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Amaranth is good because of it you can not only cook porridge, salads and pastries, but also delicious healthy drinks. They will invigorate to give energy and strength, to fill the body with vitamins, trace elements and minerals.

Want to know how to prepare drinks from amaranth? Here are some interesting ways and recommendations. Such drinks will be good, both in a cold season, and in warm.

Thick drink for winter weather
The following ingredients are required for its preparation:

  • 60 g of amaranth flour;
  • amaranth seeds;
  • about 50 grams of brown sugar;
  • 1 stick of cinnamon;
  • 2 teaspoons of vanilla powder;
  • 1 liter of ordinary milk.

Mix flour with milk and add sugar, cinnamon stick. Let this mixture rise and add vanilla, and then wait a few minutes for it to thicken. Then put on the fire and simmer for a short time, remove from the fire and remove the cinnamon stick. Now the drink is ready for consumption. Amaranth seeds should be poured into a glass before serving the drink on the table.

Amaranth tea
Healing and tasty tea made from leaves or grains of amaranth, will delight you with an unusual taste and will give you cheerfulness.

Even in ancient times, the peoples of the Americas – Maya, Aztec and other Indian tribes – appreciated the high amaranth tea content of iron in amaranth, which helped in the fight against anemia and various gynecological problems.

Those who have amaranth grows in the garden or at their summer cottage should collect the leaves before flowering and dry them in a ventilated and shady place. Such drying will allow to preserve in the best way all the value of amaranth.

Amaranth tea has an anti-inflammatory effect when inflammation occurs in the oral cavity, including in the throat. Also helps with headaches and fever.

To make amaranth tea, you need to take 1 tablespoon of dried leaves, pour 250 ml of hot water, then let it brew for about 8 minutes. After that, the tea is simply filtered through a sieve and drunk.

Note! Amaranth tea is consumed, like normal tea – it can be drunk in the morning, as well as in the evening. Whipped with cookies, cakes and other sweets. Sugar, honey or jam are added to taste.

Amaranth tea has a sweet, soft and refreshing taste and excellent aroma. It is said that this tea helps prevent fatigue, including chronic fatigue, improve the appearance of the skin and reduce blood pressure.

Here is another option for making amaranth tea.
Fill the amaranth with hot water and cook for 6-8 minutes. It is recommended to mix frequently while boiling. If you make tea in a jug, you can even shake it slightly.

What other drinks can be made from amaranth
A good option is to make a smoothie. Earlier we published original and unique recipes for preparing such drinks in the article “Vitamin drinks with amaranth”. There were also recipes for cocktails and mixes of juices and nectars. By consuming them, you will provide your body with a real vitamin attack. It is especially important during the off-season, when there is a lack of vitamins and sunlight, and from all sides I attack viruses and bacteria.

How else to make drinks is described in the article “Smoothie with amaranth or a healthy snack.” Such smoothies are a complete snack that will satisfy hunger and fill the body with nutrients and energy. In addition, they have an invigorating effect – the consumption of such a drink in the morning will allow you to finally wake up and get the energy needed for a full day.

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