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Beauticians are convinced that the essential component of daily facial care is tonic. But how many people use it regularly? Most likely not so much. And in vain! Indeed, in the “right” tonic contains complexes of physiologically active components, including minerals, vitamins, amino acids and so on.

All this together promotes the fastest skin regeneration, effectively moisturizes, improves elasticity and turgor. And do not women who want to preserve and increase their beauty are pursuing these qualities?

Thanks to cleansing tonics, the rate of metabolic processes in the skin increases, wrinkles disappear or partially smooth out. And how they are useful to owners of problem skin and adolescents suffering from imperfections!

Another point that must convince everyone that every person needs a tonic for the face – any, even the simplest and most budgetary creams and masks after a tonic act much more efficiently than without him.

As you can see, tonic is an extremely useful tool, but it acquires even more positive qualities when it incorporates unique components. For example, amaranth. In this article several tonics will be offered at once with this amazing plant. They differ in the degree of impact, according to the types of skin for which they are intended, in price. So everyone can find the product that is ideal for him.

Universal tonic with amaranth (manufacturer “Health Spring” – Russia) optimally suits the skin, which has lost its natural moisture level due to the violation of water-lipid balance. This tool is recommended for intensive moisturizing, high-quality cleansing and nourishing of the skin of the face.

Ingredients: deionized water, amaranth extract, hydrogenated castor oil, jojoba oil and more.

Jojoba oil has the strongest anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect. It helps to get rid of existing and prevent the occurrence of new acne.

Amaranth extract softens, moisturizes and nourishes the skin. After this tonic, the face becomes as if younger.

Tonic from “Rose-Amaranth” performs several useful functions at once:

  • refreshes and tones, which is very nice in the hot season;
  • deeply moisturizes and helps preserve moisture inside the epidermis;
  • accelerates the regeneration process;
  • removes the feeling of tightness;
  • maintains the necessary level of skin acidity;
  • acts as a prophylactic against new wrinkles

How to use: clean the skin with your favorite product for washing. Apply a small amount of tonic to a cotton pad and spread it lightly along the massage lines on the face and neck. Flush unnecessary. Once the tool is dry, you can apply a favorite cream or serum.

Volume: 150 ml.

Vitamin Tonic (Gentle Flax manufacturer – Russia) perfectly cleanses, moisturizes, tones, refreshes and removes any irritation from the skin.

Ingredients: distilled water, extract of amaranth, lingonberries, sea buckthorn, mountain ash, cranberries, rosewood essential oil, etc.

Herbal complexes, which contain a lot of vitamins, nourish the skin, improve its regeneration and metabolic processes, and also effectively protect the face from the action of free radicals on it.

Amaranth extract, which is part of the tonic, is aimed at improving the state of the hydro-lipid mantle of the skin, moisturizing and toning it.

Sea buckthorn helps restore elasticity. It gives elasticity, visually slightly smoothes wrinkles, relieves peeling and irritation. But the most important action of sea buckthorn in this tonic is the prevention of premature aging.

Rowan extract is distinguished by pronounced disinfecting properties, which will not allow new acne to appear on your beautiful face.

Cranberry extract improves metabolism, maintains an optimal balance of moisture and fat in the skin. In addition, this component prevents the appearance of enlarged pores, saturates the epidermis with essential minerals and vitamins.

It is very important that in this product there is no alcohol, which provokes hardening of the stratum corneum and increased sebaceous glands. And this often leads to unnecessary skin irritation and dryness, which adversely affects not only sensations, but also appearance.

Method of application: arm yourself with a cotton pad, apply a little tonic on it and rub your face along the massage lines.

Volume: 150 ml.


Enriched tonic (manufacturer Natura Siberica – Russia) very carefully, but extremely effectively cleanses the skin and does not allow it to age prematurely.

Ingredients: water, extract of ginseng root, organic extract of meadowsweet, amaranth, angelica root, juniper, damask rose, evening primrose and others.

Amaranth extract is a well-known source of amazing squalene, which saturates skin cells with oxygen and slows down the process of releasing free radicals. All this makes squalene, and therefore amaranth, an indispensable tool in the fight against age-related facial changes.

In addition to healing amaranth, ginseng is part of this tonic, the beneficial properties of which were known to residents of Siberia and the Far East several centuries ago. This component significantly speeds up the process of cell division, which rightfully allows to call it the strongest natural remedy in the fight against skin wilting.

Stagnation is able to restore the natural regenerative functions of the epidermis, which improves its elasticity and elasticity.

How to use: Apply a little tonic on a cotton pad and wipe the previously cleansed face and neck skin with it.

Volume: 200 ml.


The refreshing tonic on cornflower-blue water (manufacturer Sonora – Russia) is a natural product that does not contain parabens, synthetic dyes and alcohol, which makes it suitable for face care for those who have very sensitive skin.

Ingredients: water, decoction of cornflower flowers, amaranth extract, kelp seaweed cell juice, D-panthenol, allantoin, natural food dye chlorophyll and others.

Amaranth extract and decoction of cornflower flowers – herbal ingredients that perfectly tone and moisturize the skin. In addition, their combination allows you to narrow the enlarged pores and make the tone of the face more uniform.

Allantoin and D-panthenol turn an ordinary cosmetic into a magic elixir, suitable even for those who suffer from very dry and delicate skin, prone to constant peeling and irritation.

Method of application: in the morning and in the evening, wipe the face and neck with a swab dipped in this tonic.

Volume: 200 ml.


Well, convinced that you need to introduce a tonic in your daily facial?

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