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Amaranth oil in different countries has been successfully used in the industrial production of luxury cosmetics. Such attention is due to the positive results of many studies. It is proved that even external use of this product gives both cosmetic and therapeutic effect. Therefore, today in the cosmetics market, products that contain amaranth oil are in increasing demand. Among such products, a separate place can take a hand cream.

Reasonable attention
We agree that hand skin care is important, and no less than face care. Beautiful, well-groomed hands say, first of all, about human health, about the condition of the skin, and how important it is to find, choose for themselves the means that will help to achieve the desired result. A vegetable oil rich in healthy substances can be a lifesaver or a good helper, but even better – a quality cream based on this oil. In favor of the second option speak ingredients that are designed to enhance the action of healing vegetable oil, enrich the composition of the finished product.

In our case, we are talking about such a component as amaranth oil, which is recognized as a powerful source of a large number of useful substances. Its chemical composition, according to researchers, is a kind of concentrate of biologically active elements involved in the life of the organism. More than two thirds here are poly and monounsaturated acids, where half is linoleic acid, necessary for the normal functioning of cellular and subcellular membranes. The rest of the amaranth oil contains oleic, linolenic, palmitic, stearic, arachidonic acid. In addition, amaranth oil contains:

  • squalene (8%), which enriches cells with oxygen and prevents the development of tumors;
  • phytosterols that prevent plaque formation on the vascular walls and even prevent Alzheimer’s disease;
  • vitamins E, D and others (10 items in total);
  • mineral compounds of phosphorus, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium and calcium.

Thanks to the whole complex of beneficial substances, it is possible to achieve very good cosmetic and even therapeutic results in the care of the skin with the help of products where amaranth oil dominates.

Omega-3 fatty acids, when applied externally to the product in which they enter, saturate the skin cells with vitamins and minerals. It helps to ensure the elasticity and softness of the epidermis, to give the skin a smooth and healthy color.
Squalene by cosmetologists and doctors is considered the most valuable component extracted from amaranth, and it is more here than in the composition of any product of plant and animal origin. In the body, it has a fungicidal, anticarcinogenic and antimicrobial effect.
Vitamin E has a wide spectrum of action. It not only rejuvenates and heals the skin, but also participates in strengthening the natural protection of cells against oncological nature.
Phospholipids are involved in controlling the retention and release of fat in the body. Their sufficient amount improves the skin condition, heals the cells due to a good metabolism.
Tokotrien is one of the most powerful antioxidants. It increases the elasticity of blood vessels and activates tissue regeneration.
These and other beneficial substances contained in amaranth oil contribute to the fact that all products based on it simultaneously nourish, moisturize and disinfect. The positive effect is significantly enhanced by their systematic use.

We choose the best tool for our hands.
Regenerating hand cream with aloe vera and amaranth oil Ukrainian brand Beauty Skin is in constant demand. The product is manufactured using a special formula, and the components involved here primarily provide a regenerating effect, and also work on moisturizing and nourishing the skin. In addition, the cream, according to users, perfectly restores the skin, tones and heals irritation, microcracks, and the effect achieved is maintained for quite a long time. As a result of this product, the skin becomes incredibly smooth and velvety, and your hands get a healthy and well-groomed appearance. This cream is also suitable for nail care.

Well-known in the cosmetics market, Solomeya Anti-Aging Hand Cream With Amaranth Oil, which rejuvenates with amaranth oil. In the description of this remedy from the English brand Solomeya, it is noted that the composition contains a vitamin complex (A, B1, B2, D, E) and pure hyaluronic acid. Due to the amaranth oil in the composition, this cream has an antioxidant effect, rejuvenates the skin, heals it, improves the condition and improves skin tone, helps to slow down the aging of the skin. Users note that it is well absorbed, after application it does not leave a greasy luster and a feeling of stickiness.

In the series of natural cosmetics, many people note Balsam Hand Care with Amaranth Oil. It also contains several other types of vegetable oil, and is intended primarily for dry, cracked skin. The tool helps in the treatment of abrasions, cracks in the skin, has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, stimulates the healing of irritated skin. In addition, this cream has protective properties, prevents dehydration of the skin, makes it silky, and strengthens the nails.

The Argan Smoothing Hand Cream and Amaranth of the German DR brand are also available on the world market. SCHELLER. The action of the tool is aimed at assisting mature, problem skin. Argan, apricot seed and sunflower oils, which are part of the cream, nourish dry skin of the hands, amaranth extract enhances the processes of skin regeneration and increases its elasticity. Innovative technology PhytoSolve, which is used in the creation of products, increases the bioavailability of herbal ingredients, delivering them to the deeper layers of the skin. At the same time, you can be confident in the safety of funds: there are no parabens, silicones, mineral oils, artificial preservatives and dyes. Note that the quality of products Dr. Scheller is certified by the BDIH eco-certificate.

In its own way in terms of hand care, it is considered the organic tender “Gentle Hands” bio-cream of the Italian brand Bema Cosmetici: suitable for all skin types, works on restoration, rejuvenation, protection, hydration, nutrition, softening, elasticity. Thanks to the effects of such components as extracts of sweet almond, avocado, amaranth, honeysuckle, soybean, willow, olive and carite, vitamin E, Bioma Biomand Biomara provides long-lasting hydration of the skin, gives it elasticity and velvety, protects from cold and wind, has a regenerating effect. As evidenced by reviews, the regular use of this tool helps to slow down the aging of the skin of the hands, and at the same time bio-cream quickly absorbed, does not leave greasy marks.

These tools well protect the skin of hands from too cold or hot weather, and also soften the skin and give them a velvety, rejuvenate and make elastic. They also perform therapeutic functions: they accelerate the healing of wounds, cuts and scratches, cleanse the pores and relieve acne, help in the prevention of dermatological diseases.

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