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In nature, a huge amount of useful and important for the human body substances. Among them are, as is well known, vitamins bathing in the glory beams – for example, C, E, A and others – and not so well known, but important substances. Which carry almost more benefits than known vitamins.

Among such little-known, but extremely important substances, squalene deserves special attention. This is almost a fantastic chemical compound, even a small amount of which allows you to achieve a miracle. In the literal sense of the word.

Squalene is known to admirers of amaranth – at least briefly heard about it. Those who have not yet encountered amaranth may not be aware of the existence of this chemical compound.

But in fact amaranth contains a record amount of squalene – from 6 to 8 percent. What makes amaranth one of the most valuable cultures – not forgotten for some time, but bursting into the diet of people seeking to prolong youth and ensure the health of their body. In addition, amaranth is ideal for those who wish to stick to a gluten-free diet.

Many centuries ago, amaranth was the main culture of the Aztecs, Incas, Mayans. It was the seeds of this plant that the Indians used in their diet. Although, naturally, they simply did not guess about the content of a large number of currently known substances. But then they knew that eating amaranth food made their bodies stronger, stronger, younger.

When I first learned about squalene: some historical truth
Did not know the Indians and squalene. Since this substance was first detected by Japanese researchers in the liver of a deep-sea shark. He led a group of scientists Tsuzimoto Mitsumaro. It happened almost 100 years ago. Then they didn’t know what kind of substance – some new, unknown chemical compound. Squalene formula

However, later, having studied it more carefully, they found that squalene has a huge amount of positive properties. Therefore, the substance has become very popular and used in cosmetology, medicine, etc.

In particular, it was found that when ingested with food or medicines, it can ensure the prevention of many diseases. If we talk in more detail about the benefits of squalene, it provides:

  • the fight against carcinogens that cause oncology;
  • maintaining cell youth;
  • normalization of the cardiovascular system;
  • maintaining immunity, etc.

But most importantly, squalene is completely safe in any concentration and in almost any quantity. Naturally, in a reasonable amount.

From the point of view of banal biochemistry, it was established that researchers found that squalene is a natural unsaturated carbon. However, to ensure the stability of the state of squalene requires hydrogen atoms.

The human body is almost 80% (depending on age) of the water, and contacting with it, squalene releases oxygen, which ensures the saturation of cells with oxygen. So it is not surprising that in some cases this substance is called the “oxygen vitamin”.

Deep-sea sharks have the ability to produce squalene on their own. But everything is simple – they live too deeply, they lack oxygen, and then squalene and helps them to saturate the body with oxygen.

What was installed later
The results of research by Japanese scientists is not that they have opened a new milestone in science. However, they allowed to take the next step. Since it was later established that squalene is produced in the body of almost all living things, including the human body.

Squalene in the body not only nourishes the cells with oxygen, but also provides:

  • antimicrobial;
  • anticarcinogenic;
  • fungicidal effect.

And this is very important! Since the lack of oxygen in the human body provokes premature aging, the appearance of tumors, including cancer. But a sufficient amount of squalene in the body provides a rejuvenating effect – the cells do not age so quickly, and they are also endowed with the ability to resist free radicals.

In addition, a sufficient presence of squalene is a guarantee of the excellent functioning of the immune system, due to which a person is much better able to resist various viral and infectious diseases.

As a result of numerous studies, it was found that the optimal level of squalene concentration in the human body is 250 nanograms for every milliliter of blood.

In the human body, as in the body of deep-sea sharks, squalene is produced in the liver, and is actively excreted with skin secretions, thereby performing protection and disinfection.

What is interesting – squalene is characterized by increased resistance to various detergents and water. It was found that squalene is found even on the fingerprints of laboratory workers, and they pay special attention to cleanliness.

Further laboratory studies have established that squalene can be considered one of the derivatives of vitamin A substance. Which, in contact with cholesterol, provides natural synthesis of vitamin D and increases the efficiency of transportation of other vitamins, their compounds to any parts and cells of the human body.

Squalene as a revolutionary: where this substance is used
The emergence of squalene was almost a real revolution. Since this substance, given its incredibly useful properties, has become actively used in various fields:

  • in the pharmaceutical industry;
  • in nutrition and healthy nutrition;
  • in the cosmetic industry.

In particular, cosmetic products that contain squalene are highly effective, since the useful components of such products actively penetrate the skin.

It is worth noting the fact that cosmetics with squalene in the composition differ wound healing effect. Therefore, they are well suited for people with various skin problems. For example, suffering from psoriasis.

Squalene and Alkylglycerols: True Companions Complementing Each Other
Researchers point out the fact that one of the satellites of squalene is the so-called alkylglycerols (ACG). These are extremely useful and highly esters of polyunsaturated fatty acids.

As it was possible to establish as a result of research, even the minimum number of ACG can achieve incredible results. In particular, alkylglycerols ensure the integrity and elasticity of the cell membranes responsible for human immunity. That is, increases the ability to resist various diseases. Research amaranth

Scientists have found that most of all alkylglycerols are present in the blood of newborns and children before the 1st year, which mothers breastfeed. Because mothers literally through the milk give their children AKG. Since it is extremely important for babies to have as large as alkylglycerols, as they are not used to the world around them.

But when the organism is finally formed, it will independently produce both ACG and squalene. Although there is a small reservation. When a person reaches the age of 20 years (a little earlier or a bit – depending on the characteristics of the organism), his need for squalene increases. Since the body is not able to produce it on its own, it is important to properly formulate your diet, so that it contains an abundance of products that supply the substance.

All the benefits of squalene. Even those that you did not guess
Strong adaptogen. What does it mean? This means that squalene enhances the ability of the human body to withstand various adverse conditions and influences.
Cleaner. Squalene allows you to rid the blood, gastrointestinal tract, kidneys from the accumulated decomposition products, toxic substances and compounds.
Stimulator of cell growth. It also provides a positive effect on human health.
Wrestler with bad cholesterol. Squalene significantly reduces the negative effects on the body of bad cholesterol. The substance does not allow the bad cholesterol to be deposited in the blood vessels, which prevents the formation of cholesterol plugs.
Extends youth. Squalene, saturating the cells with oxygen, prevents premature aging and allows you to prolong youth.
Fights bacteria. Squalene fights bacteria, unhealthy flora. Therefore, it perfectly helps to restore the normal activity of the gastrointestinal tract. For example, there are a number of studies proving the use of amaranth oil (which contains squalene) for lactobacilli and bifidobacteria.
Normalizes the production of hormones.
What foods are squalene present in: bloodless methods of obtaining the most important substance
Initially, after the discovery of squalene, a population of deep-sea sharks was threatened. They started a real hunt – and all for the sake of a unique substance. Deep-sea sharks stood on the verge of complete extermination. But, fortunately, scientists have thought about what else one can get squalene.

In addition, the shark liver contained only about 1.5% of squalene, and therefore its cost was extremely high, and the need for it could not be met, despite all the active “prey” and the destruction of sharks.

However, researchers were able to detect squalene in several natural sources at once. That allowed to exclude the extermination of sharks. Note that the substance is found in the American beaver, in kinkazhu, in some other animals. But the main thing – it was revealed in plant sources.

For example, squalene is contained in olive oil – there it is about 1%. What may be due to the high benefits and effectiveness of the Mediterranean diet. However, the largest amount of squalene was detected in amaranth – from 6 to 8%.

Amaranth, as a source of amaranth squalene bloom

Due to this, this culture has become in high demand and today it is increasingly grown in many countries around the world. Squalene is found most of all in amaranth oil, which is obtained from all parts of the plant, but most actively from its seeds.

It is important that the oil is obtained by cold pressing. That is, the seeds should not be heated above a temperature of 40 degrees. If the temperature is higher, then the beneficial properties of the oil are neutralized. Note that now in Ukraine they have learned how to get high-quality cold-pressed amaranth oil.

In addition to squalene, amaranth contains a huge amount of useful substances that are extremely important for the human body, including:

  • iron;
  • magnesium;
  • calcium;
  • unsaturated fatty acids and more.

Such a useful composition, as well as the presence of squalene, allows the use of amaranth oil for the treatment and prevention of various diseases. Including, oil resists cancer cells.

Amaranth oil and squalene: summing up
The use of amaranth oil is a great way to prolong youth, improve immunity, improve overall quality of life. Fortunately, the oil can be used in different dishes. For example, as a dressing for any salad. You can also add it to cereals, other dishes. The main thing is not to heat it, otherwise, as mentioned above, its useful properties are simply neutralized under the action of high temperature.

In addition to amaranth oil, it is recommended to use other products. For example, greens, seeds, flour. Amaranth flour is ideal for preparing any type of baking. Amaranth meal is in demand. It is also incredibly useful, despite the fact that after the extraction of oil, much less important substances remain in it, but still more than in many of the usual products.

Buy amaranth oil, as well as other products from amaranth, you can on our website – we only have high-quality products that meet all the requirements and standards.


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