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This oil has long been not just a product of processing amaranth grain, but an important component of effective cosmetics for any age, safe and effective skin care products. Today you can buy a cream or serum of a world brand, and among the components see amaranth oil. The results of the use of such a tool will not leave doubts about the correctness of the choice. However, the use of cosmetic products from less famous manufacturers gives eloquent results, and the key to success is in the composition of the cream, serum or other means. Therefore, it makes sense to consider in detail, due to which substances the skin is transformed for the better, as well as refer to examples of proven cosmetics.


Why did the role of oil become dominant?


The role of oils in the achievement of beauty and health is appreciated in ancient times. For example, Cleopatra washed herself with oils, took a bath with them, and the queen of Egypt always managed to fascinate people. However, if we ignore the image of Cleopatra and turn to the modern experience in the use of care products based on amaranth oil, their effectiveness is quite understandable. The fact is that oil is extracted from seeds by cold pressing, and this allows you to save the greatest concentration of beneficial substances. Thus, the oil contains fatty acids, which are excellent conductors of biologically active substances, so components from a cream, serum or other means are better absorbed by the skin. In addition, the skin receives vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, which in amaranth oil contains a large amount.


A huge role for the health of our skin are vitamins:
• Group B (riboflavin, biotin, folic acid);
• A;
• C;
• E (tocopherol);
• P (rutin);
• PP (niacin);
• K.
These vitamins penetrate the layers of the skin, contribute to its stability before exposure to harmful substances, prevents damage to cells, blood vessels. Among all the vitamins present in amaranth oil, vitamin E can be distinguished, and it is contained in a form in which it is not found in any other vegetable oil. It is a powerful antioxidant that effectively protects the body from free radicals.


However, the main substance that gives cosmetics on the basis of amaranth oil indisputable advantages is squalene. It depends on the level of moisture and elasticity of the skin, tissue oxygen saturation. Interestingly, in olive oil, which is also included in the composition of many cosmetics, squalene is represented by an extremely small volume – only 0.7%. In the seeds of amaranth it is up to 15%.


Amaranth oil is also high in omega-6. According to the results of research, this polyunsaturated fatty acid in amaranth oil is exactly half, and if you consider that it is responsible for restoring the skin, you can imagine the extent of the possibilities of oil-based products with a high content of omega-6. Such funds contribute to the active restoration of the skin, even in the most difficult situations, including after burns, cuts, to eliminate scars, acne, stretch marks.


Due to the action of all components of amaranth oil, we can observe the result of its work in the deep layers of the skin and on the surface. Cosmetics based on amaranth oil after applying to the skin create a thin film on it, preventing moisture loss, and also smooth out superficial wrinkles. The positive effect of cream, serum or other means on the basis of amaranth oil recognizes more and more women in the beautiful half of humanity. The results of the use of such agents convince of the large role of amaranth oil: as stated in the reviews, it is more effective than olive oil, more comfortable than coconut oil, more popular than shea butter and argan oil combined.


Amaranth Oil Based Products: Popular and Simply Effective
Note that some users prefer the products based on amaranth oil, remembering that the name of the plant means “death denying”, “immortal”. Concerning immortality with cosmetics on the basis of amaranth, no facts were found, but it is quite possible to prolong youth and heal the skin. Consider some options.


Natural face cream “with Amaranth and Comfrey extracts” (45+) (for mature skin), 50 ml

This anti-aging agent from the Ukrainian brand Swan successfully copes with the first signs of aging, as well as moisturizes, nourishes and strengthens the skin and is universal – day and night, and is suitable for all skin types. In its composition extracts that complement and enhance the action of each other: amaranth, comfrey, cinnamon bark, sea buckthorn fruit, linden flowers. Among the components in the first place is the extract of amaranth, because it contains a large amount of trace element squalane, which moisturizes it, nourishes and tightens it. The advantage of comfrey extract is considered to be a large amount of allantoin – a substance with moisturizing and softening properties and not only: with its help the pores are cleared of harmful contents. Sea buckthorn extract tends to quickly heal all cracks, eliminate inflammation and redness, soothe and nourish the skin. Thanks to linden extract, the cream from Swan has an antimicrobial effect, improves skin elasticity, its susceptibility to the active substances of the product, and also improves the complexion and smoothes wrinkles. An important feature of the cream is the fact that after its application on the skin does not remain a sticky film. In the reviews, it is noted that after three weeks of applying the cream with extracts of amaranth and comfrey, the skin becomes more elastic and resilient, and the cheeks are noticeably tightened. To get this result, it is recommended to apply a small amount of cream in the morning and evening to cleansed and moisturized skin of the face, neck and décolleté area.


Has found its admirers and Cream-oval Amaranth, in the title of which the main component is already highlighted. The list of active ingredients also includes macadamia, jojoba, wheat germ, avocado and shea oils. The complex is enriched with vitamins A, E, C, bioactive hyalurone, coenzyme Q10. Squalene and vitamin E contained in amaranth oil protect cells from destruction, stimulate cell growth and promote the production of collagen. Bioactive hyaluron moisturizes, removes the feeling of dryness and actively rejuvenates, improves the facial contour. Coenzyme Q10 works as an effective antioxidant. Shea, avocado and jojoba oils take care of nutrition and cellular repair of the skin. As a result of the interaction of these components and their work in the layers of the skin, the walls of the vessels also strengthen. In the reviews, it is noted that the cream acts as a lifting, and the results are generally stored for a long time. This product is recommended for all skin types.


Cream with amaranth oil Rior Professional (Czech Republic) is considered an ideal way to care for dry, sensitive, irritated skin. With it, you can make deep nourishment of the skin, reduce irritation, achieve a feeling of comfort. This cream is suitable for dehydrated and mature skin, actively softens and smoothes the relief, reducing wrinkles and lines. Achieved effect due to the action of amaranth and olive oils, vitamin E. It is recommended to apply the product to cleansed skin 1-2 times a day.


Eye cream “Roz-Amaranth” also contains amaranth extract, but we immediately note that this component is located on one of the last places, and yarrow and parsley extracts are next to it. In the annotation to this cream it is noted that it has a long-lasting moisturizing effect and significantly improves the condition of the eyelid skin. Two variants of its application are supposed: in the morning and in the evening or only in the morning. The skin of the eyelids should be cleaned before applying the cream, and it is recommended to apply it with light tapping fingers until the product is completely absorbed.


Body cream oil “Orange and Mango” from the Ukrainian brand Fresh Juice contains as its main component natural amaranth oil, which, as you know, is a valuable source of fatty acids, vitamins and microelements. The tool also contains mango extract and orange essential oil, which contribute to a more long-lasting preservation of the elasticity and elasticity of the skin, tone up and fill each cell with vital energy. In addition, after applying the product remains a pleasant refreshing scent. Despite the lack of mention of amaranth in the title, it is the amaranth oil that is stated as the main active ingredient, so after applying the cream, the skin feels the influence of fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements that the unique plant is rich in. Amaranth-based cream oil is suitable for all skin types. As noted in the reviews, this tool has a delicate texture, ideal for dry skin, while it is economical, with a pleasant and tasty smell. Users compare it with a delicate cream, noting that the product is quickly absorbed, leaving a delicate scent.


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