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Amaranth cultivation volumes in Ukraine are significantly increasing, and processing is also growing. Some enterprises offer new unique amaranth products. And in the coming year there will be a significant increase in agricultural land allocated for amaranth.

Read about this and other in our next article. We have gathered the most interesting news about amaranth over the past few months.

In 2020, cultivated areas under amaranth will increase by 5 times!
The amaranth boom in Ukrainian agriculture is only expanding. More and more ideas are emerging regarding the processing of plants, seeds, and food production.

Analyst data appeared in several media outlets. They give the following numbers:

  • in 2017, only 250 hectares of fields were occupied under amaranth;
  • in 2018 – already 800 hectares;
  • in 2019, sown areas under amaranth reached 4,000 hectares.

As experts predict, in 2020 it is planned to devote about 20,000 hectares to amaranth. Crop growth will be five times!

Growing interest in amaranth worldwide
According to analysts, the reason for the popularity of amaranth among Ukrainian farmers was the increasing interest in culture on the world market. Thanks to this, new opportunities appear to receive income from the cultivation of amaranth and the production of products from it.

For example, the market for amaranth oil reaches $ 0.5 billion per year. And the demand for amaranth oil is increasing annually by 12%.

What is the use of amaranth
Analysts also note the incredible properties of amaranth, its benefits to human health. The main unique feature of amaranth is the high content of linoleic acid. This substance is very important for ensuring optimal functioning of the human body.

Note! Linoleic acid is essential for protein synthesis.

Valuable and amaranth oil. It contains a large amount of squalene. This is a natural compound necessary for normal lipid metabolism. In addition, squalene helps prevent premature aging. Previously, squalene could be isolated only from the liver of a deep-sea shark, but now there is no need for it – amaranth is able to satisfy the ever-increasing needs of mankind in this substance.

Pre-purchase of amaranth
Manufacturers of amaranth products, companies specializing in the processing of plants and seeds, repurchase seeds in advance. They enter into contracts with farmers during the planting period. Therefore, farmers are sure to receive money for their products.

But analysts note that the optimal development of the situation is to combine the cultivation of amaranth and the extraction of oil from it. So it will be possible to get much more profit. However, in order to create an enterprise capable of processing up to 3,000 tons of seeds per year, it is necessary to invest $ 4 million in the business.

5-fold increase in processing volumes: Healthy Generation goes to a new level
Along with the growth of amaranth cultivation, an increase in seed processing volumes is also observed.

In particular, the Healthy Generation company located in the Dnieper city since the beginning of 2019 has significantly increased its monthly seed processing volumes from 300 to 2,000 kilograms. And at the end of autumn, an increase of 5 times was planned. This information was provided to Ukrainian publications by the director of the enterprise A. Sazonovsky.

As noted by Andrei Sazonovsky, the cost of raw materials – amaranth seeds – is quite high. This is what holds back the company, not allowing it to further increase production and make amaranth as familiar as the famous cereals – buckwheat, rice and others.

Healthy Generation buys amaranth seeds for processing from the producer, its permanent partner, which is Amarant TPG.

Amaranth sphere development: which products are already presented on the shelves of Ukrainian stores
But despite all the constraints, today Healthy Generation products are presented in 11 well-known Ukrainian retail chains. To expand production volumes, not only Ukrainian, but also foreign raw materials are used. In particular, these are:

  • chocolate from Belgium;
  • chia seeds;
  • quinoa seeds.

According to the director of Healthy Generation, the company has solid plans. It is planned to significantly expand the customer base. In particular, corn amaranth pads should appear on the market. The ingredients for their production are natural:

  • milk;
  • stevia;
  • vegetables;
  • and others.

Healthy Generation: what else does the company offer
Healthy Generation is a well-known company in the Ukrainian food market.

Among the well-known “developments” of the company:

  • durum wheat pasta with the addition of buckwheat flour and amaranth;
  • gluten-free pasta – from rice, amaranth and buckwheat with the addition of natural vegetable juices, but without the use of palm oil, sugar, etc.

TPG Amarant accepted 2,000 tons of amaranth seeds for cleaning
Back in September, the Amarant commercial and industrial group (Dnipro) announced its readiness to accept 2,000 tons of amaranth seeds for cleaning. This information was announced in early autumn by the head of the Association of Amaranth Producers of Ukraine Alexander Duda.

Note! TPA “Amaranth” for 2 years has been actively studying the technology of processing amaranth seeds and was engaged in improving technological processes. Also, a unique line for cleaning various agricultural crops was established here.

According to Alexander Duda, the Association is as responsive as possible to all agricultural producers, many of which only gain experience in growing and processing amaranth. Therefore, they are not yet able to achieve large yields.

It was decided to maintain current purchase prices:

  • 25 thousand hryvnias per ton of peeled amaranth seeds;
  • 30 thousand hryvnias per ton of organic amaranth seeds;

However, TPG “Amaranth” takes care of all expenses necessary for cleaning and drying the seeds. Such a decision was made in order to provide Ukrainian processing enterprises with the highest quality raw materials, which ultimately will significantly increase the export potential of finished amaranth products.

In addition, according to Alexander Duda, the question now is about implementing a large-scale project. Its name is Dnepropetrovsk – the amaranth capital. The project is planned to be implemented on the basis of the well-known enterprise UkrBioLend. Through this project, it is possible to create the most attractive investment climate so that there are opportunities to organize the processing of organic amaranth. In particular, the implementation of the project will allow:

  • significantly reduce logistics costs;
  • provide maximum product quality control;
  • guarantee quality monitoring at all stages of production;
  • to achieve the lowest possible cost of the final product.

Note! An agreement was reached on the introduction of a new technology for cleaning amaranth seeds in newly built elevators near Odessa and Nikolaev.

Amaranth processing in Ukraine: 15 enterprises are already working in this area
As mentioned above, the global market for amaranth oil is $ 0.5 billion. Each year, market volumes increase by an average of 12%. But the share of Ukraine is only 1%.

Such information was provided by Alexander Duda, head of the Ukrainian Association of amaranth producers.

According to him, 15 Ukrainian enterprises and 2 farms are involved in amaranth processing – they make from the seeds of a plant:

  • flour;
  • vegetable oil;
  • tea.

Special mention deserves the Center for Seed Cleaning, which operates in the city of Dnipro.

Thanks to Ukrainian enterprises, products such as:

  • amaranth groats;
  • amaranth flakes.

The development of the domestic market for amaranth products is also facilitated by the growth of the areas allocated for the crops of this plant.

Interesting fact! It is expected that in 2020 about 20,000 hectares of land will be allocated for amaranth. Although in 2017 only 250 hectares were sown. The maximum for the history of Ukraine is in 2003 – 35,000 hectares.

Polesie farmers have relied on amaranth
Amaranth is cultivated by both large and small farms. Among the latter, the farm of Irina Pavlova-Mechkalo, located in the village of Remchitsy, Sarnensky district, deserves mention.

The farmer began to grow amaranth for several reasons. One of them is the unpretentiousness of the plant. In addition, amaranth seeds are very useful. They contain many useful substances, compounds. Including essential amino acids.

According to Irina Pavlova-Mechkalo, amaranth is not picky about growing conditions. It can be planted on different soils:

  • sand;
  • clay.

The plant tolerates well a lack of moisture, an increased iron content in the soil. It is easy to care for crops.

By the way, given these properties and characteristics of the plant, amaranth began to be actively grown in the fields of the Rivne region:

  • Agricultural enterprise “Nove Zhittya” – 50 hectares;
  • Agricultural enterprise “Agro Organics” – 7 hectares.

However, there are still certain features that should be considered when growing amaranth in order to achieve high results. For example, it is important that the soil contains a large amount of nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, potassium.

According to Irina Pavlova-Mechkalo, growing amaranth is a profitable industry. Since the plant quickly pays for itself, without requiring additional costs for its production. In particular, in 2019, 1.5 kilograms of seeds were allocated for crops, and the crop amounted to 2.2 tons.

There are already customers for the amaranth crop. Processing companies redeem the crop in advance. Since the seeds can be used in different industries. In particular, they apply:

  • in pharmacology;
  • in agriculture;
  • in the food industry;
  • etc.

In addition, Irina Pavlova-Mechkalo is a representative of the Runa enterprise, which supplies amaranth seeds throughout Ukraine.

In the Kherson region began production of unique products. Meet Honey Amaranth
Victoria Maslovskaya is an entrepreneur working in the Kherson region. She developed and patented a new product. This is honey amaranth. Amaranth flour and bee honey are used for its production.

According to the entrepreneur, it took three years to create the perfect recipe. However, the time spent and the loss of products were worth it – the official release of honey amaranth has recently begun.

According to Victoria, while honey amaranth will be present only in the domestic market. However, in the near future it is planned to go international. In particular, there are potential consumers in the UK – interested persons have already applied from the Kingdom. Amaranth honey was sent to Britain for testing, and at the beginning of 2020, the British are expected to visit to hold full negotiations on a subsequent partnership.

At the moment, certification is being carried out, both of all equipment used for the production of honey amaranth, and of the product itself. All this is necessary for full promotion in the market.

Victoria Maslovskaya added that initially she had to look for investors. One of them – from the USA – was ready to invest in production, but demanded copyright in return. Naturally, the entrepreneur could not agree to such conditions. Therefore, for the purchase of equipment I had to take a loan, and partially – invest personal free funds.

Features of the production of honey amaranth
Without revealing all the secrets, Victoria Maslovskaya nevertheless slightly revealed the secret of the production of honey amaranth. The main features – it is necessary to exclude high temperatures. Neither honey nor amaranth is advisable to heat more than 40 degrees.

During a long search for the optimal recipe and method of preparation, it was found that the ideal temperature regime of production is 37-38 degrees.

The plans – a significant expansion of the range
Concluding the story about her development, Victoria Maslovskaya added that in the near future, a substantial expansion of the product range. In particular, developments are already being tested in which other beekeeping products are added to amaranth:

  • pollen;
  • uterine milk.

Amaranth granules: a new line of business
In mid-autumn, the head of the Ukrainian Association of amaranth producers, Alexander Duda, announced that it was planned to launch production of new products – amaranth granules.

The main types of products from this plant:

  • flour;
  • cereals;
  • vegetable oil;
  • baby food;
  • and some others.

However, already three enterprises have begun to produce herbal amaranth granules, for the production of which the vegetative mass of the plant is used. These enterprises are located:

  • in Donetsk;
  • in Kherson;
  • in the Ternopil regions.

As A. Duda notes, amaranth granules have a high nutritional value – significantly higher than alfalfa products. In addition, recently there has been an increase in demand specifically for amaranth granules. The wholesale cost of one kilogram of this type of feed is 5 hryvnias.

Brief summary
From the foregoing, a logical conclusion can be made – amaranth continues to conquer consumers. Becoming more and more amaranth products, characterized by high quality. It is used both for the production of food for humans and for animal feed.

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