at the moment Ukraine is capable of processing about 400 tons of amaranth commodity seeds every month. If we talk about the export of amaranth products, then Ukrainian amaranth oil and amaranth oil are the most popular.

It became known which of the landowners is interested in the cultivation of amaranth
And on August 20, the publication announced the name of the company, which became interested in amaranth production. This is the landowner AgroGeneration – in the plans of this company already in 2019 to sow 20 hectares of amaranth. Such a small amount, as for such a powerful organization, is due to the fact that initially the company is going to work out the technology to test two varieties of amaranth: “Lera” and “Kharkivsky-1”. Harvesting amaranth

Citing this information, the publication refers to the website.

According to Alexander Duda, if the “AgroGeneration” landowner reaches the planned economic effect, then in 2020 it is planned to take up about 1000 hectares of land owned by the company under the amaranth.

According to A. Duda, in “AgroGeneration”, a long time ago they were looking for a culture that could complement the four-field crop rotation existing at the time of the latifundista. One of the requirements for such a culture is its ability to generate income in the amount of not less than 10 thousand hryvnias per hectare of sown area and the ability to improve the fertility of the land. That is why it was decided to choose amaranth.

We will continue to track the news of the agrarian sector of Ukraine concerning the cultivation of amaranth and will be sure to share them with you in the near future.

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