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We often get questions – does amaranth really help, as we write in our articles, is this a healing plant? Were amaranth profile studies cited and proved its usefulness?

We periodically publish various results of research on amaranth and products derived from it. However, this data, as usual, is not enough for readers!

By the way. Research data is presented in the articles “Amaranth researchers in Ukrainian science”, “Amaranth: pharmacological properties and application in medicine”, “Amaranth oil and cancer treatment: research results”, “Effect of amaranth oil on human microflora” and many others.

Today we decided to share with you excerpts from an interesting interview that journalists of one of the edition took from Nelli Vasilyevna Bugayeva, an employee of the Amaranth Moscow Scientific-Technical Center. In order not to bore you with a full conversation, we will make separate excerpts, focusing on the main thing that Nelly Vasilyevna said.

Note! The name of the plant amaranth is very interesting. First, it sounds beautiful. Secondly, just unusual. Thirdly, it is “speaking” and means “unfading flower” – one twig will not have time to fully bloom, as the inflorescences appear already on the next broom.

The benefits of amaranth
Nelli Vasilievna claims that amaranth is a valuable supplier of protein. It is even more in the plant than in soybeans – in the one to which many were already very wary, but now they cannot present their home menu without it.

In addition, amaranth is a leader in the content of substances such as:

  • calcium;
  • phosphorus;
  • routine

According to N. Bugayeva, the same Japanese, comparing the indicators of energy value, equated the green leaves of the plant to the squid meat!

By the way! The Food Commission of the United Nations has the courage to call amaranth a plant of the 21st century! Agree, weighty argument! Do you still have doubts about the value of amaranth?

The oil obtained from seeds is the best activator of immunity. And how important is a strong and strong immunity, do not need to speak once again. After all, if the body’s forces are weakened, not only colds, but also many other diseases, more dangerous, lie in wait for it.

On research on amaranth oil
As Nelly Vasilievna told, amaranth oil has been researched many times in a clinical setting. For example, it was tested at the Research Institute. Petrova (St. Petersburg). Research has shown that squalene and phytosterols are the most important elements of the oil. In particular, it is squalene that is able to effectively deal with the growth of cancer cells – it just stops them! In addition, it increases the body’s defenses, which is very important in the treatment of cancer.

By the way! It turns out that amaranth was used in ancient medicine of China – it was used as a means against premature aging and to prolong youth.

In turn, phytosterols can significantly reduce cholesterol levels, thereby purifying the blood!

Also, clinical studies of the oil were carried out on the basis of Moscow City Clinical Hospital No. 15. In it, this product was used to treat such an unpleasant and often not treatable disease as psoriasis.

Note! For more information on how to use amaranth oil for the treatment of psoriasis, we described in the articles “Amaranth Oil for Psoriasis: Features of Use, Indications and Contraindications” and “Amaranth Oil in the Fight against Psoriasis.”

The oil was used to treat a person who suffered from psoriasis for over 20 years! According to Nelly Vasilyevna, literally a month after his regular admission, the doctors were surprised to find that the big one had almost completely recovered.

Also, oil is now effectively used as one of the therapeutic agents in the treatment of stomach ulcers in Polyclinic No. 8 of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation.

Oil is also actively used at the Sklifosovsky Emergency Research Institute of Emergency Medical Aid if it is necessary to help people with burns. Immediately upon admission, a dressing with amaranth oil is applied to it – this helps reduce pain, as well as has a positive effect on the further healing of wounds.

What diseases can amaranth oil cure?
As Nelly Vasilievna told, amaranth oil is effective for a number of diseases that are not even related to each other. For example, these are diseases such as:

  • hypertension;
  • angina pectoris;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • ovarian cyst;
  • erosion of the uterus;
  • inflammation of the appendages in women;
  • fibrioma and many others.

However, when it comes to the treatment of directly “female diseases”, it is important to attack the disease from all sides. So, two or three times a day, you must drink butter – two tablespoons. And also make tampons and introduce them vaginally – at least once a day!

Are there any adverse effects of oil?

No specific adverse effects have been identified. In general, it is well tolerated. Although at first there may be some unpleasant symptoms:

  • nausea;
  • fast bowel movement;
  • etc.

But enough to suffer a few days and these symptoms will pass. Although the taste of the product, of course, is not the most pleasant. Although you also quickly get used to it

Note. The oil has some contraindications. About them is described in more detail in the article: “Amaranth oil: contraindications and warnings.” If you are afraid to take the product, be sure to carefully read the article and can additionally consult with your doctor.

Oil intake for prophylactic purposes
Nelli Vasilievna strongly recommend taking oil even just as a preventive measure. After all, plants are a true protein factory, and therefore amaranth products provide:

  • powerful regenerating effect for the cells of the body;
  • rejuvenating effect for the body;
  • immunity strengthening.

Naturally, such an impact will not be superfluous for anyone. And for prevention, it is enough to drink one large spoonful of oil twice a day. One liter of product is required for a full course of prophylaxis!

Growing lettuce at home
Of course, the plant grows well in the dacha and household plots. Its green leaves can be used to make salad. Nelli Vasilievna gives a simple recipe, which she prepares herself:

  • amaranth leaves;
  • spring onions;
  • some dill;
  • salt and dressing.

Meat salad will be good too:

  • lean meat is boiled and finely chopped;
  • amaranth leaves are also added there;
  • one boiled chopped egg;
  • greenery;
  • everything mixes up.

An employee of the Amarant center also suggests adding green leaves to other dishes — scrambled eggs, cheese, etc.

Amaranth tea will be good – dried leaves of the plant are used for this. It is recommended to brew it like a wild rose – in a thermos. That is, in fact, just steaming. Additionally, in a thermos should add a spoonful of honey and a couple of lemon slices.


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