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Everyone who cares about the health of their pet, trying to give him good nutrition and protection from possible diseases. The latter can be achieved with the help of feed, which not only gives a feeling of satiety, but also strengthens health, works to prevent the disease, and if the disease originated earlier, help in recovery. Among the many ingredients that are introduced into the feed, it is increasingly possible to see amaranth, which has great nutritional and energy value, helps to solve many health problems.


Every living organism consists of proteins, and they participate in the most important chemical processes, supporting the vital activity of the organism. A dog, a cat and any other animal proteins or proteins are necessary for the basic functions of the cells and for the vital activity of the organism as a whole. Thanks to these substances occurs:
• cell regeneration and repair;
• life support and regulation of processes in tissues;
• production of hormones and enzymes;
• maintaining water balance;
• supply the body with energy.
If an insufficient amount of protein enters the body, its own tissue proteins are consumed.

The body also needs amino acids. Since the organism cannot accumulate them, it will destroy its own protein structure, including healthy muscles, in order to obtain the necessary material. Amaranth contains almost all the essential amino acids that are necessary to meet the nutritional needs of pets.

Arginine supports the immune system and also supports the liver.
Histidine helps relieve pain, dilates small blood vessels, stimulates the secretion of acid in the stomach.
 Valine, together with Isoleucine and Leucine, regulates protein and energy metabolism.
Isoleucine and Leucine provide bone growth in young animals, stimulate the secretion of gastric juice.
 Lysine helps calcium absorption, without which neither healthy teeth, nor shiny wool, nor strong bones are possible. With a lack of lysine special intelligence from dogs and cats can not wait, because this amino acid is needed for normal brain function.
Methionine contributes to the functions of the gallbladder, helps in preventing fatty deposits in the liver, provides a balance of urinary tract pH, increases the level of taurine in the body – an antioxidant, a substance necessary for metabolism, normal vision, digestion, functioning of the heart muscle, for maintaining pregnancy and development fetus.
Threonine helps control energy use, improves mood, and develop adrenaline.
Tryptophan helps to produce serotonin, which causes sleep.
Phenylalanine is a building material for protein synthesis, which is included in all animal tissues. This substance is an important link in the creation of hormones such as insulin and thyroxin, is actively involved in blood formation processes, ensures the normal functioning of the nervous system, and its lack is manifested in marked nervous arousal up to tonic seizures, pathologies of digestive processes and hormonal disruptions. 

It is important that all these amino acids are regularly ingested by the animal, making the food balanced and beneficial to the health of the pet.


There are disagreements regarding the ideal amount of protein in the diet of dogs and cats. Previously, it was widely believed that a large amount of protein can cause health problems, but during the practice it was proved that a high-protein diet is good for health, for example, dogs of all ages, including puppies of all breeds and sizes, aging dogs, and dogs with overweight.

Protein does not cause orthopedic problems in puppies or kidney disease in aging dogs. In fact, proteins support the immune and central nervous systems, promote wound healing, build muscle, and are also necessary for healthy skin and coat. Protein for dogs and cats is simply necessary, and the more of it, the better, and a decrease in the level of dietary protein can cause adverse effects on the kidneys.

There are disputes regarding the feasibility of a large number of proteins in the diet of aging dogs and cats. In the process of research it was proved that the diet of aging animals should have a high level of proteins, low carbohydrate content and moderate amount of fat. Foods that are low in protein have too much fiber, high carbohydrate content and not enough protein and fat, and when they eat this food, dogs constantly feel hunger, as a result of which the amount of food they eat increases. At the same time, hair loss, decrease in skin elasticity, weight gain are observed. Protein requirements in aging animals actually increase by about 50%, so they simply need high-quality proteins.

In the process of research conducted by experts of the University of Pennsylvania, at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, it was proved that protein for dogs and cats is simply necessary, and too much of it for animals does not happen. Therefore, there is absolutely no reason to limit the amount of protein consumed by a dog or cat.


More and more types of food appear on the market, in which among the ingredients you can see amaranth, as a powerful source of proteins and amino acids necessary for the health of pets. Moreover, amaranth seeds are used in cases where the real grain can not be introduced into the diet. Such a choice is due, in particular, to the fact that amaranth is a pseudo-tear. For example, we offer Bezzernovoy dry food for dogs of all breeds Belcando Adult GF Ocean (salmon, sea fish and amaranth). It is recommended for adult dogs of all breeds, and this food is suitable for dogs that are highly susceptible to cereals. In the formulation of the feed, ordinary cereals are replaced with high-quality amaranth. It is also noted that amaranth has excellent firming properties, and in combination with chia seeds it represents amaranth as an important component of cat food the perfect formula for energy and health.

In demand is Leonardo Adult Cat Poultry Grain Free Cat Food. This is a dry, grainless, full-fat forage, which contains amaranth, and this ingredient comes second. Regarding amaranth, there is an extreme rarity of this component of ready-made food for dogs and cats, although its seeds and shoots are also widely used.

The second place in importance is taken by amaranth and in the composition of BUNNY GUINEAPIGDREAM YOUNG – a complete feed for guinea pigs under the age of 5 months. It provides the animal with the intake of nutrition, balanced in vitamins and amino acids, promotes healthy growth, increased longevity. This characteristic is very important because in guinea pigs there is a thin stomach and long intestine with weak peristalsis. Guinea pig digestion functions normally only when they consume a lot of fiber, which is present in sufficient amount in amaranth. The presence of amaranth as a source of fatty acids is also important, because their deficiency can lead to very active molting of the animal, excessive dryness of the skin, and most often these are affected by rex, texel and other rocks with dry skin.

Amaranth is included in the parrot treats. Bird food manufacturers are offering a product like Gourmet Brilliant with Amaranth. These are two grain sticks with the addition of amaranth, which are considered additional nutrition, and, according to users, birds eat this food with pleasure. It is also important that this product does not contain artificial additives and dyes.

Amaranth green leaves are recommended to be given to turtles and aquarium fish. For turtles, it is better to grow amaranth on the windowsill in the flowerpots. It is necessary to place one small pot with amaranth in a terrarium and in 1-3 weeks change it with amaranth from the window sill. Also in a small flowerpot, amaranth can be sent to the aquarium where your favorite fish live. The inhabitants of the aquarium will not be sick, and their color will improve. You can also find reports that amaranth is specially grown on fish farms and is used as a complementary food to improve color.

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