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Cosmetics using natural amaranth have a common unique component. It is a polyunsaturated hydrocarbon, squalene, of which there are more in this plant than anywhere else. It used to be that most squalene is found in shark liver. However, over time, a significant amaranth superiority in this indicator has been established. Thanks to squalene, the oxygen deficiency in the body is replenished, and in particular, in the skin layers. Squalene and other beneficial substances in the composition of cosmetics based on amaranth have the most beneficial effects on the skin. At the same time, the skin acquires not only a healthy appearance, but also a charge of youth for a long time.

What changes occur after the application of amaranth-based products?

As already known, squalene is in the composition of the best cosmetics. Consider its useful properties. It::

  • the ability to regenerate and oxygenate cells;
  • antioxidant effect;
  • support the body’s water balance;
  • stopping and preventing the development of cancer cells;
  • increase immunity.

Due to the ability of squalene to saturate tissues with oxygen, the skin and mucous membranes are moistened. As a result of the use of products that contain squalene, the skin really becomes more elastic, silky and soft, and wrinkles become less deep or disappear altogether. In addition, squalene neutralizes the action of pathogenic bacteria, and increases the protective barrier of the skin. This hydrocarbon also restores the supply of nutrients in the body and prevents the development of many skin diseases.

It is known that it is the lack of oxygen and the accumulation of oxidants leads to the destruction of cells, the formation of various seals. These processes can be prevented by using means where squalene is one of the main components. In addition, this polyunsaturated hydrocarbon has the ability to regulate cholesterol levels and improve fat metabolism. This ability of squalene is also observed after the use of cosmetics based on it.

The unique properties of Svkalena, which amaranth is so rich with, have been used in the manufacture of rejuvenating and medicinal cosmetics for over 100 years. Observations on the action of squalene gave another important result: this carbon acts as an excellent “vehicle” for other substances. With it, the components penetrate the skin much deeper and have a more noticeable positive effect. In the reviews it is noted that the result becomes noticeable visually even after the first application of the agent with amaranth. This also applies to cases of application of amaranth products on the skin prone to eczema or neurodermatitis. However, it should be noted that the speed of obtaining a positive effect depends on the level of amaranth / squalene in a particular cosmetic product. Concentration can be from 0.1 to 50%.

At any concentration of amaranth in the composition of a cosmetic product, results with a variety of problems become noticeable. Among them:

  • dry and oily skin;
  • acne and acne of various origins;
  • fine wrinkles;
  • pigmentation;
  • stretch marks;
  • irritations;
  • fungus;
  • dandruff.

Using means with amaranth, you can be sure of their mild effect on the skin. It distinguishes such tools from other, created using artificial components.

Certain types of cosmetics of foreign producers

Many people know the cosmetics line RYAMAR / Czech Republic /, which is based on amaranth oil and without preservatives. All products have been tested and meet the standards of products for very sensitive skin, and the cosmetics itself belongs to the category of professional medical natural cosmetics for skin care of the face. In this case, you can separately choose a tool aimed at eliminating age spots for oily and combination skin with enlarged pores, for sensitive skin with rosacea. Here you can dwell separately on a tool such as “Amaranth oil for the face.” Despite the name, it is not an oil in its pure form, but a product with a high content of amaranth oil, but at the same time it is recognized to be quite an effective remedy with a high regeneration ability. It has a soothing effect on the skin and helps restore the health of the skin affected by direct sunlight or radiation.

In the same line you can pick up “Day cream with amaranth oil and silk proteins.” It is light, well absorbed and suitable for the care of very sensitive skin during all seasons. Contains a high percentage of amaranth oil with squalene, has a high regenerating and antioxidant effect. Silk proteins moisturize the skin and give it a velvety look.

“Body milk” of the same line is intended for sensitive, normal and dry skin. It is noticed that this remedy promotes cell renewal, moisturizes the skin well, makes it soft and supple. It can be used after a bath, a shower and even after sunburn.

Natural cosmetics of Ukrainian production

The products of other commodity producers are also represented on the natural cosmetics market, and many of these products are of Ukrainian origin. Amaranth Honey Cream was found by its customers, which contains 90% amaranth and 10% natural bee honey. This is a highly effective natural remedy with a delicate texture, and is more suitable as a mask, so it is recommended to apply it once a week. As a result of the application, the cells are restored, the skin becomes velvety and takes on a healthy and younger appearance. In addition, the cream mask has the ability to eliminate the “orange peel”. There are a lot of positive feedback about this tool, and even there are such emotional characteristics as “tasty for skin”.

As noted in the reviews, the positive experience of applying the previous cream becomes a crucial point regarding the acquisition of another agent based on amaranth. This is Amaranth Chocolate Cream, which also contains 90% amaranth, but here it is supplemented with 10% natural chocolate. The cream has almost the same anti-aging effect as a remedy using honey. The tool gives an excellent effect when used at night, but it is not washed off like a normal mask, but is removed with a damp cloth. The skin becomes taut, puffiness is eliminated, and the effect is noticeable 1 hour after application.

Amaranth-based natural soap

Amaranth Ukraine produces Amarante soap with amaranth extract. It is important to note that the amaranth for the production of raw materials is grown by the company in its fields and in environmentally friendly conditions, and additional ingredients are purchased only from reliable suppliers. A feature of this product is that it is made by hand. The soap has a healing effect, reduces inflammation, protects the skin from the adverse effects of external factors, and fights the premature fading of the skin.

“Amarante thermal water restoring” due to the action of hyaluronic acid contained in amaranth provides a long-lasting effect of deep hydration and contributes to the recovery of collagen. Squalene contained in this tool helps to restore the barrier properties of the skin and eliminates desquamation. As a result of the use of water, skin regeneration is enhanced, the skin condition is improved with dermatoses. It is also important that for the production of this tool is used water from the deep sources of the Carpathians in the Eco-resort. It is rich in minerals and trace elements.

You can also pick up therapeutic powder on the basis of amaranth. It contains such active substances as vitamins D, E, B1, B2, B5, folic acid, beta-carotene, ascorbic acid. This powder also contains mono – and polyunsaturated fatty acids, squalene, phospholipids, steroids and other substances. It has a cosmetic and therapeutic effect. As a result of its use occurs:

  • detoxification;
  • healing of damaged tissue;
  • smoothing scars and scars;
  • enhancing the protective function of the skin;
  • slowing the aging process.

In addition, amaranth-based powder can be used as a gentle natural scrub. Using this tool gently and effectively removes impurities from the skin of the face and body.

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