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Both amaranth seeds and its leaves are a great addition to a diet for weight loss.

Recently, amaranth is becoming increasingly popular. It turns from a glamorous and little-known product into a popular food for people seeking to preserve youth and health. Slimming agent

Amaranth a few thousand years ago became a “food” plant. It was used by the Aztecs and other ancient Indian tribes in their diets. But in our time, amaranth is not yet so popular, although scientists have already proved its incredible benefit. Seeds and leaves contain a large amount of nutrients. In particular, vitamins, minerals, trace elements.

Phytosterols should also be distinguished. Their benefit is beyond doubt. They help regulate cholesterol levels, eliminate bad cholesterol and have a beneficial effect on heart health.

The unique composition of the plant helps the body fight inflammation, is an excellent preventive complex of diseases such as:

  • hypertension;
  • diabetes;
  • and some others.

At the same time, not only seeds but also leaves are beneficial for the body. They contain large quantities:

  • folic acid;
  • cellulose;
  • antioxidants;
  • phytonutrients.

In addition, the seeds and greens amaranth – a great choice for those who want to lose those extra pounds. Why? About this below!

Why you should include amaranth in your diet for weight loss
There are at least three reasons why amaranth should be included in your diet for anyone who wants to lose weight.

1. High quality vegetable protein
In the composition of amaranth – high-quality vegetable protein. According to this indicator, he has no equal. In addition, it contains various essential organic amino acids. Therefore, for those who have problems with excess weight, this composition of the plant helps to get rid of the “sides”. Protein:

  • increases the level of hormones that reduce appetite;
  • reduces the level of the hormone ghrelin.

All this has a beneficial effect on the state of the body and its weight, it allows you to get rid of extra pounds.

2. Increased fiber content
Amaranth leaves and seeds are literally filled with fiber. And she is digested for a long time. Therefore, a person does not feel hunger for a long time, his body is full and satisfied. Therefore, the time between meals increases, and snacks are generally not necessary. As a result, the body is not gaining weight so quickly. And generally loses it.

3. Helps detoxify the body
It is established that amaranth is good for detoxifying the body. This is due to its strong antioxidant squalene. This is a natural compound with incredible properties. In addition to eliminating toxic substances, minimizing their negative effects on the body, squalene helps to prolong the body’s youth.

In addition, detox is an integral part of the weight loss regime. A clean and non-toxic diet was associated with faster weight loss.

How to consume amaranth leaves: read and save, so as not to forget
How to use amaranth seeds for food – even those who have never cooked them before can guess. After all, they represent the most common cereal. Therefore, it is best to just cook porridge from them.

Pre-seeds are soaked in clean water for several hours. Then the water is drained. The seeds are again poured with water in the ratio of 1 to 2 and boiled until the water is absorbed into the seeds. Amaranth leaves

How to cook leaves is a topic for another conversation. Therefore, we give them a little more attention. After all, this information will be useful to everyone, not just those who want to lose weight.

Amaranth leaves are compared to spinach. Traditional, in principle, greenery in many regions of the planet. The leaves have a lot of positive characteristics. And all thanks to their excellent composition. They not only help fight obesity, but also:

  • eliminate diarrhea;
  • help with internal bleeding;
  • reduce bad cholesterol;
  • have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system;
  • eliminate free radicals that provoke cancer;
  • help with skin problems, etc.

There are many recipes for the preparation of amaranth leaves. For example, in India they are cooked with lentils, served with rice. They are also fried with spices, coconut pulp, and other additives and additions.

In general, they can be cooked as you like. For example, just add raw to any salad. Or cut into small pieces and throw in the soup a few minutes before the end of cooking, let them a bit tired. Or make an ordinary sandwich – with slices of sausage, cheese, tomato. Just put there a small leaf of amaranth. It will be not just tasty, but also nutritious.

Amaranth – an excellent vegetable, natural product that helps in the fight against obesity. Its seeds, leaves are quite nutritious, and therefore reduce the number of meals. Thanks to the Amaranth Manufacturers Association, more and more products based on this plant appear in Ukrainian stores. For example, it is flour, seeds and even amaranth pasta.

By the way! And from amaranth get a lot of related products. For example, amaranth oil and flour. The first is a very valuable product used in cooking, medicine, pharmaceuticals, cosmetology.

In addition, amaranth is an excellent preventive natural remedy against many diseases. This has already been proven scientifically. In particular, it helps patients with cancer undergoing chemotherapy to recover.

However, we want to note that the data given in the article are informational. You should not perceive them as strict recommendations for action. If you have one of the aforementioned illnesses or disorders, do not use amaranth as a therapeutic drug without prior consultation with an experienced and qualified doctor.

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