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The maximum return in livestock can be obtained through the use of high-quality fortified feed. This rule works equally well on industrial and private scales. Animals receiving feed containing amaranth are less sick, they gain weight faster, cows and goats have higher milk yields and fat content. At the same time, positive changes occur without the participation of any artificial impurities, but due to the natural components of the feed. Now more about this and some supplements.


What are the benefits?


Amaranth has long been known for the uniqueness of its composition. There are only 10 types of vitamins in it and as many as microelements, and the list of all useful substances can take a whole page. Among all known and most popular grain crops, this plant is recognized as the best in balance of amino acid composition. He has no equal in protein quality: he is closest to the theoretically calculated ideal protein. So, if the ratio to the ideal protein in amaranth is 75%, in cow’s milk – 72%, soy – 68%, barley – 62%, wheat – 60%, corn – 44%, peanuts – 32%. In the process of research proved that the seeds of this plant contain more protein than wheat, rye, corn, buckwheat and soy.


Amaranth is also leading due to the presence of a large number of amino acids. In terms of the content of lysine, tryptophan, arginine, methionine and phenylalanine, it surpasses almost all known leguminous crops. Particularly noteworthy is the high content of lysine (30 times more than in wheat grain). Food with amaranth due to the presence of lysine is better absorbed, since this amino acid promotes better absorption of other ingredients.


All substances contained in amaranth work to promote the health of animals and birds. Feed and supplements based on products derived from this plant have several important properties. It:
• anti-inflammatory;
• antiparasitic;
• antiviral;
• regeneration.
In addition, thanks to such feeds and additives, the immune system is strengthened, toxins are removed from the body, and the development of diseases is prevented.


About some feed and supplements with amaranth
Immediately, we note that processing grain into complete feed increases the efficiency of its use by 20–30%. For example, the use of each centner of compound feed as compared with grain forage makes it possible to obtain an additional 25–30 kg of milk, 3–4 kg of meat, 75–90 eggs. In this feed and supplements with amaranth contain:
• vitamins A, B, D, E, K;
• calcium;
• amino acids;
• macro and micronutrients;
• protein;
• fat.
The difference may be in proportions, depending on the properties of the components of the feed or additive and on the age category of animals or birds. Thus, in many feeds, crude protein is indicated, that is, the total amount of proteins, amino acids and amides. It must be present in the diet of animals in sufficient quantities, and it is necessary for the full development of cells, all systems and organs, to maintain health. The lower the age of the animal or bird, the greater the percentage of crude protein usually found in the feed. For example, in feed with green mass of amaranth for feeding turkeys in the period of 1-8 weeks contains 25% crude protein, and for turkeys older than 9 weeks – 21.5%.


Indeed, growth, productivity, state of health of animals and poultry depends on the quality of feed, the required amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. For best results on weight gain and productivity, dietary supplement amaranth in granules, made only from products obtained during the processing of this plant, is often introduced into the diet. It is based on amaranth meal, whole grain flour, grass meal, and this supplement is suitable for any domestic animals, that is, it is universal. For birds, it is recommended to add 15-25% dry amaranth granules to the main feed, and for animals – 20-30%. It has also been noted that as a result of the use of the amaranth bioadditive, the weight gain increases by up to 25%, while the quality of the product increases, and this applies to both meat and milk and eggs. In addition, the risk of disease is reduced in both animals and birds. Thus, during the observation process, it was found that even rabbits, which are most susceptible to death from infections, when receiving a dietary supplement from amaranth, easily tolerated infections.

It is useful to introduce into the diet of animals also other additives and complete feed with amaranth. So, for starters pigs are often introduced prestarter or granulated complete feed, enriched with vitamins and minerals. Its composition is selected so that it easily digestible components, the best combination of all necessary biologically active substances, the optimal percentage of these components. Amaranth Prestarters are distinguished by the presence of a large amount of protein, fat, lysine, and unsaturated fatty acids. It is also important that squalene is present in the composition of this grain crop – an organic compound that, when released into the body, releases oxygen from water and nourishes the tissues and organs. Therefore, amaranth in the composition of the feed plays the role of a strong immunostimulant. Such food, in particular, contributes to the formation of a strong skeleton and muscles.


One of the ways to improve the quality of animal nutrition is the use of mixed feed with amaranth oilcake. This product is obtained when oil is obtained from grain by pressing, and as a result, a large amount of fat and digestible protein remains in it, so oil cake is considered an excellent protein food: it is fragmented for adults, and it is better to grind young animals. This supplement contains 33-35% of balanced protein, 5-9% of oil, as well as phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and rutin or vitamin P. Thus, the amount of magnesium here is 2, and calcium is 7 times higher than that of wheat, rice . The special composition of the amaranth itself and the mixed fodder based on it gives high results when raising young stock. For example, as a result of using amaranth oilcake in broiler chickens feeds, the final content of essential amino acids in meat rises by 9.5%, of replaceable amino acids – by 7.5%. During the period of growing broiler chickens from 5 to 42 days, live weight and its average daily gain is higher than usual. At the same time, the cost of feed per 1 kg increase in live weight on average, both in natural and monetary terms, is less than when feeding chickens with conventional feed.


The benefit of bran bran from amaranth grain has also been proven. Their main value is the high content of dietary fiber, as well as the biologically active components of whole grains. In particular, this grain processing product contains about 80% of amino acids, a large amount of vitamins A, E, C, group B, as well as potassium, calcium, fluorine, copper, zinc, magnesium, chromium, selenium and other beneficial substances. If we talk about the advantages of this type of food, then compared to the same type of product from another type of grain, amaranth bran is more satisfying. They have several times more fiber, amino acids and minerals than, for example, in wheat, and the protein or protein that is part of the bran is almost completely digested by the body of the animal. At the same time, they have an excellent antibacterial property, that is, they also have a therapeutic effect. The feed value of bran depends on the flour remaining in them: the more grain it is, and the shells of the grain are smaller, the higher the nutritional value and caloric content of the feed, and in this regard bran in a compacted form is considered more nutritious. Due to the fact that bran is a cheap and important component of balanced feed, their use helps to reduce the cost of agricultural products and increase the production of meat, eggs, milk.

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