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Amaranth-based cosmetics have become popular in many different countries, and it is more and more often seen in the assortment of companies engaged in the production of care products. In the description of a product, emphasis is usually placed on the inclusion of squalene in its composition, and a wonderful result is announced. Some of these tools have been known on the market for a long time, and some have just appeared, but have already proven themselves from the best side, and after reading the description of any of them, we will see squalene again in the composition.

Squalene: what is its feature and what to expect
This is an unsaturated hydrocarbon of triterpene series of natural origin, and it belongs to the group of carotenoids. For a stable state it needs hydrogen atoms. Since man consists of 80% of water, then, once in the body, squalene reacts with it, releasing oxygen and saturating the cells with it. As a result:

  • recovery processes are activated;
  • wounds heal faster;
  • damaged tissues are restored.

This compound is on the surface of the skin the main component of the lipid coating, which is formed by the sebaceous glands. Thanks to squalene, this coating performs such functions as:

  • preservation of the integrity of the stratum corneum;
  • ensuring the elasticity, moisture and softness of the skin;
  • preventing microorganisms, toxins and allergens from entering the skin;
  • skin moisture control;
  • ensuring anti-aging effect.

To confirm the importance of squalene in these processes, a group of Italian scientists from the Rome Dermatological Institute of the Order of the Immaculate Virgin Mary (Istituto Dermopatico dell’Immacolata, IDI) conducted a series of laboratory studies. The presence of squalene in vegetable oils was studied, and in particular, oils from wheat germ and rice bran were studied, squalene in palm and amaranth oil was investigated. It was also established that squalene is contained in cottonseed, flaxseed oil.

Studies show that amaranth oil contains up to 8% squalene. In a smaller amount, this compound is found in olive oil (0.2-0.8%), however, the latter can only be asserted regarding relatively expensive varieties obtained by the method of cold pressing. The research results were published in scientific journals and summarized in the dissertation of Kiara De Luc “Squalene as an acceptor of prooxidant effects on human skin.”

Indeed, the need for squalene is so great that it is sought not only from the liver of a shark, where it was first discovered, but also from the skin of an American beaver and some other animals. But preference is given to plant sources. By the way, lately, squalene, obtained from sugar cane by fermentation, has appeared on the market. But of all plant sources of squalene, amaranth oil is recognized as the most powerful.

What properties of squalene are especially valuable for cosmetics?
It is known that amaranth contains many useful substances, but many of them are found in other plants. In our case, we are talking about a culture that has a high content of squalene, and its properties are emphasized by many manufacturers of cosmetics. What properties are considered the most important?

Moisturizing. This happens due to the ability of squalene to “get used” to the lipid layer of the skin and strengthen it, preventing the evaporation of moisture.
Rejuvenation. Squalene improves skin elasticity, accelerates cell regeneration, helps smooth fine wrinkles, stimulates antioxidant processes.
Mitigation. Due to the similarity with the composition of sebum, squalene molecules are deeply absorbed into the skin, transporting moisture and nutrients there.
Prevention and removal of inflammations. Thanks to the effects of squalene, the immunity is strengthened at the cellular level, the production of antibodies that fight bacteria is activated.
Healing of microcracks. Under the influence of squalene, intensive restoration of the stratum corneum of the skin occurs, cellular growth is activated, vitamins and microelements penetrate deeper into the skin.
Strengthening. Here we are talking about strengthening the keratin scales of the hair, softening the scalp, improving the nutrition of hair follicles.
It should be noted that cosmetics with squalene, obtained from amaranth, is approaching treatment and can be used for inflammatory skin diseases. It uses the property of this organic compound to penetrate deeply into the skin, following the elements of other substances.

Today, on the basis of amaranth, many products for face, body and hair care are produced. It may be:

  • moisturizing serum for face and body;
  • face masks;
  • emulsion for the skin around the eyes;
  • cream for dry and sensitive skin;
  • night cream;
  • cream, lotion, tanning oil;
  • lotion for problem skin;
  • protective cream for face and hands;
  • lip balm;
  • cream from cracks on the heels;
  • bath oil.

All this cosmetics is neutral and has no contraindications.

We recognize the cosmetics of world brands
On thematic resources you can find large lists of cosmetics based on oil with a large percentage of squalene. Interestingly, the least such products are offered by producers from Mexico, a country where amaranth has been used for centuries. However, here amaranth oil is traditionally used in food. But on Mexican sites you can find descriptions of products of various brands, ratings of funds.

The top ten most popular products include Amaranth Oil Cream for very sensitive RYOR skin produced in the Czech Republic. In the description, it is immediately noted that amaranth oil is an important component of Ryamar cosmetic products, and phytoqualene is especially highly valued in the composition of the oil. All products with amaranth oil are assessed and certified by the National Information Center of Cosmetics of the National Institute of Public Health – products for highly sensitive skin. The same brand offers other products based on amaranth oil: Hydrate Cream, Liquid Soap, Body Milk, and others. All of them are suitable for skin that is very sensitive and allergy prone, and promotes skin renewal.

There are other brands in the world. Among the manufacturers of cosmetics from France it is impossible not to pay attention to products under the brand Leonor Greyl. The company also uses amaranth oil and from this series it offers mainly hair care products. One of them is a cream conditioner to protect the color of Leonor Greyl Creme De Soin A L’amarante. In the description of this tool, manufacturers remind that amaranth is known as a “unfading flower”, and received such a name, primarily due to its unique chemical composition. It is also noted that the tool facilitates combing, makes hair silky, prevents the washout of colored hair. At the same time, the antioxidant properties of amaranth, as well as the action of other natural vegetable oils in the composition, help preserve hair color and protect it from UV rays. The structure of the hair is also strengthened, the elasticity of the strands increases.

German organic cosmetics are firmly established on the world market, and its manufacturers are focusing on amaranth, which, in their opinion, can revolutionize the market. The reviews often mention the brand cosmetics Dr. Scheller. The day cream with amaranth and argan is considered popular, and this remedy is used, as a rule, with such as Intensive serum with amaranth and argan. The reviews noted the high effectiveness of cosmetics and a stable result of its impact. In addition, many users are impressed by the fact that the cosmetic products manufactured by this company are certified by BDIH, vegans, not tested on animals, dermatologically tested, do not contain gluten and chemical ingredients (without parabens, acetone, dyes, TEA, glycol, sulfates, silicones, paraffins ).

A truly revolutionary breakthrough in the global cosmetics market can be a new product DOCTOR SHEBERG, which is produced by the Ukrainian company Amarant in the framework of one of the projects. It is based on the scientific concept of beauty and the strategy of global rejuvenation, developed in the laboratories of France, Germany and Switzerland. The essence of the development is that with the help of new tools, work with age-related changes is carried out from within, and therefore the effect of the use of cosmetics is almost the same as of injection treatment. A special feature is also the fact that the Ukrainian company independently produces squalene at its own facilities using a unique patented technology from seed of amaranth germ. Therefore, we can talk about a quality product with a maximum content of squalene and other useful substances. Currently the DR.SHEBERG ANTI AGE complex is produced here, which includes Night Gel Cream with Squalene and Hyaluronic Acid, Day Gel Cream with Scale and Hyaluronic Acid, Hydrophilic Deep Cleansing Oil. It can be noted that the cosmetics of this series has already received positive feedback, and they are not only from ordinary users, but also from cosmetologists. You can verify this by going to

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