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Amaranth has become a valuable raw material for the cosmetics industry. It is preferred because of its unique composition with a huge amount of useful substances, among which squalene is particularly notable. Then we talk about the importance of this organic compound, and about some samples of European and Ukrainian cosmetics.


Squalene and its possibilities


We are talking about an unsaturated natural hydrocarbon, a substance that when combined with water molecules releases oxygen, and it enters all tissues of the body. This substance got its name from the Latin name of the shark squalus, because it was there that was discovered for the first time. In the course of scientific research, it was established that squalene is also produced by the human liver, standing out with skin secretion, but it is a very unstable substance, and it needs hydrogen molecules, and it can be obtained from water. Each portion of oxygen supplied to the body strengthens the immune system, fight against malignant cells, protects the body from bacterial and fungal infections, regulates metabolism, and prevents premature aging.


The unique properties of squalene explain the increasing attention of cosmetics manufacturers to amaranth, which contains more of this substance than anywhere else. The oil from the seeds of this plant contains about 8% squalene, whereas, as in olive oil, which is also used in the production of cosmetics, it is 1%. And if amaranth oil is used, it can be expected that the percentage of squalene in the composition of the agent will be higher, and the effectiveness of the agent depends on it. Squalene in the composition of amaranth oil can be included in a variety of means to care for the skin of the face, hands and feet, hair, for bathing.


Squalene in the composition of amaranth oil has a truly miraculous effect, because it has a number of properties. Especially valued are its properties:
• moisturizing;
• rejuvenating;
• emollient;
• anti-inflammatory;
• healing;
• firming.


Thus, squalene penetrates the lipid layer of the skin and strengthens it, preventing moisture evaporation, improves skin elasticity, accelerates skin renewal, helps smooth fine wrinkles, stimulates antioxidant processes. Due to the natural similarity with the composition of sebum, squalene molecules penetrate deep into the skin, transporting moisture and nutrients there. Therefore, products based on amaranth oil can significantly improve the condition of dried and very sensitive skin. Squalene in the composition of the cosmetic helps to strengthen cellular immunity, stimulates the production of antibodies that fight bacteria, has an antifungal effect. Amaranth-based cosmetics (squalene) are actively working to restore the stratum corneum of the skin, promotes deep penetration of vitamins and trace elements contained in the oil into the skin. Beauticians recommend the use of various products based on amaranth oil (squalene) also to strengthen the hair, since it provides deep nourishment to the scalp.


Ukrainian and European means of amaranth oil


A nourishing face mask with amaranth oil “Grapefruit” of the Ukrainian brand PeNa has found its fans. Among the components of this product are shea butter, olive, avocado, amaranth, crushed oatmeal, grapefruit essential oil, extracts of algae and lotus. As a result of its use, the process of subcutaneous blood circulation is enhanced, regeneration is accelerated, wrinkles are smoothed, the skin relief is flattened. In the reviews, additional results are noted: skin whitening, elimination of dryness and peeling. At the same time, the mask is suitable for dry, combination and normal skin. It is recommended to apply the mask for 2-10 minutes, and then rinse with warm water. You can perform the procedure 2 times a week.


Amaranthovoe body oil from the Ukrainian brand ChistoTel is also in demand. It nourishes, moisturizes, soothes the skin, gives it firmness and elasticity, and this is natural, since the composition of the oil is rich in vitamins and trace elements, among which about 8% of squalene. This oil also has a healing effect: as a result of its impact, scratches heal faster, sunburn marks become less, and regular use makes stretchings less noticeable. One more feature of this product can be noted: it has a nutty flavor. To feel the effect of amaranth oil, a sufficiently small amount of funds applied to the body with massage movements.

Estonia produces anti-aging night cream for the body “Ginseng and amaranth oil”. It contains natural ingredients and is suitable for all skin types, has moisturizing, softening and other beneficial properties. So, ginseng relieves inflammation and tones, medunitsa and palm oil help smooth out wrinkles, amaranth oil opens the pores and improves skin breathing. Vitamin complex, which is rich in cream, contains a high concentration of vitamin B, and it helps to normalize the hydro-balance. In addition, the tool is endowed with a gentle perfume composition, and after absorption leaves a refreshing effect. Apply the cream should be light circular motions, massaging the skin until the product is completely absorbed.


Ukrainian brand Cryo Cosmetics offers hair care shampoo on natural cryo-bio-active oils of amaranth-chamomile hops. In the annotation to this tool, first of all, its ability to produce a healing effect is noted: all the components are selected so that the hair gets the maximum of beneficial trace elements and acids necessary for health, beauty and strength. The selected composition works in such a way that the hair follicles are noticeably strengthened, the elasticity of the hair increases, and their fragility and dryness are eliminated. In addition, a natural volume is created, and this prevents the formation of dandruff and the appearance of uncomfortable sensations. To obtain the desired result, it is recommended to apply shampoo to damp hair, spread it with massaging movements along the entire length, and then rinse thoroughly with water. It is noteworthy that with regard to this tool you can see different reviews, but in most cases there is a positive effect, and the shampoo itself is characterized as a real find for hair care and giving it a healthy look. It is noted that the hair becomes shiny, easily fit into the desired hairstyle, does not electrify and remains clean for a long time, and some consumers liked the shampoo so much that it became permanent in the set for hair and scalp care.


In the series of cosmetics for hair, you can also note Italian shampoo with amaranth oil and argan L’Erbolario Shamposole. It is more suitable for those who often sunbathe and visit the solarium. This tool has a positive effect on the structure of the hair and contributes to its restoration, improves the level of protection of split and damaged hair along the entire length. As part of the work on the health of the hair not only amaranth oil, but also other oils: olive, limnantes, argan and rice germ, as well as oats, provitamin and B5. Regarding its use, it is recommended to first wash the hair with plain water, then take a small amount of the product in the palm, dilute a little with water (to make it even softer) and apply to hair for 4-5 minutes. After this, it is necessary to wash off the shampoo with plenty of warm soft water, but after the procedure it is undesirable to dry the hair with a hair dryer.


Brief recommendations on the use of cosmetics with amaranth


Choosing cosmetics, you should carefully look at the composition. The closer to the beginning of the list of components is amaranth oil, the more it is in its composition, the more it contains squalene and the more noticeable the positive effect will be.


Cosmetics, which includes squalene, it is recommended to store in a tightly closed dark container. After opening the makeup is better to keep on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.


We must remember that any natural cosmetics has a short shelf life. After the expiration date, the components of the product lose their properties.


Anyone, even a natural remedy, may not fit this or that person. The reason – the immunity of a particular component that is part of the funds.

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